Wednesday morning Princess Nagger goes back to school.  Otherwise known as the Germ Factory. Isn’t that always the way?  They don’t ever seem to get sick during the summer months, but as soon as they start back to school it’s just a matter of time before they come down with something and end up looking like this:

She was home sick just a couple of months into school – on her birthday week, no less – with a nasty cold and fever.  Poor thing. Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes to the rescue.  They provide the solution for little hands that touch everything from dirt on the playground to paint brushes in art class.

Wet Ones Hand Wipes are a “double- task” solution for cleaning up messes while killing 99.99 percent of bacteria, without drying out your skin like many alcohol-based hand sanitizers. They have a handy dandy travel pack you can add to a lunchbox, backpack or even a jacket pocket for a quick clean before lunch, or  after recess:

Wet Ones Hand Wipes are a convenient and effective way to prevent the spread of bacteria.  I always have Wet Ones on hand – in fact, I usually buy them in bulk to make sure I never run out.  Not only do I use them to clean up grimy little fingers, but I also use them to wipe down the counter tops in the kitchen to make sure there is no residual bacteria lying in wait.

I even send containers to the school for the classrooms, too – and will now be making sure one of these handy dandy travel packs are always present in Princess Nagger’s backpack:

All you Legend of Zelda fans will recognize Princess Nagger’s new backpack.  I picked it up at the Nintendo Store in New York – pretty cool, no?  I was dubbed “Best Mom In The World” by Princess Nagger when I brought it home.  I’m sure that title has since been retracted, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Wet Ones is available in two fragrances, Fresh and a new and improved Citrus Scent (my favorite), and come in three convenient forms:

  • 40 count canister, which is designed to fit into a standard car cup holder
  • 15 count travel pack
  • 24 count box of individually wrapped single wipes

Hypoallergenic and enriched with skin conditioning aloe, they are also gentle on skin.

And for life’s bigger messes, Wet Ones Big Ones wipes are also antibacterial and available in Fresh and Citrus Scent.  They come in a 35 count resealable pouch and are 50 percent bigger than regular Wet Ones wipes.  For more information, visit

Are you 99.99% germ free?




I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Wet Ones. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate. All opinions are mine and not influenced by outside sources. See my Disclosure Policy here.


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