In spite of the fact that Princess nagger is on the cusp of turning into a Tween, she still embraces her goofy fun-loving side.  Case-in-point, she decided to wear her Fox ears to school on Monday (she has a cool fox tail to go with it, but figured wearing that would probably annoy the teacher.  We don’t want the teacher annoyed this early in the game).

When she got home, she was stressing over the fact that we pretty much had to leave for the dentist within 10 minutes of her stepping off the bus.  She also launched into Drama Queen mode, instructing me to not use the “D” word (which usually makes me have the urge to reply in rapid fire, “Dentist, Dentist, Dentist”,  but this time I refrained, because she was on the verge of dissolving into tears).  When I asked how her day was, this dialogue commenced:

PN:  “Today was the worst day ever… so far.”

Me: “Why was this the worst day ever so far?”

PN:  “Well, for one, I don’t want to go to the D.”

Me:  “Understood.  But that’s not going to change, so what else made it the worst day?  How’d everyone like your fox ears?”

PN:  “They mocked me!  They kept saying they’re rabbit ears and they’re clearly not, they’re fox ears!”

Me:  “Who mocked you?”

PN:  “Everyone!  They said they were stupid rabbit ears!”

Me:  “Well that’s not very nice, did you tell a teacher?”

PN:  “Yes, but it didn’t matter, they still called them stupid rabbit ears.”

Me:  “What do they know?  We know they’re fox ears and you’re the cutest fox I know, so that’s really all that matters.”

PN:  “Do I still have to go to the D?”

Me:  “Uh, yeah.  It’s necessary.  Why don’t you wear your ears – I’m sure the ladies in the office will think they only add to your cuteness.”

On the way to the dentist, I lectured her about the fact that she needs to be more conscientious about brushing her teeth, as obvious by the tooth that needed a replacement filling.  She does brush her teeth at least twice a day, but not very enthusiastically, which means some days it’s probably half-assed.   As I was winding down my diatribe on the fundamentals of proper brushing, Princess Nagger muttered:  “Lectures. Now mobile.”

Naturally everyone thought the fox ears were the cutest thing, and concurred that they don’t look like rabbit ears.  Of course it didn’t help quell the Princess Nagger’s fear of what was to come, as evidenced by her mini melt down in the dentist chair just prior to anything being done:

Luckily the filling replacement went smoothly (and Princess Nagger was joking by the end since she didn’t need her gums numbed for the surface cavity) so by the time we got home she was all smiles again.  We decided we’d let you decide if you think her foxy ears look like rabbit ears:


Which brings me to this week’s question:

What do you think – Fox or Rabbit?

Have a great weekend.


Happy Aloha Friday!

From Kailani at An Island Life:
In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So on Fridays let’s take it easy on posting, too. Ask a simple question…nothing that requires a lengthy response. It’s a great way to make new blogging friends!


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  1. Obviously the kids in her class need an animal refresher course. How can they not tell the difference between fox and rabbit ears? Those are most definitely fox ears and they don’t even look like rabbit ears. Maybe the school should require eye exams.
    Anne would like you to read ..Procrastinating in the Small TownMy Profile

  2. That is without a doubt a beautiful young lady wearing fox ears. BTW: if I tried to take a pic of one of mine having a meltdown in a Dentist’s chair I wouldn’t live to leave that office!
    Karen would like you to read ..Use your PowersMy Profile

  3. totally fox ears which she wears fabulously and tell her that my little man says those other kids clearly need a lesson in which animal is which because he feels they are under educated to not know those are most definitely fox ears.
    becca would like you to read ..Friday Confessionals 8-31-12My Profile

  4. Geez…..I don’t think either really. Sorry.
    I’m also sorry I taunted you with the fear of have teenage girl a few years ago.
    Have a great weekend. 🙂
    Harriet would like you to read ..Talk to me…….My Profile

  5. Hi these are definatly fox ears. My little sister is going to love your site. I am sure she will be on it after school.

    Thanks lee

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