We’ve made it to Tuesday – and if you’re reading this specific paragraph with this specific verbiage, then it means our power is out and I’m offline waiting for  Frankenstorm to pass and the power to come back on again.  If I have power, you’ll be none the wiser that I’m anticipating a potential power outage and writing this post on Sunday just in case.  Hopefully this paragraph will be gone and an update of the storm status will be in its place.

The track of the storm as of Sunday was heading straight for us:

I did my semi-monthly grocery shopping on Sunday, in spite of the sheer craziness of all the people out and about frantically stocking up ahead of the storm.  Normally I would have done it either today or tomorrow, but since Frankenstorm was looming ominously, and we’re supposed to get about a foot of rain, I figured I better get it done a few days early in case there are power outages all over, or the roads are impassable because of too much water or branches and trees scattered about. 

I’ve never gone out to shop prior to a storm – since I do tend to stock up, my shopping days have never coincided with a major storm.  Until now.  The stores I shopped at were crazy packed – even at 9:00am Sunday morning. 

The shelves of the usual storm panic-mode were of course completely bare – the bread aisle was picked clean, the water bottles were gone, the milk section only had whole milk left and all C and D batteries were completely gone.  Luckily our flashlights except for one all take AA and AAA batteries or we would have been in trouble. 

The product that totally cracked me up in the ‘completely bare’ mode was the Pop-Tarts shelf.  I guess people in this area need their Pop-Tarts in an emergency situation.  Luckily I had already stocked up on my prior trip. 

Let’s talk Christmas…  did you hear there’s going be a special Holiday episode of Sponge Bob – and not on Cartoon Network but on CBS?  Princess Nagger is looking forward to seeing this new stop-animation event:

In addition to the usual holiday specials like Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman, a special “It’s a SpongeBob Christmas” will premiere on Nov. 23 at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.  This will be the very first stop-animation feature for SpongeBob – and it’s inspired by the song called “Don’t Be a Jerk, It’s Christmas”.   SpongeBob fans will have to check it out – Princess Nagger can’t wait.

I’m still working on Princess Nagger’s Warrior Cats birthday party theme – if you follow me on Pinterest you’ll probably start to see me pinning ideas since they are few and far between (and not already on Pinterest).  She forgot to get the addresses to the friends from school she wants to invite, so I’m not sure how we’ll manage that, since the kids are not allowed to bring birthday party invitations to the school to avoid hurting the feelings of those not invited.  Hopefully she won’t wait too long to get the addresses, since the party will be the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and she might have a very small party if it’s short notice.

And now for a Body by Vi update…

Week three was better than week two, I was more active since I felt much better than the prior week, so I am happy to say another 2 pounds have taken flight.  I finally picked up some regular and frozen fruit this past weekend, so now I’ll be able to break free from just enjoying it in my morning coffee to even tastier smoothies this week.  I’m looking forward to the change of pace. 

I’m quite happy so far – the Body by Vi powder really is tasty, and it does help curb my appetite, so I’m really enjoying it from all aspects.  That and I’m certainly happy with the 6 pound shrinkage over the 3 weeks so far.  Next week I’ll finally have a chance to share some yummy smoothie recipes now that I’m stocked up on fruit.  Stay tuned.

Every year I decorate the front and back porches with corn stalks, cute scarecrows and pumpkins at the beginning of October to last throughout my favorite season of fall through Thanksgiving.  This is the first year since we’ve lived in this house that I haven’t done a thing.  Major fall decor FAIL.  Last year the front porch looked great:

The scarecrows are stuck in the shed behind piles of stuff the hubby stacked in there, and the usual farms I pick up pumpkins and corn stalks from didn’t have any this year.  So this year my porches are bare – except for the two hay bales from last year that are still on the front porch since the hubby never took them off for me last year.  Ahem. 

I suppose in light of Frankenstorm it’s probably a good thing I didn’t decorate this year – we had a couple of the pumpkins blow into the neighbor’s driveway last year during a wind storm, but that wind storm was a breeze compared to what this storm will bring.  So I guess the lack of corn stalks and pumpkins this year was a blessing in disguise.  I’m still debating on if I’m going to decorate after the storm, or just call it a day and wait to decorate for Christmas.  What do you think?

