Princess Nagger is actually enthusiastic about school this year – because like I’ve always said, teachers make a difference.  If you’ve been reading me for any length of time, you’ll have figured out by now that Princess Nagger is her own very unique individual.  I know, we all are, but some days Princess Nagger is – how shall I put this?  Out there.  But that’s what makes her so adorably unique.

Her kindergarten and first grade teachers embraced PN’s unique personality and allowed her to just be herself.  Not saying her second and third grade teachers weren’t good teachers, but I think their personality types didn’t mesh with Princess Nagger’s uniqueness, or they were more of the ‘by the book’ type teachers – you know, having everyone in their class act and be exactly alike.  Which they aren’t.  Case in point:

So to all you teachers out there who embrace the uniqueness of your unique students, I applaud you.  Loudly and with great enthusiasm.

Speaking of loud, apparently a cooling fan in my laptop is on its way to giving up the ghost.  It started making a very loud rattling noise, so I did the usual blast of canned air in the vents followed by vacuuming out any dust or hair that possibly collected.  Several times to no avail.  So then I went and downloaded all the new drivers and a BIOS upgrade (who knew that an outdated BIOS could cause cooling fan problems?) but that still didn’t work, so I contacted HP who requested me to ship my laptop to them for repairs since it’s still under warranty (thank goodness).

They sent me an empty box which arrived yesterday so I could ship it to them – so today I’ll be using a loaner laptop that the hubby brought home from work.  Talk about feeling discombobulated.  Luckily since the great computer crash of 2004 when my desktop bit the dust (and is still holding pictures and documents hostage on a hard drive I refuse to get rid of just in case I can find a way to retrieve said pictures and documents), I’ve been utilizing auxiliary drives to store all my important files.  That means that once I get the software I use every day loaded on the loaner, I shouldn’t miss too big of a beat.  I hope.

Speaking of missing beats, did you ever own a Furby?  Between the hubby and I, we have 4 or 5 floating around here somewhere.  Princess Nagger used to play with them all the time, and we would sometimes converse in Furby-speak.  Now that the new Furby’s are coming out, she’s asking for one – specifically the white one:

 Personally, I want to get myself the purple one:

I’m not sure how I feel about the new digital eyes, though – but I’m sure I could get used to them, since they portray more personality.  I’m curious to see if the new ones will only interact with each other, or if they’ll interact with our originals, too.  Might have to get a couple of these for Christmas and see. There you go, the hubby’s asking what I want for my birthday and I haven’t thought of anything – maybe I’ll have to ask for one of these.  That should keep him guessing about my sanity level.  Or lack thereof.

Speaking of sanity level, I’m insanely trying to get the house clean and presentable.  Why?  Remember way back in July when I jubilantly exclaimed that I’ve been chosen to be a Maytag Kitchen Mom?  My new kitchen appliances will be arriving this Thursday.  So like any normal sane person, I’m cleaning the atrocious mess of a house – you know, because I wouldn’t want to be embarrassed with the delivery guys seeing how out of control it’s gotten around here.  Ahem.  So next week you’ll get to read all about my awesome new kitchen:

Now if only some cupboard and counter-top people needed an Ambassador, then my kitchen would be even more wicked cool.

Did you see the video Jennifer Aniston made for Smart Water that spoofs all the rumors that run rampant about her?  It’s hysterical:

And with that, let’s call it a week – link up and join in the fun. I’m looking forward to catching up on your randomness this week. Thanks for being fellow rebels.


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  1. When the motherboard malfunctions, most feel that is the end of the computer. The motherboard can be repaired or replaced depending on the cause of the malfunction. The issue can be as simple as making sure the cables are properly connected.
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  2. I love the new Furby’s too, so do my kids…guess what santa’s bringing them this year!
    Thanks so much for posting the Jennifer Aniston video, hillarious!!!
    How different does she look with the curly hair…
    Have a great week 🙂
    daisy would like you to read ..My new love.My Profile

  3. One of the kids had a Furby about 10 years ago; frankly the thing weirded out me and Beloved so badly he hid it in a cabinet in the laundry room. Not that it did much good, because the thing had a short circuit or something – it would “come to life” and begin talking at all hours of the day and night. I think he eventually buried it in the back yard…
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  4. You are so right, a bad teacher can spoil the school experience for a kid. WE are still dealing with the setbacks Turbo’s first grade teacher caused. Turbo is finally catching up, but it’s been a long hard road.
    With our kitchen redo, all we need now is a new stove–we want to get a gas one as the electric one we have now is…nice but not that great.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Random Weekend StuffMy Profile

  5. It’s good to hear your unique girl has a teacher this year that is embracing her, quirks and all! 🙂 If only they all could do that!!

    Furbys are back?! haha! I never had one, but the neighbour’s kids did. I hope you get your purple one!

    Jennifer Aniston is one of my favourites. I adore her!!!

  6. So jealous of the new appliances. Teachers that can connect with each and every student in their class are the best. I’m glad that PN got another one this year.

  7. Teachers will be different throughout her school experience; both teacher and student needs to learn to deal with the ebb and flow of those years. Having the perfect teacher every year would not prepare our kids for real life! Beyond that? The year my daughter ended up with the WORST teacher ever (her words) turned out to be one of her best years. Not a bad teacher at all but one that had expectations and wouldn’t put up with a lot of nonsense…that seemed to work for my daughter and they keep in touch to this day (Lauren is 29!).

