Exercise.  For some people, it’s a dirty word.  A four-letter word times two.  Long ago in a land far away when I was single and had no kids (except one fur baby dog and a couple of fur baby cats) I used to be a member of a gym where I’d show up at 5:30 a.m., do my circuit training then head home for a shower and head off to work.

Then the company I worked for added a gym in the basement of the main building, so it made it even easier to get a good workout in before work, since I was already there.  Plus then I was able to sleep in a half hour and get there by 6am.

Then I moved to Small Town Pennsylvania where I’d have to drive at least 45 minutes to get to the nearest gym, so my workouts switched to a myriad of workout DVD’s at home.  That worked fine, I was able to maintain my girlish figure.  Until I got pregnant, that is.

I was not-so-blessed with a slow as molasses metabolism, so I always had to work hard just to maintain a healthy weight.  I’ve already mentioned that running and I don’t get along, so I utilize other options instead.  Being pregnant at an older age really did a number on me, and I’ve been fighting for nine years the urge to just give up and embrace my excess baggage or keep at it and chase it away. Without running, of course.

In 2009 I joined up with the WiiMommies to tackle the excess baggage with moral support and in a much more fun method, considering the genius behind WiiMommies, Julie, had lost 60-pounds simply by using her WiiFit.  I bought a WiiFit and set out to follow her lead, and did stay consistent, but then life got in the way and I got out of sync and out of practice so it went by the wayside and I stalled.

To give you an idea of the type of interruptions that happen whenever I break out the WiiFit, I’ll share some pictures so you can see.  They’re from 2009, so work with me here – the scenario is pretty much the same, save the featured fury baby cat is no longer with us, having crossed the Rainbow Bridge a couple of years ago, and Travis is no longer a puppy.  Though he still tries to take over the WiiFit whenever I get it out:

In addition to actually getting off my butt and get moving, I need to focus on really watching what I eat. You know, like this:

Of course Cheez-Its make you thirsty, so how about some of this:

Here’s a closer look at the label (yes, I do sometimes buy wine based on if the label looks ‘cool’…this wine was actually really good!):
And look – I’m naked on the WiiFit:

Haha, perverts. But these namesake pita chips are really really good – if you haven’t tried them yet, you must.  Besides, they have a cool name…

What I really need is to do much better with this:

I’m terrible about drinking water, it’s so boring.  It could also be a mental thing (I am mental) because I know I should drink it, therefore I don’t want to.  But I do force myself – when I remember – to drink it, I just need to make sure I increase the amount, because I’m not even getting close to eight 8oz glasses a day – I’m lucky if I get two in a day.  Ahem.  I need to work on that.

Meanwhile, I’m motivated to dust off the WiiFit and I just got Zumba – both the DVD version as well as the Wii version, so we’ll see how that goes.  I figure I’ll get a jump start before the end of the year, so maybe a resolution of getting fit at the New Year will be a no-brainer and not an effort in futility since I’ll already be well on my way.  We shall see.

What do you do for exercise?


This Exercise Spin Cycle was brought to you in part by the lovely Gretchen at Second Blooming, who always looks fit and healthy and I bet exercises like a madwoman. Check out the other Spinners’ exercise routines – maybe you’ll find some motivation, too.  Or you can motivate me.  Whatever works.


Second Blooming


  1. Oh honey, I SOOOOO identify. The Zumba sounds kinda fun though. I’d rather do it in the privacy of my living room where nobody can laugh at my crazy moves. And I am the SAME way about the water. I just can’t drink it like I should.

    You are linked!!
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  2. I remember the WiiFit Mommy thing – dare I admit I was not their demographic, and gracefully stayed out of the whole thing?

    These days, I go to the basement and get on the treadmill with my trusty Kindle – reading makes it easy to do a couple of miles without realizing it. If I’m feeling particularly masochistic I get on the Bowflex.
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  3. I have never been fond of exercising because I have issues with sweating, I know, that is so wrong but I do enjoy walking. I walk my one dog 4 times a day when we are in Arizona and twice a day in Ohio. And, then I hike in Arizona. I try to do little things, park far, take the stairs but I need to tone. I am a flabby mess and I really need to tone. Ugh!
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  4. Great Post their girlfriend I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even with the pets LOL. Oh, and wow your job built a gym in the basement? Now how cool is that. I am so out of touch with the outside world. Excercise? Me? I walk when I can and pushing away from the table before I’m done eating is a good start. I was at the health club, but waiting for my shots on the 18th so I can be a real person and not this body I have now. I do not know this person. WHO AM I? Ask me on the 19th I’ll tell ya! Have a great day.
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  5. Ha, ha! I love the pictures. I have the same problem with my kids when I pull out my step for step aerobics. All of a sudden, my kids come running and decide they simply MUST work out with me.
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