There are only 12 days until Halloween.  Pretty crazy how fast time is flying by.  Of course the most important part of Halloween is what the kids will dress up as, right?  Although to them, what’s important is not only what they’ll dress up as, but how much loot they’ll score when they go out trick-or-treating.  Priorities, you know.

When Princess Nagger was younger, I was able to talk her into dressing up all cutesy and adorable, like the first 3 years of her life she was a cute little ladybug:

Yes, I realize that by the third time wearing the same costume it was pushing the limits as it didn’t quite fit that year.  But she didn’t care.  Of course the next year, when she was turning 4, she was obsessed with Teen Titans and wanted to go as Raven:

For some reason I can’t find any pictures of her in that costume, hence the stock/model photo instead.  I didn’t do any makeup on her like in the picture, and even if I had, no one was very familiar with who Raven was, so she pretty much was incognito that night.  She still scored some great loot, though.  The next year I talked her back into cutesy, with a Forest Fairy costume:

Which she then wore again two years later (since she couldn’t make up her mind and we ran out of time – but it worked):

In between her Forest Fairy years, she wanted to be a  Pirate – leave it to me to find a ‘cute’ vs. ‘scary’ pirate costume:

It’s funny how it’s sort of evened out over the years of her dressing up as an animal vs. human, since the other final years in her repertoire she dressed as Soren the owl (from Legend of the Guardians):

And last year she dressed up as a big yellow Angry Bird, while Little Dude, freshly added to our family unit, opted to go as Lightning McQueen:

So what about this year?  I’m glad you asked.  Little Dude wants to go as Lightning McQueen again, and since his costume was a little too big for him last year, he’ll be able to wear it again this year.  I do want to see if I can figure out how to keep it in 3D form, as it kept collapsing as he went door-to-door last year. 

Princess Nagger has finally made a decision on how she would like to dress up this year, and it will probably come as no surprise to many of you who she’ll be:

I talked her out of having a Hunger Games themed birthday party for this year, but compromised by agreeing to let her dress up as Katniss for Halloween instead.  I’ve gotten almost all of the pieces for her costume so far – the official jacket, a zippered hood (that I need to add red trim to), cargo/military pants, boots and the Mockingjay pin.

I ordered a long brown wavy wig that I can do the side braid on rather than using a temporary dye in Princess Nagger’s hair to make it brown.  She did not want to go as a blonde Katniss, because she wants it to be authentic. 

She has a bow and arrow set, a nice wooden one – but she wants me to paint them silver to match the bow and arrows in the movie.  I’m debating on doing that, or getting a cheaper/non functioning set to paint silver since she really only needs it as a prop, not to do target practice out in the Back 40.

I’m thinking I should get a plain black backpack and put District 12 on it for her to carry and collect her loot in – what do you think?  I’m thinking the traditional pumpkin or tote bag or pillow case might negate the ‘authenticity’ Princess Nagger is going for.

Which brings me to this week’s question:

If you have kids, do they trick-or-treat?  If so, have they decided what they’re going to dress up as?  If you don’t have kids, do you dress up for parties?

Have a great weekend.


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  1. My sons are now adults living out of state. However they do dress up if attending parties. For me, I was never a big fan of Halloween and can’t remember the last time I dressed up.
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  2. Kids are so funny about costumes sometimes!! We usually do a little trick or treating, but mostly go to the trunk-or-treat at church. This year my kids have chosen to be a ladybug ballerina, Wendy from Peter Pan, and a werewolf. Random!

    Thanks for following from Friday Chaos. Feel free to come back this afternoon & link up with the Weekend Blog Walk!

    Jillian 🙂
    Hi! It’s Jilly
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  3. We are big Halloween people!! I met my hubby at an Adult Halloween Costume party, so we dress up every year and since having the little monkey we have had a family theme the last 2 years – 1st was Alice in Wonderland and this year is Super Heroes!! I think it is fun 🙂
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  4. Little cute trick-or-treaters you have there, and they re-use their costumes, well done! 🙂

    My youngest is the king of dressing up and uses his costume all year long (and previous years too). All of my kids like to dress up, even the two grown ones (and the oldests’ wife as well). It’s fun. 🙂
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  5. My kids love to trick or treat. Amelia, who’s 9, always finds every bit of dress up she has and changes it around the house every week. This year, she’s Snow White, based on that cartoon where Snow White is a snooty teen hipster. So Amelia will be walking around, saying, “Holla!” when we trick or treat. No costume for Zoe yet, who’s sensory disorder means costumes are a PAIN. We’ll see…
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  6. Hi Stacy,

    My oldest will be Cinderella complete with a dress that lights up and my youngest will be SuperGirl. Being the 80’s baby that I am, I will be Jem from Jem and The Holograms.

    Your pictures are adorable. Enjoy Halloween with Princess Nagger.

    Best Regards,


  7. I love looking at my kids costumes over the years.

    This year, funny story, the costume my 10 yr old chose scares him so much we have to keep it out of the house and in the van.

    He says he’ll feel safe enough wearing it on Halloween night as long as he doesn’t look in a mirror.


  8. I don’t have kids and after 16 years of living in Omaha – I’ve only had 1 trick or treator so far. I have been told that I may get some this year. =D
    I’m visiting from Hop Along Friday and stopped to say hi. =D HI! I’d love a follow back if your interested. I have a children’s book/educational blog and a blog for peeps over 16+ and talk about books (of course), life, cooking, etc.

    Tina ‘the book lady’
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  9. I love the progression of Halloween costumes through the years! I remember dressing up for Halloween to go trick or treating was one of my favorite parts (it still is minus the trick or treating part of course, but believe me, I’d go if I could! LOL).

    I LOVE dressing up but haven’t been able to dress up the past few years due to being ill. Boo to that!
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  10. Isn’t is so much easier when the kids are too small to chose their own costumes lol? I think everyone of your daughter’s costumes were great 🙂

    I’m now following you on LF 🙂 Funny how you think your following someone, but you really not. It happens 😉

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  11. You know, I used to enjoy dressing up. But now, so much effort goes into getting the girls ready that I say the hell with me. I found a cape and mask for the boy. He’s either going to be himself in a cape and mask or Incrediboy, depending on his mood. He’s three. It’ll be fine. Neither girl has settled and um, you know those costumes in Target are probably all gone and I’m not spending all that money in one of the pop-up stores so they’d better get to thinking (outside of the Dead Nikki Minaj that the middle girl requested weeks ago: I don’t think that complies with costume standards. How about a witch?)
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