    My laptop box is arriving today. You are handling it better than me; this is the 2nd time and I hardly care that it’s under warranty. I care more that it can’t handle a couple of months without repair! Luckily mine is simply used to network to my main PC so I won’t be dealing with software installations and still have all my stuff, but it does mean I won’t be writing my posts late at night in my bedroom. Ugh.

    I hope Maytag is still the product I’ve always loved…it’s always been true for me; that repairman was a lonely, lonely fellow.
    Barbara would like you to read ..Caprese Salad with a Twist – Avocado, Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil with PastaMy Profile

  8. Children are unique and unfortunately not every teacher has the personality to allow 35 or 30 kids to be him/herself, but then again this is the way life is, though. Just look at the workforce. We have bosses who are easy going and then there are the ones who are Hitler reincarnated. PN will be all the better for her learning experiences. She’ll retain her uniqueness despite these changes throughout her life.

    What a good sport Jennifer Anniston is for doing this funny, funny video! Thanks for sharing with us! ^.^
    Cathy Kennedy would like you to read ..Ooh all of my favorites!!
    Thank you! Thank you!
    My Profile

  9. No kidding – teachers make all the difference in the world. And different teachers are good for different kids. Glad she’s got a good one this year!
    Do all the new Maytag appliances come with a cook? That’s what I’d need.
    BAHAHAHA! Jennifer Anniston is fantastic.
    Sarah at 32Flavors would like you to read ..RTT: Feisty TuesdayMy Profile

  10. Good teachers are hard to find. We’ve struggled with teachers many times and it makes it such a hard time. It’s much better to be unique!

    One of our daughters had a Furby and I’m sure it’s around somewhere. None of the other kids have expressed any interest in one. J-Man thought they were just weird.

    Ooh! New kitchen! Can’t wait to see it!
    Elle would like you to read ..If You’re Looking For Profound Thoughts Look Somewhere ElseMy Profile

  11. I couldn’t agree more that teachers make all the difference – I’m glad PN scored a great teacher this year.

    The digital eyes on the Furbys creep me out. I prefer the old school ones.

    And now I have total kitchen appliance envy. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on them when they arrive!
    Storm, the Psychotic Housewife would like you to read ..Random Tuesday Thoughts:My Profile

  12. I went through the computer crash not long ago myself, thank goodness I had backed mine up on an external hard drive beforehand or else like you I’d be hanging on to the crashed hard drive from now on 🙂

    My wife had one of the original furbys not really sure where he ended up as he got labeled as evil by my wife, I don’t see her accepting a new one at this point but I have a feeling that a post about the old one is something I should write Ha Ha

    Textbook teachers seem to do our kids more harm than good, my hat is off to a teacher who will allow our kids to think outside the box and be themselves, I think it is easier to teach when you allow the kids to be their own person.
    Jimmy would like you to read ..But Officer It Was PinkMy Profile

  13. I am WITH you on the teacher thing. I’m really pleased with his teacher this year, she seems really engaging and fun and super COMMUNICATIVE, which makes all the differences. He seems to be trying really hard, which is a good thing. Damn, I want those appliances! And that Jennifer A video is hysterical!
    Gretchen would like you to read ..RTT: Emmy Edition 2012My Profile

  14. Since I have a unique child of my own, and since I work with many very unique special needs children, I am all about teachers being flexible and accommodating differences in learning–it makes kids blossom when they know that their teacher understands them.

    Wow. I would love to be one of those Maytag moms! But appliances don’t last long with us, so it’s better that we aren’t on display. I’m interested in hearing about your experiences, though!
    Tina would like you to read ..Random Is As Random DoesMy Profile

  15. I so hate when my computers don’t work. I have resorted to asking the boys to help fix them since Daddy is all kinds of b usy working and schooling and hobbying. When Your tech support is married to you? wow it takes forever to yours fix.
    kyooty would like you to read ..Random Tuesday ThoughtsMy Profile

  16. I saw that Aniston tape. So Phoney, but laughable. I want the PURPLE one too. I had one once though and it drove me nuts. I like when they start talking more, and more, and more then it drove me crazy so I had to shut it down, and just put it on a shelf. LOL Have a great day! CONGRATS ON BE SELECTED TO BE A MAYTAG KITCHEN MOM. I HAVE A FRIDAIRE STOVE & A MAYTAG FRIGAIRE… go figure. Hey, we got them we moved in in November of 1999 & knock on wood GREAT STUFF! WOO HOO! THAT’S GREAT!
    Xmasdolly would like you to read ..Wordless Wednesday/And now the swing!My Profile

  17. You are so funny! I love reading you!

    Teachers. Yes. Being an ex-teacher, you HAVE to embrace all the differences. You have no choice. Your students WILL NOT all act and behave the same no matter how hard you try. I’m assuming her 2nd and 3rd grade teachers were “more experienced” if you get what I’m saying. Old school needs to GO!

    Don’t laugh….but I didn’t have a Furby and I don’t even know what they are!

    I can’t WAIT to see pics of your kitchen!! How exciting!!!

    I love me some Jen Aniston! She makes me smile!
    Impulsive Addict would like you to read ..I’m Smiling and It’s TTUT!My Profile

  18. I believe that everyone of us has its own uniqueness. These unique traits of ours must be respected by other people around us as we do the same thing to them. Anyway, our unique attitudes/traits define us as a person. Respect to everybody, that’s what we only need to be able to accept our differences.
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