The UPS driver made my day yesterday, because he delivered this:

Sorry about the flash glare, I was in a hurry and didn’t take or make time to take a proper picture.  That’s JT Hodges newest CD – and an autographed booklet for the CD.

Last year he released his first single, Hunt You Down that Billy Dukes of Taste of Country gave four stars out of five, saying that it had an “infectious melody” but criticizing the lyrics for being “too cool for the room”.  Whatever that means.  I had shared his song “Goodbyes Make You Mine” which is on this new album that was just released the other day – it has eleven songs, nine of which he co-wrote. Isn’t he a cutie?

I had mentioned that he started following me on Twitter over Memorial Day weekend – what I neglected to mention was that it’s the reason I checked out his website and ended up pre-ordering the CD I got yesterday.

Sunday night I was feeling really special, because another awesome (and gorgeous) artist, Keeley Dodd started following me on Twitter, too.

So naturally I had to check out her music since I’m a Country Fan and she’s a Country Girl.  I tweeted that I loved her music video “Where Are All The Men” (I included it in my post yesterday) – and she not only re-tweeted me, but replied to me… twice.  

She’s currently working on her Sophomore album, and you know I’ll be ordering it as soon as it’s available to do so.  These artists are very clever.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for Princess Nagger – she’s both looking forward to it and dreading it.  As am I.  She’s looking forward to it because she was assigned what she describes as “the nicest teacher in the whole school”, and also because she’ll get to see all her friends again that she’s missed over the summer.

She’s dreading it because she’s not a morning person and isn’t looking forward to having to get up early to get ready for the bus. I’m dreading it for the same reason (getting her out of bed can be quite the challenge) and because I’ll miss her during the day.  I’m also looking forward to it because I’ll miss her during the day – if you catch my drift.

At least she’ll be going in style – I get her a new backpack each year since by the end of the school year it’s pretty much beat up (and she’ll use it randomly over the summer which accelerates the ‘beat up’ mode).  I had actually picked up a cool Angry Birds one, but when I was in New York for BlogHer, I went to the Nintendo Store and found this:

All you Legend of Zelda fans will recognize the Triforce symbol.  Pretty cool, no?  I was dubbed “Best Mom In The World” by Princess Nagger when I brought it home.  I’m sure that title has since been retracted, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

I’ll be curious to see what list of stuff I’ll need to get for her school supply-wise, since we don’t get any sort of list of what’s needed before the start of school (mostly because we pay exorbitant school taxes which means the school provides a majority of the supplies for the kids) but they do send home a short list on the first day of school… and of course by then all the school supplies have been rotated out, replaced with Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff.

Here’s hoping whatever I’ll need to pick up won’t already have been replaced with ghosts and goblins or turkeys.

The hubby got me a really cool gift for our anniversary, a rose gold and diamond ring:

Isn’t that pretty?  I was too lazy to take a picture of it on my hand, so I snagged the image from Kay Jeweler’s website instead.  It’s just as pretty in person.  Apparently rose gold is the newest rave – who knew?  I love it.  The hubby’s a keeper.

That’s it for this week – time to link up, hop around and most importantly have fun.

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  1. Yes, that is a handsome dude! I love the backpack, too! I wonder if there are any girls out there named Zelda? Because gamers tend to take their games pretty seriously!
    Tina would like you to read ..Really RandomsMy Profile

  2. As hectic as they often are, I love the back to school days. And now, I always think of this old Staples ad where they’re playing “It’s a wonderful time of the year” in the background and you see the dad skipping through the aisles of Staples with his kids following reluctantly behind looking for school supplies!

    Anyway good luck, have a great week and thanks again for hosting.
    Meryl would like you to read ..Fractured Fairy Tales: Fun for All Ages, for All Readers…and the Common Core StandardsMy Profile

  3. It’s so super cool when an artist followers you on Twitter, isn’t it? I’ve gotten a few follows, too. I need to do special write up on each on and honestly I do plan to do this on my newest ones once I get this great ole big computer headache behind me! Thanks for hosting, my friend. You’re the best!

  4. I love when celebrities send you a tweet. Last year for my birthday Aaron Goodwin from Ghost Adventures sent me a birthday tweet.

    I really love that backpack. Allison picked out a Hello Kitty as her first backpack ever.
    Heather’s Happenings would like you to read ..Just 1 More WeekMy Profile

  5. This weekend is back to school shopping for Turbo. We got a list sent home with his final report card that has been living on the refrigerator for the summer. He needs less fun things this year and more school type stuff–no crayons or markers, but notebooks and paper and folders. Fourth grade is serious stuff.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Random Tuesday TImeMy Profile

  6. We still have a couple more weeks of summer vacation. Which is a good thing, because none of us are ready.

    I bet PN loved that backpack! That was a good score.

    The ring is so pretty! Nice choice by your wonderful husband!
    Elle would like you to read ..Road Trips and Psycho DentistsMy Profile

  7. I need to have a teenager explain Twitter to me! I just recently did a blog facebook page, I don’t want to get too crazy! We don’t start school for another two weeks. It is a day later than usual this year (they obviously knew we’d be at the Idol concert the night before school’s usual starting day!). Pretty ring!
    Andrea would like you to read ..RandomnessMy Profile

  8. That ring is GORGEOUS!

    My oldest spotted the backpack while I was reading your post and said, “That’s cool!”

    Isn’t it such an honor when famous people and celebrities follow you on Twitter? Print out that screen shot and hang it on your fridge. 😉
    Run DMT would like you to read ..Pinning & Planning – August 19My Profile

  9. Hello, gorgeous ring! Our school supply lists come out before school starts because the state budget really doesn’t leave much for supplies. Although Sprite’s VPK supply list was even longer than her kindergarten list and more expensive and tuition at that place was very high.
    Sprite’s Keeper would like you to read ..Little Fish, Big PondMy Profile

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