If you’ve ever wanted to actually hear me babble, or learn things about me you never wanted to learn, tune in to I’m With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio tomorrow at High Noon (Eastern time, 9am Pacific time and somewhere in the middle for you mid-westerners) when I will have the honor and privilege of being interviewed by two Crazy Dudes, Matt-Man and Jay-Bird – I mean Jay-Man from I’m With Stupid:

Their radio show on Blog Talk Radio is in the Top 5 every week – if you haven’t ever tuned in to them, you really should.  They’re hilarious.  I’m a little nervous because when I’m put on the spot I tend to go into brain-freeze mode, but I suspect these guys will keep the brain cells thawed sufficiently so I won’t babble nonsense.  I hope.

Check out their hilarious blog post announcing the show for tomorrow – they’re as funny on air as they are in print, which means you (and I) definitely have something to look forward to.

Either way, it’s going to be a blast – you’re welcome to join in the fun, you can even call in and put me on the spot, too.  You can head over to the show page for tomorrow’s show to find out where/how to listen and how to call in:  Stacy Uncorked joins I’m With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio.

Tune in or join in for some fun!


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