The Haunted Clock Revisited

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote about our haunted clock.  This week’s is “Spooky”, so I thought this would be the perfect post to revisit because 1) I was short on time, 2) it’s a perfect fit, and 3) there are some of you who are reading me now that weren’t reading me then, and I’m saving you the trouble of digging.  You’re welcome.

Originally posted on October 21, 2011, I give you The Haunted Clock (the edited version):

It was a Dark and Stormy Night… Wait, no it wasn’t. That’s a different story entirely.

Saturday marked the 2-year anniversary of my Father-in-Law’s passing. It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years. The hubby was quieter-than-normal over the weekend, since it was his final parent and he was an only child, the passing of his father hit him harder than most. At least having the Princess Nagger and I (and my crazy extended family) has helped him not feel as and lonely as he might have.

Where am I going with this? Glad you asked. See this clock?

This Seth Thomas antiquity belonged to my Father-in-Law. He loved clocks, and we brought home half a dozen of his favorites when we cleaned out his apartment a couple of years ago.

This particular clock didn’t seem to be working. At all. I wound it up (and made sure not to wind it too tight – we all know how things and people are if they’re wound too tight) but no matter what coaxing I did, the clock refused to tick.

Until Father’s Day.

The clock had been sitting silently on the same end table (well, OK, not an actual end table, but a bar stool posing as an end table) for months, refusing to tick or chime. I figured it was just a unique thing to look at, without actual functionality.

Until it suddenly started ticking. And chiming.

On Father’s Day.

I told my hubby it must have been his dad’s spirit, because my hubby was exceptionally sad that particular day, being the first Father’s Day he wasn’t able to banter with his on the phone celebrating their mutual fatherhood. It was his dad’s way of trying to cheer him up – or creep him out, whichever worked. And it did.

It has worked ever since without fail, albeit it does run behind. His did joke about wanting to slow down time. Maybe he figured it would be the perfect way to do so.

Do you have any objects in your house?


This Spooky was brought to you in part by the lovely Gretchen at Second Blooming, whose tale is something I’m looking forward to. Check out the other Spinners and find out what spookiness they have running rampant.  If you dare.


Second Blooming

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22 thoughts on “The Haunted Clock Revisited

  1. Amazing kind and very unique kind of a clock…I like it..Thank you for sharing with us..

  2. what a wonderful story. I haven’t had any spooky objects but my back yard gets quite dark as we back into trees. Bbah I keep forgetting that spam box.

  3. So glad you repeated because I missed this one! What a wonderful story! I truly believe that miracles happen when just the perfect thing happens at just the perfect time. Hmmm. Miracles might be a good Spin Cycle! Anyway, I love this story!

    You are linked!

  4. What a great spooky story! I missed it the first time around, too. I would like to think it was your hubby’s Dad, just paying a visit. 😉

  5. Wow, what a great story! Well, my family is creepy to begin with. My son talks to dead people (or they talk to him I think), and my daughter sees them from time to time, and what happens cannot be disproven. I myself know when things are going to happen sometimes before they happen, and don’t realize it until after it happens if that makes sense. I went to one of these physic people once (a party sort of at a friend’s house & she took each one of us in the room privately (it was $20) and was going to tell my future or whatever and she closed her eyes & suddenly opened them slid my $20 bucks back to me & said why do you give me this money when you’re gifted yourself? Weird.

  6. That is such a crazy story!! I don’t think it’s spooky so much as sweet. It really seems like it was a message meant to cheer up your hubby from his dad. 🙂

  7. It might be a tad spooky, Stacey (a well-told story, by the way,) but I know that having an object that belonged to a loved one who has passed is well worth risking the spooky happenings just for the memories it holds within.

    I’m sure the spooky or not, your hubby is thrilled that it is still around as a constant reminder of his father.

    Thanks for the story – well written, as always.

  8. Lol that’s pretty spooky. Totally agree with you that is a great gift and remembrance of a loved one. Nowadays clocks are excellent gifts for anniversaries too.