I had envisioned an entirely different post for today with it being Halloween, but Hurricane Sandy (aka Frankenstorm) had other plans.  We lost power Monday night around 9:00pm, and at the time I’m typing this, we still don’t have power (and our basement has been pumped out twice by our local awesome fire company, with a third visit in the offing).

The hubby went on a coffee run (since we both desperately need our coffee in the mornings) and discovered why we have no power:

One pesky pole snapped and brought down a half-mile or more of power poles and lines – we’re not sure how soon the power company will be able to take care of replacing the poles and lines, so we’re without power indefinitely.  I guess we should have invested in a generator, eh?

Our basement was flooded with 3+ feet of water – thankfully the local fire company came out and pumped the water out every time it got out of control again.  The hubby was wise enough as soon as the power went out Monday night to shut off our gas water heater and gas furnace (whose placement in the flood prone basement has always been a head-scratcher – perched over the sump pump pit). 

Now we anxiously await the restoration of power – my online presence will be spotty at best until we return to full power, but please link up your Wordless or Wordful or Whatever Wednesday so I have something to look forward to when we regain power.  I suspect trick-or-treating will be canceled for tonight, much to the disappointment of Princess Nagger and Little Dude – hopefully they’ll reschedule it to this weekend.

How’s your week panning out so far?


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  1. It is so sad to hear about what hurricane Sandy did. I just hope everything would be alright soon especially the power failure. It is really hard to work and move around without an electricity available.

  2. Oh my gosh, you poor honey. Boy, now I bet you REALLY can’t wait to move. I have you & yours in my prayers. Stay safe, stay warm an hope you get electric real soon. I saw on the news trucks from Chicago were being sent out there to help along with ambulances. Hugs, and be careful. Keep us posted.
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  3. As a survivor of hurricanes Carla, Alicia, Allison*, and most recently Ike, I can empathize with what you are going through, because I have been there. (Except for the whole flooded basement thing, as basements aren’t a common feature in Houston.) Best wishes for you and your family, and hope that PN doesn’t get too stir-crazy (or drive you the same way) before things return to ‘normal’!


    * technically, a tropical storm. That dumped like 4 FEET of rain over the area.
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  4. All we got was wind, rain and a few downed branches….lucky here in Southern Ontario. The forecast had been for much worse. Flooded anything is no fun, but your basement? Three times?????? Horrible. Blessings on you and your family as you clean up and move on.
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  5. Every time we have a power outage, I wish for a generator! The longest we’ve been without power has only been 26 hours, though. It might take a little longer for you to get power. Yikes! I’m glad you are all okay, though. Hang in there!
    Ginny Marie would like you to read ..It’s Halloween!My Profile

  6. Glad to hear you guys are OK with so many horrific stories going around. We somehow managed to keep power and escaped with nothing but a huge downed tree (which narrowly missed the house).

    We’re trying to figure out some Halloween plans for the kiddies. Even if it’s dressing up and heading to a restaurant with power so they feel like they got out in their costumes.

    Hope the basement flooding stops soon and power comes back ASAP!!!
    Jen would like you to read ..My Week Through InstagramMy Profile

  7. Stay Safe! Prayers and Blessings to those that lost everything in this horrible storm! Our daughter and her new hubby live in Queens, NY and both work at New York Presbyterian Hospital – It’s been a crazy few days for people there – subways still shut down and a huge neighborhood (Breezy Point) in Queens not only flooded everything, but a fire destroyed over 60 homes because of the winds spreading the flames like wildfire! We had lots of rain and windy here in southern VA, but our immediate area did not lose power.
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  8. oh wow, that doesn’t look good. Sorry about your flooding!
    We have been lucky here near Boston. Our ancient trees withstood the storm and the basement is dry (well, it always stays dry because we are on a small hill, but I could have sworn we’d lose at least 3 big branches)
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