I’ve mentioned before that I have hella hairthough when you see pictures of it after I’ve straightened it, you can’t really tell, because I always try to use a decent conditioner that helps tame it into submission. I always have to use a conditioner – and I can’t use those two-in-one kind, you know the shampoo plus conditioner type supposedly made to help save us time.  Those never work for me, because my hair absolutely needs a good conditioning every time I shampoo.

To that end, I was quite happy for the opportunity to try out Dove’s Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner that revives dry, rough and frizzy hair:

With Mother Nature being really annoying this year keeping us in never-ending heat and humidity, I’ve had to resort to constantly wearing my hair in a pony tail – and since my hair has natural wavy curls that show up at the slightest hint of moisture in the air, I’ve had to keep my pony tail ‘bound’ with six or seven pony tail holders down the length just to keep it under control.

To give you an idea, this is what my hair looks like (even after I’ve conditioned it) after trying to blow dry it straight:

Not so ‘straight’, is it?  And you can see the frizziness even though this was shortly after I had it trimmed to keep the frizziness to a minimum.  I can always tell if a conditioner is going to work for my hair type by how it feels on my hair as I work it through my thick tresses in the shower.  Working Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner into my hair I could tell immediately my hair was going to love this new treatment, I could already feel it working its magic and making my hair feel silkier and smoother even while wet.  That’s always a very good sign.

Since my hair is naturally dry, I usually only shampoo every three or four days (yes, I take a shower daily, I’m sort of obsessive about cleanliness) but my hair doesn’t get oily.  I was a little concerned that this particular conditioner might change that – and make my hair start to look oily before I was ready to shampoo it again, considering it’s a ‘nourishing oil care’ conditioner.  It really does have ‘weightless nutri-oils’ – it didn’t oil down my hair to attend to the dryness or frizzy mode.

It did a great job making my hair feel silky and smooth – even in spite of the humidity.  I’m sold.  Since it’s been too hot and humid to increase the heat with a blow dryer and straightener, I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of my hair in the ‘after’ mode specifically using this conditioner.  But it looks even better than when I used my former conditioner:

See that little bit of residual frizz at the ends?  I can tell by the texture, after using this conditioner, that it will be greatly reduced, if not practically eliminated.  I’m definitely sold.  

How’s your hair hanging?  Do you straighten curly hair or curl straight hair or leave it au naturale?

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