The Power Company, also known in these parts as Met-Ed (First Energy), pulled a power play on us last week.  Last Tuesday, as a matter of fact.  Just as I was getting ready to fix Little Dude a hot breakfast and get myself a cup of coffee to get started on visiting all my RTT peeps, the power company shut off our power without warning and didn’t turn it back on for almost 30 hours.  Longest 30 hours of my life. I’ll be venting about that on Friday.  Today I want to keep it light and fun.

So my apologies to all you awesomely loyal Random Tuesday Thought Rebelers – I don’t think I ended up having a chance to get around to any of you last week, so I’ll be making up for it this week.  Here’s hoping Mother Nature’s thunderstorms today don’t decide to wipe out our power or internet, since there’s no one I can call about that.  Well, I suppose there’s no difference between that and Met-Ed.  Just sayin’.

Speaking of crazy…  I saw this floating around on Facebook last week:

That’s kind of sweet and creepy all rolled into one.  I probably better not show this to Princess Nagger, she might be insulted that I would never get a  tattoo of one of her drawings.  The crazy creatures with lots of teeth and claws would not be very sexy.

In other news… Just before Christmas I ordered some cordless wine bottle openers for some of my family members since I’m always giving them Princess Nagger Wine, and I figured I’d make it easier for them to open said wine with a cool wine opener. 

Of course I ordered myself one, too, because they’re cool.  Even though I had a different one that the hubby got me for a birthday one year, I figured having one in the bar and one in the kitchen was a brilliant idea.  Over the next eight months I opened approximately six bottles of wine – well five-and-a-half, because with the sixth one, this happened:

Broken.  Beyond repair.  And obviously outside the return window for Amazon.  I’m thinking I should just contact Oster directly to see if they’ll stand behind their product.  What do you think?

Jen shared this cool hint/tip by way of Pinterest (I think – it was almost two weeks ago, I’m behind on sharing) on how to separate egg yolks with a plastic bottle.  I found the video demonstration for you to check out:

How to separate an egg yolk with a bottle from The Burlap Bag on Vimeo.

Now I’m wanting to make something that takes a lot of egg whites just to try that new trick out.

I stumbled across a hilarious website called smartphOWNED – fail autocorrects and awkward parent texts.  There are some racy ones on there (naturally) but man I was giggling and laughing like a 12 year old boy reading all of them.  Here are a couple of tame ones:

And that’s a wrap for this week – link up and join in the fun. I’m looking forward to catching up on your randomness this week.  Thanks for being fellow rebels.


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  1. Autocorrect sure can make texts hilarious! I’m all for displaying your child’s artwork but that’s going a little too far. Glad you got your power back on.

  2. What in the world did they need to keep it off for 30 hours for? Seems a little excessive if you ask me. You’re so good to all of your readers I’m sure one week off won’t bother anyone.

    I love reading autocorrect fails, they’re always good for a laugh!

  3. Great assortment of random today – can’t wait to show Little Dude the egg trick, just for the fun of it! Good excuse to make macarons or angel food cake or lemon meringue pie or…. dang now I’m hungry! Thanks for sharing & Hope you have a fabulous week
    Artsnark would like you to read ..Random Tuesday Thoughts…EverydayMy Profile

  4. The tattoo is cute–but creepy, definitely. Neither of my boys have drawn anything that was near cool enough to keep forever that way.
    Auto correct is not near as funny now that it happens to us with the new smart phones–still kinda funny though.
    I’d contact Oster, especially if it’s less than a year old–Oster is supposed to make good products. It shouldn’t have broken like that.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Thinking Random ThoughtsMy Profile

  5. I’d definitely at least check with Oster to see if they’d replace – can’t hurt, right?!

    I looove those hilarious auto corrects. I can spend hours on those websites, like spitting at my computer screen I’m laughing so hard. I’ve had a few with my phone, but nothing too serious – my brother has a friend named “Mo” and the phone always changes it to “Month”. I never realize until I’ve already sent a text with his name it, then go back and scan and realize it says something about “Month”. D’oh. LOL!
    Jill would like you to read ..The Tuesday RandomMy Profile

  6. FIRST off holy HECK that was cool how to do the eggs!! I so need to make a souffle or something crazy … lol

    YES call them or write them, those things are spendy! AND we need to be able to drink your wine :).

    OMGosh love the Text, stupid autocorrect get’s me every time!
    Alexis AKA MOM would like you to read ..I thought this was PERFECT!My Profile

  7. I bought one too. I love it. and then most of the bottles come with a screw top. But yes contact Oster… It should last longer than 6 bottles.

  8. Late start hooking up, but you know how life goes sometimes, right? That’s really a cool idea with the eggs. More than likely, though, I wouldn’t fool with doing it just because it requires extra steps. I’m content with separating the yoke in my hand. That works really easy for me.

    A child’s art is best displayed on the refrig NOT a person’s body. I wonder if this is legit. The text dialogue is hilarious, especially the second one. That auto correct feature gets me in trouble on occasions. hee-hee!

    30-hours without power – what a big time bummer! I would be pulling my hair out. Think nothing of it, my friend. We’ve all been there. Thanks for hosting and allowing me join in on the fun! =D
    Cathy Kennedy would like you to read to try that bread! Thanks for sharing!My Profile

  9. YES! See if they’ll send you a new wine opener. That is crazy! I bet they will.

    YIKES! A tatt of my kids art work? Call me crazy but I think I’m out on that one. Shhh! Don’t tell Emma! lol

    I love reading those hilarious autocorrect fails. They make me giggle too!

    Thanks for linking up my friend!

    GUESS WHAT? It works now. I guess my computer was being mean!
    Impulsive Addict would like you to read ..Awkward Moments and a Pregnancy Update for TTUTMy Profile

  10. 30 Hours? Someone would die a horrible death listening to me complain about THAT. I have one of those solar power/handcrank cell phone chargers for just such an occasion, but we’ve been lucky.

    I think I know people who would get those kinds of tattoos!
    Tina would like you to read ..Random HousekeepingMy Profile

  11. I think I would go nuts without power for 30 hours. Is there a support group for that?

    Two things you should definitely do: 1) Get a tattoo of PN’s drawings. Abosultuely! Her drawings ROCK. They are so much better than a tiger with water dripping on its head. 2) Call Oster. They’ll send you a new one for sure.

    That egg yolk trick is pretty cool and very green because you’re reusing a Coke bottle. I think you should design and patent your own contraption and sell it as a “seen on TV” informerical. “Call now and we’l send you two egg-sep-tional devices all for $19.95.”
    Run DMT would like you to read ..Random Thoughts about Sweating Pink and Track TuesdayMy Profile

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