That’s a wrap for week – link up and join in the fun. Everyone is welcome, random or not.


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  1. Guess the storm caught you. So sorry!! I know that sucks!!
    I didn’t decorate this year either. Been busy getting ready for my craft/art show coming up Nov. 3rd. Yikes! Better get the lead out

  2. I hope your power outage wasn’t too long. I know those aren’t any fun. Sandy is causing a real stir, isn’t she? She’s causing a wee bit of problem for us here, but nothing too drastic to speak of. Our folks are under a huge snow storm and may get nearly 2 feet of the stuff before it’s done. We MAY get a dusting to 1″, but I’m not holding my breath. Talk about stocking for storm provisions. Every time there is even a slight hint of one in our area people go crazy grabbing bread, lunch meats, canned goodies, pop tarts,… I try to stay away from the store at times like this. Luckily I haven’t had to go out during times like this, but I do remember what a mess it all is! I think Halloween will be cancelled for most folks in the north east this year, don’t you think? Thanks for hosting even during Frankenstorm. Be well & safe!
    Cathy Kennedy would like you to read ..This is a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing your …My Profile

  3. I hope all is well and it’s just power outage and wind. Those of us in Florida got a little cocky about this storm, thinking it couldn’t be as bad as what we’ve been through (Andrew!) but then we saw its damages and were a little, like, whoa. Thinking of you guys!

  4. Having NO electricty sucks!! Hopefully the storm moves on and you’ll be back up and running in no time. It’s crazy about some of these storms though, that’s for sure. And my daughter likes Sponge Bob but I can’t stand him.
    Nicole would like you to read ..The Truth About GossipingMy Profile

  5. Oh, dear – you’re without power and now I’m going to worry that you’re flooded, too. Well, if there’s a bright spot in all this, it’s that you don’t have soggy scarecrows on your porches…
    Jan’s Sushi Bar would like you to read ..Pumpkin Pie PancakesMy Profile

  6. I worked in a gr4ocery store, once upon a time and it never failed, big storm forecast, the milk and eggs would disappear from the shelves. We rarely get warning of our power outages, so people don’t tend to raid the batteries as much.
    Hope you all ride out the storm with no trouble.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Tuesday RandomsMy Profile

  7. Take care!
    We live in a hurricane prone area so we are always stocked up with batteries for the fans and the flashlights. We have a weather radio and several ice chests for food. One never knows. I mean you do because with hurricanes you have time but I hate to be one of the crazies.
    Michele would like you to read ..Southern LexiconMy Profile

  8. Thinking of you and hoping you are all doing OK!! The pictures, videos, and stories I’ve heard so far are terrifying. Makes our windy, power-less night seem like nothing.

  9. Hope you are safe! It is an an awful storm. Love love your porch- so cute! Yea- the craziness that is happening at the stores- is one of the big reasons why I try and have a years supply of food. That way I won’t have to go to the store can stay home and safe.
    Emmy would like you to read ..Ten Things to Smile About: OctoberMy Profile

  10. Wow- you are in the bulls-eye today. Good luck! All we are getting is a ton of wind and clouds. It’s cold with that wind and I have to wait one more day to finally get my new furnace, and thus, heat.

    Nobody will probably notice if you skipped a year on the porch thing. I’ll back you up 🙂
    Harriet would like you to read ..So, are ya ready for Halloween?My Profile

  11. Just decorate for Christmas, it will be festive and put passerby in a good mood!

    I hope that everything s okay and that you stay safe. The pictures we are seeing here are pretty shocking.
    Tina would like you to read ..Oh My Goodness! RandomMy Profile

  12. I am still in awe of your grocery shopping! Oh no! More Spongebob?!?! Perhaps best that there was nothing to blow off your porch. Hope relief comes soon…very soon!
    Andrea would like you to read ..Random ReliefMy Profile

  13. I hate that you’re without power and that your basement keeps flooding. People in Oklahoma don’t have basements. We flood easily I guess.

    Emma is now infatuated with Bob. He’s better than caillou in my opinion.

    Congrats on your weight loss! I’d love to know what you put in your smoothies!!

    Love the pics! So pretty!!

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