This year will be Princess Nagger’s last and final year in Elementary School – well, at least for here, since she’ll be in 4th Grade and moves to a different building next year for 5th and 6th grade for ‘Middle School’ (when I was in school, Kindergarten through 6th Grade was Grade School – then it was Junior High and High School – does your school break it down to 4 sections like our current school district does?) 

Getting aback to the subject at hand (see what I did there?) from Princess Nagger’s first foray into the school system, I always made sure to get her a new outfit to wear on the first day of school, and of course took pictures.

Kindergarten 2008
First Grade 2009
Second Grade 2010

Third Grade 2011

The last few years it’s been a tradition for her to go shopping with me to pick out what she’d like to wear on the first day of school.  New shirt, new jeans or skirt, new shoes – all to start off the new year in style.

That way, when it comes to dragging her butt out of bed to get ready on that first day of school, she’s slightly less reluctant to do so.

Which brings me to this week’s question:

If your kids are school age (or when they were/are going to be) did/do/will you have a special First Day of School outfit and take pictures?

Have a great weekend.


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  1. If my kids has no experience in going to school and that may be the first time that they are able to go in it, I think that you should take pictures because it can also be a remembrance for them.
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  2. It has been many years, my sons are 28 & 26, but absolutely. Pictures and a new outfit. However with boys, outfits are boring lol, jersey/shirt and pants.
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  3. Yes, we made a huge deal of the first day of the school year. From the clothes they wore to breakfast. Now the tradition carries on with our grandchildren. On top of what their parents did with them, we made special First Day of School cupcakes to celebrate.

  4. I don’t remember special outfits for the kids – I didn’t take pictures if they had them. Probably not; the years they weren’t required to wear uniforms, they had their own sort of uniform – jeans and t-shirts, almost exclusively. At least that’s what I can remember; I’m so old, and it’s been so long since they were in grade school!
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  5. Yeah, I did that when they were in public school, but I haven’t since we started homeschooling (this will be our 3rd year). We school year-round, so … I just take pictures all the time! PN is looking so grown up, btw!

  6. The little princess looks so much like you!

    We take photos and have a nice / different kinda breakfast.
    I was thinking of doing a big cake and music thing just for me and the kids in the evening.

    But definitely photos 🙂
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    1. Awwww! Thanks Callie! She’s my Mini Me. 😉

      Good idea on the nice / different kinda breakfast – I’ll have to do that for Princess Nagger! And I love the idea of a big cake and music thing for you and the kids in the evening – that will be extra special! 🙂

  7. Don’t remember if I took pics, but I do remember because I was a single mom of four, my mom (the angel that she was) always… no I mean ALWAYS bought all four children an outfit for the first day of school every single year. I LOVES MY MOMMY! She sure was a sweetheart and the kids loved it, and I believe it was because one of my children was picked on because they didn’t have new clothes for the first day, and came home crying and Mom was over & we went shopping & they always got the coolest outfits from head to toe. This way I didn’t have to skimp on the school supplies for all four.
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  8. Leo has to wear a uniform to school but since he started Kindergarten I of course got he first day of school pic! I’ll be posting on that sometime this weekend!
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  9. I don’t have kids but I’ll answer for myself. 🙂 I always got a new outfit for the first day of school, it was one of those special things for us too. I can remember it being sooo important what you wore on the first day of school, however due to some of the fashion trends, I look like a real dork in a lot of those outfits I thought were so cool back then, lol!
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    1. I know what you mean, Misty – I’m pretty sure some of the outfits I picked out for myself when I was in school had me looking like a major dork… 😉 Princess Nagger may even look back at her pictures 20 years down the road and think her mom dressed her like a dork, too! 😉

  10. No way! I can’ t believe she’s that old already. Oh no. She’ll be a teenagers before you know it. You know, with my daughter, even when she was in high school, I always took a picture of her on the first day. My son however, could care less 🙂

    Have a great weekend! Sending some coolness your way,
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    1. Crazy how fast time flies, isn’t it? She’ll be a Tween in November…don’t know if I’ll survive the Tweendom let alone her teenager years. 😉 I bet it’ll be the same for Princess Nagger and Little Dude – she’ll ham it up for the camera where Little Dude will most likely care less… 🙂

      I’m holding you to sending coolness our way…have a great weekend, Harriet!

  11. Our daughters are the same age! She is going into Grade 4 as well. We usually go to H&M (I have no idea why) and get a new outfit. I also take a photo every first day of school. My little guy started kindergarten last year so now he’s part of the fun as well.

    I’m visiting from the Feed Me Friday Hop and I’m now following you via email, Pinterest, Twitter, and G+. Would love for you to visit us and reciprocate. Thanks so much and have a nice weekend!

    Renee @
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  12. Never thought of bringing my kid to do shopping because usually it is just me who does it to avoid spending too much, but I guess it is a great idea to ta her along with me so that she’ll be excited to pick up her new clothes and be excited to wear them on the first day of school.
    will try that one next year!

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