Rolex’s Dork Dog Debacle

Since ’s the , things will be a bit hectic ushering the Princess Nagger off to obtain her education.  I’ll share first day of school pictures next week, but for now, I’ll let you giggle over our dog Rolex’s predicament.

I had some sliced pineapple as a snack, and he decided when I wasn’t looking, that he wanted to try some too:

And that’s why we refer to him as a Dork Dog.


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20 thoughts on “Rolex’s Dork Dog Debacle

  1. Oh dear – the movie on that would *so* be a hit on YouTube!

    Happy WW, and good luck getting the Princess off to the first day of school!


  2. Figures that I find your link-up the one time my post is words only. Oh, well, linked it anyway, Tell your dog I said “thanks for the laugh”!

  3. Adorable shots! Rolex might be such a sweet dog! How did he manage it to take that cup off? Did you help him, or a friend of him? I can see an other dog on the last picture…

  4. That is so funny. I can definitely see them having that exact conversation. I’m sure he won’t be putting his knows in any containers any time soon. 🙂 Happy WW!

  5. Nice pics, nice thoughts and good way represent, I really liked it G+(1 from side). Only those can understand what happen in images who has experiences of such time when their pets enjoying.