Need Some Last Minute Gift Ideas? Check out the P&G eStore! #pgstocking #ad


Did you know that P&G has a great eStore?  Not only that, but they have great everyday deals, like free shipping for orders over $25, free samples with every order, and for those first time customers, you get 15% on your first order (use code A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA at checkout).  Pretty cool, no?


They also have a very helpful Gift Guide to make it easier to find great things for those you still need to shop for, with a wide variety of products – something for everyone:

P&G eStore Gift Guide


Most of us dislike the tedious job of laundry, but with the Tide PODS and Downy Unstopables, life just got a little easier:



Feel like having a brighter, whiter smile for the holidays?  They’ve got that covered, too:


I want to try the Crest Whitestrips out – especially since it only takes 2 hours to get whiter, brighter teeth.  Being a coffee and red wine drinker that I am, my teeth just aren’t as white as they could be.  Though I would hope I don’t go overboard like Ross did that time on FRIENDS:


Sure, that was an exaggeration, but it was still hysterically funny.

Christmas is only a week away – do you have enough batteries on hand to handle all the new toys?  I forgot to pick extras up, and this week is going to be tough to go out amongst the rabid last-minute shoppers, so I might have to order Duracell batteries from the eStore to just have them magically show up at my front door.


Especially since a lot of the toys I’ve gotten the kids require batteries – I don’t want a repeat performance like the year I forgot to stock up and it was the year ‘Santa’ brought Spike the Ultra for Princess :


The number of batteries needed between the dinosaur itself and the remote control was mind boggling – and I didn’t have them beforehand, so Princess Nagger had to a few days before she could actually play with her new friend Spike.  What’s cool is right now through the P&G eStore, you can enter Duracell’s Bundle of Batteries Sweepstakes:


You can enter for a chance to win a $100 prize pack of Duracell Batteries to power you through the holiday season. (Three lucky contestants will win a bundle of batteries valued at $100. Prize includes: two 28 count AAA batteries, two 28 count AA batteries, and one 8 count C batteries, one 8 count D batteries).   Who wouldn’t like free batteries?

There are so many cool items – practical and otherwise – you’ll be sure to find something for that someone you’re still wracking your brains trying to figure out the 0;what”.  Or you can find something for yourself, especially if you’re like me and you thought you remembered everything and planned to enjoy this final week – save yourself the headache and let them deliver it to you.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention – they have eCoupons available that you can utilize right when you’re selecting items for your cart:


They’ve thought of everything and make it nice and easy for you.  You really should head over to the P&G eStore and check it out – your favorite brands are waiting.

Do you shop online? Are you ready for Christmas?





Note: I wrote this on behalf of BlogHer for P&G eStore, and was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own and not influenced by outside sources.  See my disclosure policy here.

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2 thoughts on “Need Some Last Minute Gift Ideas? Check out the P&G eStore! #pgstocking #ad

  1. Hi Stacey
    I have never heard of p&g maybe they are just a store I,n the USA. Looks like they stock a good range of products and look quite a bit cheaper than we can get them over here in the uk. So think I will,take a look to see what shipping costs are like to see if it still works out cheaper or not?

    So for a great heads up thanks lee