Last week was Princess Nagger’s final fall Picture Day (they do another one in the spring) for Elementary school.  Last Elementary School picture ever (well, sort of.  Until spring). 

She wanted to wear a fancy dress, and since we didn’t do a family Christmas photo last year and she didn’t get to wear the dress I bought for that reason, she opted to wear it for Picture Day.  Which is perfect, since family members will undoubtedly get a copy of this picture in their Christmas cards.  Or for New Year, since I tend to procrastinate. 

In spite of her penchant for being a tomboy, she does like to dress up every so often:

Waiting for the bus on Picture Day 2012

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the pictures turn out.  I’m pretty sure I redeemed myself from forgetting one year and sending her to school in a funky sweatshirt and holy jeans on Picture Day, right?


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  1. She looks adorable. I have some terrible school pictures of my boys. I’m going on the assumption that picture day was one more thing they forgot to tell me until it was too late.

  2. What a lovely little lady she is becoming,she looks so beautiful. Ah, little ones they grow up so fast 🙂 Love the purple dress and she makes it shine brighter!!
    Lucy would like you to read ..Red,Blue dot Green!My Profile

  3. What a pretty dress! It’s so fun when they actually want to dress up fancy. If only we could get more than one or two wears out of each dress!! Such a pretty smile too 🙂

  4. Turbo never dresses up for anything unless we tell him too, except for the annual school program. Then he wants a tie and nice shirt and the whole shebang.
    PN looks great and hopefully her pictures look awesome. Turbo’s will be showing up soon, since retake day is in a couple weeks, for those picture disasters.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Fall/Winter GoalsMy Profile

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