Once upon a time, I didn’t used to be a coffee drinker.  My grandparents and great-grandparents were big coffee drinkers – they’d drink coffee all day long, so any time we would visit, the aroma of coffee always filled the air.  I’ve always liked the smell of coffee, but since they drank their coffee black, when I tasted it I didn’t like it because to me it tasted bitter.

Sure, I grew up in what’s considered the Coffee Capital – Washington State/Seattle area, but I still couldn’t bring myself to drink coffee.  Until I started working at my first office job.  I always got into the office at least a half-hour early since my commute from Bellevue to Burien could be tricky on most days, and I didn’t want to take a chance on being stuck in traffic and late to work.

Every morning someone would have the big industrial coffee machine working its magic, filling the office with the rich aroma of fresh brewed coffee.  Sometimes I’d be the first one in and get the beast working out of consideration for my coffee-loving coworkers. 

There was always a group of people that would gather in the break room chit-chatting about life or the previous night’s football game (I learned everything I never wanted to know about football during those years) while waiting for the last drop to fall so they could fill their eclectic mix of coffee cups and mugs, some doctoring theirs with cream and sugar.

Day in and day out the heavenly scent of coffee would assault my nostrils until I finally decided it was time I gave it a try, because if it smells that good, it must taste good, too.  Not so much.  So I did what any normal determined person would do, I dumped a packet of hot chocolate into my cup of coffee instead of adding cream and sugar.  Not only was my very first cafe mocha created, but I was henceforth hooked.

I’ve never able to choke down black coffee, though, I always have to doctor it up with flavored creamer – my favorite being French Vanilla.  The hubby is an avid coffee drinker, too – I had to learn early in our relationship that while I’m a morning person, he’s polar opposite – until he’s had his first cup of coffee.  You don’t want to talk to him until after he’s had his first cup of coffee, because he needs that caffeine shot to clear his foggy morning brain or he can be quite the grump.

As a special treat I like to indulge in a Starbucks latte – usually one that is flavored like Vanilla or White Chocolate or Chai Tea, or their summertime deliciousness of coconut or their Holiday special of eggnog.  But some days it’s nice to have just a nice simple latte.  But it’s not so simple to take a quick drive to Starbucks to indulge when you have a persnickety 4 year old at home thwarting any best intentions. 

But there’s good news – Starbucks has recently come out with their own version of a coffee/espresso/latte maker so you can make them right at home.  I’m not being sponsored to tell you about this, but I do now finally have something I can put on a list for the hubby as a possible birthday or Christmas present, specifically the burgundy Verismo:

Isn’t that pretty?  You can actually make an honest-to-goodness Starbucks latte with a milk pod and everything.  Check them out here – they do have other colors, of course.  And they’re doing their first ever Pinterest Contest so you can try to win one – I’m entering, because then the hubby can get me something other than an appliance with a plug attached (there’s an amusing story behind that – I’ll have to share that next time).

Which brings me to this week’s question:

What gets your motor running in the morning – coffee, tea, soda, water or nothing at all?

Have a great weekend.


Happy Aloha Friday!

From Kailani at An Island Life:
In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So on Fridays let’s take it easy on posting, too. Ask a simple question…nothing that requires a lengthy response. It’s a great way to make new blogging friends!


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  1. My husband is a big coffee drinker so I’ve started drinking more coffee since we’ve been married. I’m trying to cut down on caffeine so I have my morning decaf – it must be a placebo but I don’t feel like I’ve woken up until I’ve had that glorious cup of coffee. We also have a Nespresso machine. It makes consistently good coffee. What more could I ask for?!
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  2. We love coffee. A lot of that has to do with owing a coffee roasting company back in the day. I started by roasting our own over our gas BBQ. Thehibby drinks his with milk and sweetener. I drink mine with a little sugar free hazelnut.

  3. When I read the title of your post, I immediately went into “Steppenwolf mode.” Thank you – I needed that.

    I have 2 or 3 cups of coffee every morning, with coconut milk and a drop or two of stevia, but I didn’t start drinking it until I was in my mid-30s; like you, I loved the smell but thought the taste was vile. I then began dating a man who adored coffee, and 9 out of 10 things we did together generally included going out for a cup of coffee. So I tried it again and found my adult palate tolerates it pretty well, as long as it’s suitably enhanced. I’ve been a convert ever since.
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  4. Hmmm … I grew up the Pac NW too … and I am a Starbucks gal … every day at home early then around noon for a capp. The baristas where I go make the foam so amazin I could iceskate on it! Well, if I was an iceskater 🙂 Visiting form today’s hop – Please stop by if you get the time and follow if you’d like – http://www.shaunanosler.blogspot.com. BTW, I am always looking for blogs to review my book – if the concept strikes you at all let me know!
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  5. I can’t drink black coffee with nothing in it either.

    I actually never used to drink coffee and still don’t. I only have a cup on Sundays after church.

    But I have to put creamer and sugar in it.

    I wouldn’t allow dh to make me coffee 🙂 His doesn’t taste so good for me.

    Oh my morning thing is music 🙂 Yes it’s just like your coffee 🙂
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  6. I was already following through linky, but saw you on the Friday Chaos hop and came to visit today.

    G+d this, what great news that Starbucks has one of these machines now.

    Coffee gets my day jumpstarted, and I love my Keurig. My d-i-l LOVES Starbucks though, and this may be her Christmas gift. 🙂

  7. Coffee. First thing I do after getting out of bed. And since my husband bought a Keurig coffee maker, we have been having more coffee than usual. And come early afternoon, I switch over to iced coffee. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!
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  8. My husband would love that! I seldom drink coffee but do enjoy it every once in awhile. We do have a small Keurig that he likes but he really wanted a coffee/espresso/latte maker. I do enjoy many of the cold drinks at Starbucks.
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  9. Coffee, coffee and more coffee and then when I wake up I pour myself a cup of coffee. Starbuck mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I’ve trying to win one of the Keurig’s machine for while now. Somebody up there don’t like me or just doesn’t want me to have one AND MY DAM COFFEE MACHINE LEAKS so I guess I’ll have to break down & buy another cuz I DISLIKE INSTANT! Have a great weekend my friend.
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  10. i loooove coffee. I used to drink it with just a touch of milk, but during my pregnancy i craved that sweet creamer, so now i’m drinking it that way. Since baby was born, i have to control how much i drink! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog this week btw!
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  11. You know I have actually never tried coffee anything before? No coffee ice cream, frozen coffee, hot coffee, etc…..I have never had a desire to. But if I do need a pick me up in the mornings, I’ll most likely grab a Dr. Pepper or something like that to get a bit of caffeine to get going.
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  12. I looooove coffee. I use French Vanilla creamer in it. 😀 I am super grouchy until I have my cup too. I’ve been addicted to it since I was a teenager! I don’t blame you for not liking black coffee, it’s pretty nasty stuff until you add something to sweeten it.
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  13. Oh, my gosh, this made me want to run right out buy a white chocolate mocha I love those from Starbucks 🙂 I drink black coffee in the morning but treat myself to flavored coffees here and there.
    I hope you get your Starbuck coffee maker 🙂
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