August already – where has the summer gone?  Personally, I’ll be so glad to see this particular summer come to an end, because it’s been annoyingly hotter than the hinges of hell and I’ve been way too wilty for way too long. Fall will be a welcome respite.  So long as Mother Nature decides to cooperate.

I had the most amazing (and tiring) weekend at BlogHer with two fabulous people who were previously just bloggy friends, but now are certified ‘real life’ friends (and quite possibly certifiable, but that’s why we got along so well) who were the best roommates possible in a fairly smallish room in New York. 

Anne (aka Small Town Mommy) and Elle (aka Blue Monkey Butt – and yes, we gave her a hard time about being a blue monkey butt, even though she really isn’t) are the nicest and most considerate people you could ever meet.  Thanks, ladies, for making the weekend the most enjoyable foray into the world of BlogHer ever.  I’ll be posting more about the whole experience tomorrow – you’ll just have to wait.

Meanwhile, it is Monday (already) so that means we get to kick back and listen to some great tuneage.  This week’s theme is a freebie, so as usual I’m being creative with my selections.  Since I just got back from a weekend away, I thought it appropriate to start off with a song fittingly entitled “Back”.

Colt Ford’s new album (that’s set to hit stores tomorrow) entitled Declaration of Independence, features some of his very good friends and great artists.  The song I’ve chosen for today happens to be the lead single and tells a story many listeners will relate to – plus you get a true glimpse of the man behind the song in an intimate way.

The ‘story’ of the song is so personal, when they were talking about hiring actors for the music video, Colt adamantly said no, because it’s his life, and he didn’t feel right putting an actor in to play the part of say, his mom. 

What you will see in the goose-bump-inducing video below is Colt Ford’s family – his wife, his kids, his dad and mom – and the grave he is standing over is that of his closest childhood friend.

Here’s Colt Ford (featuring Jake Owen) with “Back”:

I’ve always like this next song, and it’s a natural thing to see this next artist step onto a giant stage complete in a cowboy hat, jeans, and brown leather jacket. But at the 2011 Grammy Nominations Concert, while Jason Aldean led the song himself and took the first rap portion on his own, the audience got a surprise during the second half when a surprise guest jumped in to add an extra dash of soul to the country star’s single.

Legendary rapper Ludacris added his recognizable rap flair to the song and jokingly pushing Aldean out of the way for a moment.  The result was a ‘feel-good marriage’ of two seemingly opposite genres and a crowd pleaser of epic proportion.

Country music diehards and R&B lovers alike gave it up for their rendition of the genre-blending hit. It was such a huge hit, they took it to the studio and made a studio version. Here’s Jason Aldean Featuring Ludacris with “Dirt Road Anthem” (Studio Version Remix):

This next song is a fun one – described as, “a good ol’ party song talkin’ about that one guy that we all know that cuts up most of the bar.” We’ve all seen those types, haven’t we? Here’s Montgomery Gentry with “One In Every Crowd”:

This next song by Alanis Morissette is a tribute to the art movie Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders. The catchy chorus — “I’ll be your keeper for life/As your guardian … I’ll be your angel on call” —­ is about protecting her 19-month-old son, Ever.

Morissette, who is a self-proclaimed “attachment mom,” said the song expresses her desire for her baby boy’s “physical, emotional and spiritual safety.” Here she is with “Guardian”:

And finally, a song I heard recently that I fell in love with, from a Toronto dance-rock troupe Young Empires who have unveiled a ground-breaking Facebook Connect video for “White Doves.”  By logging in with Facebook and entering the name of a friend, the clip tailors itself to feature photos of you and your pal. Pretty cool, no?

If you want to check out the innovative interactive video, you can do so here.  I checked it out myself, and it is freaky cool.  The app pulls in mutually tagged photos of you and your chosen friend, incorporating your relationship into the music video.  Like I said, freaky cool.  Meanwhile, enjoy the non-interactive version – here’s Young Empires with “White Doves”:


And that’s a wrap. Enjoy your Monday!

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


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  1. So glad to hear you had a great time at Blog Her. I hope you’re going to share some pics too & maybe a few stories? lol Love your picks as usual most are new to me & I totally love that new one by Alanis Morissette I always liked her style. You’re rockin’ the house today girlfriend! Have a great day!
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  2. They are quite great to hear but I am not familiar on some of the songs you have shared. However, it is quite great to hear new music again. Thanks for sharing it.
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  3. LOVE Jake Owen…also liked the Aldean/Ludacris collab. Never heard that one before!

    I disagree about summer. Yes, it’s been hotter than the hinges of hell…but at the end of this month, my oldest baby leaves the nest. And I get another year older. And autumn is nice, but then there’s WINTER, and I detest winter and cold weather.

    This summer has definitely flown by. I *do* look forward to fall tv programming, though 🙂
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  4. Here it is mid-week and I’m finally making it over to dance with you. This has been a crazy one! Unfortunately most of your videos aren’t displaying on my iPad so I can’t listen, but hey, I’m here showing a little love. Glad you had a fabulous time in NYC. By the way, did you get my package? It showed delivered, but I always like checking in.

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