I’m on the road today heading to New York – I know, it seems like just yesterday I was ‘on the road’ heading the opposite direction to the opposite side of the country.  This time this time it’s just me, me, me – no hubby, no kids, just mama having some me time… well, with 4500 other Me Time Seekers, otherwise known as BlogHer.

While I’m off gallivanting in the Big City, I thought I’d let you enjoy some cute little monkeys climbing a tree in Washington State.  Here’s one of my nieces looking quite at home amongst the branches:

Princess Nagger and Little Dude got into the tree climbing action:

The twin of the niece in the first picture likes to climb all the way to the tippy-top – she says it’s her favorite spot:

Princess Nagger had so much fun chasing her cousins up and down that tree:

When I was a kid, if you couldn’t find me I was usually perched up high in one of our pine trees in our backyard reading a book.  Did you like climbing trees when you were a kid?


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  1. Yeah, I used to get up in trees, especially when we were having BB gun wars. I’d snipe the enemy. I fancied myself a pretty good tree climber until I saw pics of those tree sitters a zillion feet up in the air. No way, Jose!

    Maybe those four will be the next Wallenda’s! They could be called Princess Nagger and the 3-Toed Sloths.

  2. How funny… I just post my wordless Wednesday and it’s about my 3 monkeys, but they’re jumping on the bed instead of climbing trees! enjoy the big city. I’m jealous!
    nancy-of the crazy 9

  3. Oh, I wish I could come with you…have a wonderful, wonderful time in New York @ BlogHer (some how I think you will 😉 )
    And enjoy your ‘Me’ time!!

  4. Whoa, that always scared me when the kids climb trees like that. My father’s friend had a bad experience, and I’ll leave it right there, but I kept my kids out of trees etc. besides I know I’m accident prone and so are my kids. You have a great day and great time at Blog Her!
    Xmasdolly would like you to read ..WW = Introducing my great niece "GIANNA"!My Profile

  5. The lighting in the first picture of your niece is awesome! Looks like you all enjoyed visiting with each other! And, your nieces are brave – I have a hard time climbing onto a CHAIR because I’m afraid of heights! LOL!
    Jennifer would like you to read ..Milkshake – WWMy Profile

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