Since I currently have no power (another story for another day), and we’re running the WiFi through the electrical port on our car (thank goodness for a ‘modern’ vehicle that enables you to plug in, as long as you have gas to keep it running, and a really long extension cord) I didn’t want to leave you hanging for Wordless/Wordful Wednesday, so I’m regurgitating – I mean recycling – a post from three years ago just for fun.

Originally posted on August 11, 2009:

Princess Nagger got up at an astonishingly early hour (for her, the non-morning person) of 6:00 am yesterday. Usually she’s a late sleeper which gives me time to have a nice quiet morning of blog-hopping and commenting with my morning cup or two of coffee, but yesterday didn’t happen. Instead, we enjoyed ‘salon day’ – well, Dora’s head on her vanity table did, as well as the Princess Nagger sporting every single one of her headbands.

I thought it was pretty funny so I snuck up on her and snapped a picture – yes, she’s perched on the stool that came with the vanity table, and yes, she’s in her underwear. She came downstairs wearing the outfit I left out for her, but that didn’t last long – as it normally doesn’t when we have no plans to go anywhere. She prefers to be Underwear Girl. Might as well let her enjoy it – it’s been hot, and soon enough she’ll have to gear-up for school which is looming just two weeks from today. 

And thus ends our recycled portion of the day. 

Even now, as she’s looming precariously on the edge of tweendom (her birthday is only two months away, where she’ll officially become an honest-to-god Tween…lord help me) she still prefers to run around in her underwear when she’s in the house.  Do or did your kids prefer underwear mode?


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  1. I had a friend whose children were Underwear kids. That came to a screeching halt one evening, when I was invited in to pick up some gear for a camping trip – and he walked into his house to find his two teenagers running around in their tidy whities. In the middle of winter. With the weather FREEZING outside. And the heater turned up into the mid-90s.

    Happy WW!
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  2. Not that I recall…well, I think Oldest Son was wont to run around in his undies at bedtime when he was small, but once he got older I had a hard time getting him to wear pajamas – he would sleep in his clothes (I have no idea what he sleeps in these days, and I’m not sure I want to know). The Young One does this as well: he takes a shower at night, then dresses in what he’s going to wear the next day and goes to bed. I guess this cuts down on what he has to do the next morning, since he gets up approximately 3 1/2 minutes before he has to leave for school…
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  3. I love the many headbands look! I may have to try it!!! Thanks for linking up, I will do the same! I’m away at the moment so only have my iPhone. Do you have a code for your WW badge so I can add it to my post? If not I will add your badge next week when I have my laptop. x
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  4. Not one, but multiple headbands! Love it! And I thought that my teen was the only one who wandered around in underwear! He’ll kill me for saying it, but son at 13 still walks around the house in his underwear. I guess that it’s because he feels most comfortable that way!
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