One thing I never have to worry about with Princess Nagger is her socialization skills.  Sure, I was a tad bit worried after all the judgy moms looked down their noses at me for my choice not to send Princess Nagger to preschool and wait until Kindergarten to send her into the den of wolves. 

My fears were laid to rest, however, when she happily accepted another little girl’s invitation to have a play date – and got off at that girl’s bus stop instead of her own.  Sure, my heart stopped until the bus driver went back and retrieved her, but at least I didn’t have to worry about her lacking in the socialization aspect.

Over the subsequent years she has been a leader amongst her peers, getting her friends to play all sorts of crazy games which involve pretending they’re dinosaurs, or warrior cats, or whatever her current imagination deems the character of the day.  She’s definitely a social butterfly, and loves chatting on the phone – something I’m terrible at doing myself.  I avoid the phone like a plague.  But not Princess Nagger, she loves chatting with her friends any chance she gets:

When I was taking random shots of her on the phone the other day, because I needed a picture – any picture – to decorate my blog, she paused in her conversation and asked:

PN:  “Are you going to blog about this?”

Me:  “Yes.  Yes I am.”

I sure love that kid.


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  1. I hate talking on the phone too! Specially when I have to talk to the answering machine. Argh!

    We have decided to wait for Kindergarten and simply skip pre-K. We see no point for it. My son loves attention and loves making friends (and has such an ease on doing so), so I don’t worry about how social he will be or not! Some pople are just too nosy and should worry more about their own families.

    BTW, your daughter is so silly!
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  2. Not all kids have that courage to converse right away to other people. I still can remember that it took years before I overcome my shyness. If I remember it right, when I was in college, that’s the time when I started to have that confidence inside me. As my professors mold me to be somebody who can do business with other people. Maybe my business course as an accountant helped me overcome this personal struggle of mine.
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