Monday has arrived – and luckily we were given back the hour that was stolen from us in the spring.  This is the time change I like – aside from it throwing off kid internal clocks that don’t coincide with naptimes and bedtimes – or mealtimes.  But I still like having that hour back.

We’re still trying to dry things out after the deluge of excessive water in our basement thanks to Sandy – hopefully the next storm rolling in later this week won’t add more to the mix, since we finally got our hot water working again and I finally got the much-needed hot shower I’d been jonesin’ for all week.  Here’s hoping those still without power and comfort will get some very very soon.

This week’s Monday’s Music Moves Me is a freebie week, so like any other freebie week, I’m presenting you and an eclectic mix of songs.  Some of them are probably not appropriate for the younger set, so proceed with caution.  Let’s start off with an artist whose first #1 hit spurred rumors that the first 75,000 albums were all purchased by this artist on one credit card in an effort to boost sales. These accusations were later proven false as it came to light that the purchases came from all across the United States, from thousands of different credit cards.

What the rumors did do, however, was get the album name out there, which of course brought this artist to the attention of many.  The song I’m sharing was released in April 2012, and is the first track to receive mainstream attention on the radio. Before then, he had been relegated to the college and online scene with few radio plays to speak of.  Once this song hit the real airwaves, Teen Vogue named him one of five new “Artists To Watch”, and this particular song was included in AT&T’s commercial for the Summer Olympic Games, and more recently on an episode of the new 90210.

Here’s Sammy Adams with “Only One”:

Next up is my favorite country dude who wanted to get out of his own comfort zone while recording his latest single, so he made some pretty radical changes to shake things up by basically tearing down the whole recording process and starting from scratch.  He even left his longtime producer so he could produce the project on his own.

Relinquishing the Nashville studio system altogether on this album, he built his own recording studio on his farm. He also abandoned ProTools and other studio trickery usually used to enhance recordings, and hung a special sign outside the door to remind him how immediate and special the recording process should really be if you want to create sonic magic. It read: “This place on earth, this moment in time, has never been recorded before and will never happen again.”

The new album won’t be released until April, but we got to see him perform his newest song live last week on the CMA’s – here’s Brad Paisley with “Southern Comfort Zone”:

Next up is an artist who normally writes songs about heartbreak and breaking up – but her newest album is a change of pace for her, with more upbeat and happier songs.  Princess Nagger was glued to the television during the CMA’s last week waiting for her to perform, since she claims she’ll  be the next Taylor Swift

Here’s Taylor with her new song, “Begin Again”:

The above was the official music video, here’s  the live version from the CMA’s:

Up next is an artist that neither Princess Nagger or I are fans of, but we were both loving this newest song from him.  So he gets a pass this time. 

Might be a little dicey for the younger set, but here’s Justin Bieber (featuring Nicki Minaj ) with “Beauty And A Beat”:

And last, but certainly not least, an artist who is just beginning to make waves on the musical side who’s already shown how talented she is as an actress and now a songstress. This is a song that was recorded for her newest TV series, Nashville (one of my guilty pleasures), and in spite of it’s repetitiveness it’s very catchy and hard to get out of your head. 

She’s been around for a while, landing her first commercial at age 11 months for Playskool, followed by success in a couple of soap operas, but became well known by her role in Heroes as the cheerleader with regenerative healing powers.  I was pleasantly surprised that this girl can actually sing – and well. 

Here’s Hayden Panettiere with “Telescope”:


Enjoy your Monday!


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  1. Taylor seems like she is as sweet as she can be, you know? I hope she never looses this charm about her. And, who knew Hayden could sing. I’m impressed. Just love all of your freebie picks. What a wonderful way to begin the week. It’s great fun as always dancing with you at the best dance party in Blogosphere!

  2. I love the pureness that’s in Brad’s voice and the truer country sound.
    I agree with Cathy about Taylor seeming just so sweet…..but I just can’t get into her music normally – too much heartache tunes I guess…..but this one seems a change of pace.
    Wow! Who knew the cheerleader could sing!
    Rorybore would like you to read ..4 M: Get On Your FeetMy Profile

  3. I don’t know why i just can’t get into Brad Paisley. Maybe I need to force myself to listen to his music. LOL. Happy Monday.

  4. Cool choices for today! The Brad Paisley song is pretty good. It is good to hear that things are starting to get back to normal for you. I hope this next storm won’t be so hard on all of you back there, although I wish we had some of that storminess. I am getting so tired of sunshine after sunshiny days. It would be nice to have a good rain shower that would pack the dirt down on our roads.
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  5. Fun songs this week. good to hear that things are heading toward normal for you guys. And yes, the time change really messes with the kiddos doesn’t it?

  6. I LOVE Hayden. She’s an all around great artist. Great list!

    Found you from the blog hop. Newest follower, darlin!


  7. Many new songs today! That’s totally cool. Man, I never realized Taylor Swift was so dang tall. Man, her life is sure an opened book isn’t it? Beiber, nope! Still don’t care for him. Now this last little girl is really cute and I like her style. She reminds me of someone though & I can’t put my finger on it & I saved the best for last. Sam Adams nice eye candy, but Brad Paisley is totally cool & his new song is HOT! You sure have it right on the money this week girlfriend! YOU ROCK!
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