Wisdom teeth (aka third molars) are the last teeth to develop and appear in your mouth, usually between the ages of 17 and 25. Did you know that because of this, that time of life has been called the “Age of Wisdom”?

My wisdom teeth decided to come in a tad bit early when I was 14 (I wonder if that means I could have claimed ‘wisdom’ at an earlier age?).  Not only were they impacted, but they were growing in at an angle, which was pushing the rest of my already too-crowded teeth forward.  Our family dentist referred us to an oral surgeon and my mom set up the appointment.  The only part I focused on was getting to miss school for a day.

I had the option of simply getting numbed up or completely knocked out – turns out it was a good thing I was allergic to pain and opted to be knocked out, since the surgeon had to break my wisdom teeth apart because the roots were so long – and the lower ones were hooked to my jawbone.  In the recovery room, the first thing I remember was my mom asking me if my eyes were green, but I corrected her, reminding her they are blue.

On the way home, we stopped at a McDonald’s drive-thru – this was a very big deal, since my parents very rarely ever took us to McDonald’s except for very special occasions, so in my post surgery groggy state, I was very excited.   When we got home, my mom settled me into my dad’s easy chair with a blanket and pillow where I promptly fell asleep.

When I woke up a few hours later, the first thing I wanted when I woke up was my cheeseburger Happy Meal – needless to say, my mom ate it.  She felt really bad, she figured I wouldn’t want it with my mouth being all stuffed with gauze an all.  When you’re 14 years old, you pretty much will power through any pain for a special treat.  I think she still owes me a Happy Meal.

Which brings me to this week’s question:

How old were you when your wisdom teeth were removed?  Or are you one of those rare people who still have theirs?

Have a great weekend.


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  1. I remember having my wisdom teeth pulled! I was one of the lucky ones that made until I was 30-years-old (if you consider that lucky)! I was lucky though in having them removed with little or no pain. I was even lucky enough to get to go and eat Mexican food within the hour of having it done…my favorite part was the Chips and Salsa! I was just lucky (the dentist said it was more crazy than lucky…yikes)!


  2. hahaha When your Post popped up and I saw that lion I had to jump back a tad! Girl, be careful with us sensitives ehehehehe GREAT PIC! Sorry though I really don’t remember when I lost those & to tell you the truth I don’t remember even having them. I mean I had back teeth but whether they were my molars are not I have no clue! Have a great weekend girlfriend! Hugs to all! I’m still looking for that movie! Thanks for the help with the title. I remember seeing a preview of it at the show and we were at the IMAX theater and it was awesome.
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  3. I was about 17. I went in at 8am and didn’t leave until 7pm. It seems that I had some sort of reaction to the knock out drug they gave me and they were waiting to see if I was going to come out of it. They were going to give me another 10 minutes before they called the EMTs. I didn’t get or want a burger but a milk shake would have been nice.

  4. I still have mine, my oldest went through a mess w/his though.

    I think you DO get to proclaim wisdom at an earlier age. 😉
    And I think you and your mom probably evened out along the way over the Happy Meal, but if you want to get together with her, call her on it anyway. 🙂

    Found you on the Friday Chaos hop. Happy weekend!

  5. I still have mine and they are due to come out soon. I think I will opt to be knocked out. Not looking forward to this ordeal. Yeah, I’m one of the rare ones! : ) Thanks for sharing your story.

    Best Regards,

    Janine N. Truitt

  6. I only had two wisdom teeth, period. And both had to come out when I was around 19 or 20. I remember being out of it when I left the surgeon’s office, but had pizza for dinner. Ha!

    Thanks for linking up today!

    SEL [co-host]

  7. Thank you for sharing this post. I am actually one of those rare people that still have their wisdom teeth. I actually wish I would already have had them grow, to get the pain over and done with. I think you should definitely make a claim for that happy meal.

  8. Aww, she totally owes you a happy meal!

    When I had mine out, I think I was 18, I found out that general anesthesia doesn’t really work on me unless cranked up really high. I was awake the whole time but couldn’t move. It didn’t hurt, but it was still really awful and seemed to last forever. I hope I never have to go under anesthesia again!
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  9. Oh, I feel bad for anyone having to get their wisdom teeth pulled. Having gone through that fun with two teens, I cringe. Anyway, I was in my early twenties when I had one removed. I was born with only two, and one is still in my mouth.
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  10. Haha yes I remember this story about your mom eating your happy meal. lol!
    Gosh such disappointment.
    Funny thing is, they might not understand how much it meant to you at that time.

    I don’t have any teeth pulled and I think they came in a few years ago, so I still have them 🙂

    Happy weekend!
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  11. Mine never fully came out so every time I get the million dollar xrays, I’m reminded to get the billion dollar surgical removal. Unfortunately, my freeloaders need there’s removed as well and I need a new roof on my house.
    I’m bummed to hear about entrecard.

    Have a great weekend!
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  12. I had all four of mine yanked out when I was 19. So glad to be rid of them. I’m lucky they came out very easily and my other teeth were not affected. If anything, removing them provided lots of room for my other teeth and overall left me with 4 less teeth that might need dental work and $$$$$ down the road.
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  13. I was in my twenties and thirties when I lost all but one, I had a tooth pulled a few months ago and the last remaining wisdom tooth is now coming in, having removed the other tooth I guess it has room to make a grand appearance.

    I am pushing 53 so does this mean it took a while for my wisdom to come around 🙂
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  14. I do not have any wisdom teeth. I was born without them, I’ve been told. Either that, or those teeth are hanging out in another part of my head!
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