Back to School with Wet Ones – Keeping Kids 99.99% Germ Free!

Wednesday morning Princess Nagger goes back to school.  Otherwise known as the Germ Factory. Isn’t that always the way?  They don’t ever seem to get sick during the summer months, but as soon as they start back to school it’s … Continue reading

Back to School with The Boys & Girls Club of America – Your Click Can Make a Difference!

Wednesday morning Princess Nagger goes back to school.  Where did the summer go?  Apparently I blinked. The past few weeks leading up to the big day this Wednesday has been rife with attempting to adjust the sleep schedule, picking up … Continue reading

What Makes You Beautiful – Numb and Takin’ Pills? hey, Where Are All The Men? i feel Alive because We Are Young

Ah, Monday.  The last Monday before school starts for Princess Nagger.  So of course there’s the mad dash to do some last minute things before her summer break comes to an end and she’s subjected to learning in a controlled … Continue reading