A Foggy Start to Fall

I’ve made it no secret that fall is my all-time favorite .  Cooler, crisper air with mostly bright sunny skies and no humidity which ultimately result in vibrant fall colors.  Of course leading into the ‘perfect’ weather and color scheme, the humidity lingers as the start to fall, resulting in some cool foggy moments:

Now I’m patiently waiting for the colors to change so I can capture some brilliance.  What’s your favorite season?


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30 thoughts on “A Foggy Start to Fall

  1. Oh girl, I gotta take some pictures for ya! It’s yellow, orange and red around here, but I live right by Fox River too. It’s just gorgeous, but the leaves seem to be falling pretty fast around here. Most of it is on the ground already. Barely got a chance to see it in the trees. 🙁

  2. I love fall when the leaves change colors and the scarves come out. I hate being cold though so thankfully, the cold lasts for a short time.

  3. Without a doubt my favourite season is summer…. I love the light, the warmth. I suffer from poor circulation and so the rest of the year is spent trying to keep warm.


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  5. Love the fog!
    We are getting fairly close to peak colors here. Unfortunately, that also means that we are getting close to raking season. You get the good with the bad I guess.

  6. I love the fog! Nice series. Sorry that I messed up my name in the linky — the link is correct but I forgot to delete the stuff after my name.

  7. Fall is definitely my favorite though I don’t like the approach of winter. I love the colors of fall. I’ve been watching the maple trees begin their color turning. I can’t wait to see all the colors against a grey autumn sky.

  8. It was super foggy here this morning, too. Usually I don’t see it until I get in the car but it was so thick that I saw it right outside the glass door when I let the dogs out. Crazy!

  9. Those landscape pictures are so gorgeous!
    So far we’ve had a pretty good fall. Normally it’s raining and gloomy. Hoping that your weather smartens up:)

  10. It looked like that in my ‘hood yesterday morning. The planes were flying so low too. Fog is so scary. It makes everything seem even more Halloween.

  11. Fall always used to be my favorite season, but now I think it’s summer……probably because fall isnt’ all that pretty here like it is other places.

  12. In So Cal we have a fickle Fall. Cool today 90 degrees tomorrow. Love the fog shots. Can’t wait to see the colors so I can live vicariously just a bit.

  13. I’ve seen some amazing fall photos this WW. I’m not sure we have hit peak for our leaves yet. It has been super cool though. And of course, my furnace went out. I don’t know what’s worse, freezing or nagging at my husband to call the furnace people up since he’s the one who knows what he wants in a furnace.
    70’s are due back this weekend. YAY.

  14. I love Autumn too!! And I love waking up to fog everywhere! 😀 It just makes me want to snuggle into my favorite sweater, slippers, and sit by the window while drinking a nice cup of coffee!! Yeah….