We are just days away from Halloween.  Princess Nagger and Little Dude can hardly contain their excitement about dressing up and going out to see how much loot they can respectively get – of course, we’ll see how pesky Frankenstorm pans out, Halloween could very well be a washout.  Literally.  We’ll see – I’m pre-scheduling a few posts just to make sure there’s something happening over here in case we end up losing power.

This week’s Monday’s Music Moves Me is of course Halloween songs – you wouldn’t expect any less, would you?  We’re going to start off with a song that my buddy Denise from Run DMT had on her blog not too long ago – it was part of the soundtrack of “Hotel Transylvania” – a movie both Princess Nagger and I enjoyed immensely. 

This artist is just 15 years old – hard to believe, because she’s really very good.  Not only do I love this song, but the video even has footage from “Hotel Transylvania”.  Here’s Becky G with “Problem” (The Monster Remix) featuring will.i.am:

When we’re highlighting Halloween songs, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this next one.  This was a debut hit from this group that has been unmatched by other major pop hits from its time. 

The son of Motown Records executive Berry Gordy, Jr., this song happens to include backing vocals from none other than Michael Jackson and Jermaine Jackson.  Figured it out yet?  It went to #2 on the pop singles chart in the US and was certified gold.  Here’s Rockwell with “Somebody’s Watching Me”:

We certainly can’t leave out the old classic by Bobby “Boris” Picket, “Monster Mash” – I found this fun video someone did for some Disney contest (that they apparently won – and well deserved, since they did a great job putting it together):

I’ve always loved Adam Sandler’s version of this song – give a listen to “Werewolves in London”:

I shared this song last year at this time – it apparently caused some problems for Will Smith when it first came out, complete with a lawsuit (that was settled in Will Smith’s favor, but the video remained elusive after it was pulled), but I found a funny Sponge Bob video using the actual song, “A Nightmare On My Street”:

And last, but certainly not least, we’ll wrap this week’s music selection with another song from Hotel Transylvania (the video and sound aren’t all that great, but the song itself is – watch it while you can before it gets pulled for legal reasons) Written by Robert Smigel, Adam Sandler and Dennis White and performed by Andy Samberg, CeeLo Green, Selena Gomez, Adam Sandler and Kevin James – here’s “Zing”:

Enjoy your Monday – and have a Happy (and safe) Halloween!


Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


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  1. Adam Sandler is so talented and funny with his song parodies. I never knew this about him until sometime last year and then we watched him in Mr. Deeds which is really hilarious where he’s reading his greeting cards. Did you see the movie? I think it’s on Netflix. Anywho, I love all of your Halloween picks. This has been a fun theme to do. As always, it’s great to dance with you! 😉

  2. This upcoming Becky G I think I saw her before once & I really really like her. She’s got what it takes in today mix! Cute as a button too. Guess she’s Will-I-am protege? (not sure of the spelling there). Cute Disney Monster Mash. As far as I’m concerned Disney cannot do no wrong, right? hehehe Adam Sandler is a hoot (dam you have some great choices as usual my friend). I didn’t know that was Berry Gordy, Jr., singing that one. I really use to like that song. I haven’t heard that one in like forever. You know this 4M’s really brings back so many great memories and is just… just keeping me young. Don’t you agree? And come on confess with me.. you’ve gotten up and danced to a couple of these tunes haven’t you? I know I have. Of course dances I use to do in high school LMAO THANK GOD I WAS ALONE! hahahahaha Thanks for being a co-conductor with me STacy did I ever tell you that? Sponge Bob one was a hoot too! Didn’t know Sponge Bob raps LOL. Never heard the Zing – but very cool! HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you and your two little goblins hehehe
    Xmasdolly would like you to read ..MONDAY’S MUSIC HAUNTS ME!My Profile

  3. So agree with you, that Monster Remix is awesome. Loved The Rockwell “Somebody’s Watching Me” These were fun and hope your little ones have a blast!!!
    Lucy would like you to read ..Halloween Fun!My Profile

  4. I remember that Rockwell song! We played it over and over just because MJ was singing backup vocals.
    Love Adam Sandler – such an amazing talent.
    We will have to check out that Hotel Trans. movie.
    Rorybore would like you to read ..4 M: Boo TunesMy Profile

  5. My mom had a record called Goofy Gold that I listened to a lot growing up. It had Monster Mash and Flying Purple People Eater on it among other funny songs from the 50s and 60s. These songs have always said Halloween to me.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..So FrustratedMy Profile

  6. Adam Sandler sings that song!? I would have never guessed!

    You’ve collected an interesting mix of videos this week; some classic, some definitely new to me like that first artist. Can’t say I’m the biggest fan, but she’s definitely talented 🙂

    Have a musical, safe and dry week!
    Kayla would like you to read ..Guest Post: Massage Therapy for Cancer PatientsMy Profile

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