Febreze is still going strong with their Holiday Memories fun – on December 3rd, they started sharing a Memory List on their Facebook page to highlight the most popular memories from their fans.  Febreze wants to excite people for the holidays by hearing their fans most cherished traditions.

They want to hear about your favorite memories and holiday traditions, so each day from now through December 17th they will be posting a new question each day.

Yesterday’s question was “From pj’s to snowsuits, tell us the most memorable OUTFIT you received from past holidays.”

I had to think about this one – a specific outfit didn’t come to mind (you know, aside from the prerequisite ugly Christmas sweaters we’d get from our grandparents).  But one year I got my very first robe – along with pajamas.  All of us kids always got new pajamas every year that we’d open on Christmas Eve then wear them to bed and be wearing them when we got up for Santa gifts the next morning.

What stood out for me that particular year wasn’t the fact that I got my very first robe (as did my two sisters and my brother) but after we put them on, we reenacted fight scenes from Batman that included jumping off the couch, doing the karate kicks and chops all the while verbalizing the action bubbles like “KAPOW” and “BAM”.  My parents have pictures of us in action – I wish I had a copy to share with you, it would crack you up for sure.

Febreze is collecting the top 10 holiday stories from their fans, so be sure to visit Febreze on Facebook and share your memory for the chance to have it added to the list.

What is the most memorable outfit you received for Christmas?




Note: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Febreze. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating. As always, all opinions are mine and not influenced by outside sources. See my Disclosure Policy here.


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