Can you believe there are less than 100 days until Christmas?  I know, me either.  Usually I’m well on my way for getting things organized or gifts purchased so that I’m done by Thanksgiving.  That way I can simply enjoy the season between Thanksgiving and Christmas (read: relax and drink wine), but this year I suspect I’ll be at it until the very last minute.  Might as well procrastinate yet another day and enjoy some music since it is Monday, right?

It’s a freebie week, so you get to enjoy the eclectic mode my brain is usually in when it comes to choosing songs I like – since I definitely have an eclectic taste.  In music, too. 

Let’s start off with one of my favorite artists, who just had a birthday last weekend.  I had no idea he was only turning 21.  Twenty-One, y’all.  He’s just a baby.  But a very talented one.

I ran across a video of him from seventeen years ago at the age of four performing with Hank Williams Jr. – no wonder I didn’t realize how young he really is from his recent performances, the boy owned the stage at four.  Here’s Hunter Heyes with Hank Williams Jr. performing “Jambalaya”:

And so you can see how his talent only continued to get better with ‘age’, here’s Hunter Heyes again with one of his more recent hits, “Wanted”:

Next is a duo I’ve featured before, but since they’re releasing a new album tomorrow, I thought it only fitting to find a recent fun one of theirs.  Here’s Big & Rich featuring Gretchen Wilson with “Fake I.D.”:

And here’s just a teaser of their newest song, being released on their newest CD tomorrow, here’s Big & Rich again with “Party Like Cowboyz Teaser”:

Because of my Swedish roots, I’ve always enjoyed this next group.  Sadly they’re either on their Farewell Tour or finishing it up – either way, they’re creative music will be missed.  Unless they’re at least planning on writing and producing more – they haven’t made any announcements yet.  Here’s a song from their Farewell Tour, give a listen to Swedish House Mafia (featuring John Martin) with “Don’t You Worry Child”:

Next is an artist who I’ve been enjoying listening to lately – after being introduced to her music by way of ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. You know how it is, you hear a song that gives you goosebumps and you have to do a search to find it.

Not only did I find the song I was looking for, but enjoyed even more of her music and found that she’s also part of a band, The Rescues, who are working on their newest album independently. And they’re all very cool. For your enjoyment, here’s Kyler England with “Take These Things To Heart”:

And finally, because it is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, this next song is a must.  Get the Kleenex ready.  I’m serious.  Written for a  4 year old boy called Ronan who passed away from a battle with Cancer, this single was written after the bighearted artist read the blog by Ronan’s mother – she used (with permission) the mother’s own words from her blog to create this beautiful and heart wrenching song.  And, all proceeds for the sale of the single go to Cancer related charities.

Here’s the beautiful and bighearted Taylor Swift with “Ronan”:

Excuse me while I go dry my eyes.  Have a great Monday.

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


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  1. I do agree with you. It’s been months past since we last celebrated Christmas and I cannot believe that it is very near again. I love all the videos you have shared. Thanks for sharing.
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  2. The year is evaporating before our eyes and Lucy’s Reality stated something similar in her post this morning on how we’re rushing the seasons. Wasn’t Christmas only yesterday? It sure feels like it at times.

    I became a John Rich fan when he was on Celebrity Apprentice. I never paid much attention to him until that time. He’s very talented and his style of country is new school for sure, which I totally dig!

    Ah, Taylor did a fabulous, thoughtful job on this little song. I’m with you, Stacy, wiping my wet eyes. It’s so painful to think of another mother going through something like this because each one of us secretly think, “This could be me.” which none of us want. God bless this family and the song’s proceeds. I would love it if a cure is found for cancer. Maybe, someday it will be!

    Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful freebie selections!
    Cathy Kennedy would like you to read ..Great choices Cathy – Have a great week xMy Profile

  3. What a tear jerker at the end, drying my eyes now. I do have to admit I am still in summer mode and haven’t even thought of Christmas,yikes!
    Oh, I loved the Swedish House Mafia song, they are good, hopefully they keep writing, hard to see such talent end.
    Have a great week 🙂
    Lucy would like you to read ..Are You Enjoying Your Life Journey?My Profile

  4. shhh don’t say that out loud about Christmas i’m so not ready. as always you picked some of my favorite songs i’m currently hooked on Little big town Pontoon
    becca would like you to read ..I AuditionedMy Profile

  5. The more videos I see from Big & Rich, the more I like them. They are fun!!
    But I cannot watch the Taylor Swift “Ronan” again. Oh my, I bawled for a good 40 minutes after she did it live during the Stand Up to Cancer tv show. It’s such an achingly beautiful song… but so hard to listen to if you have kids.
    RoryBore would like you to read ..4M: Got the Look!My Profile

  6. Son of a gun! What a little superstar. And oh no, I didn’t know that or I totally forgot. Unlikely for someone like me who lives where it’s officially Christmas when the months start ending in ‘ber.’

    P.S. My connection was so slow when I started commenting on MMMM friends’ posts yesterday. Sorry I’m late.
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