I’m still sorting through the gazillion pictures I took on our road trip to and from Seattle – I became quite adept at snapping pictures through the windshield of my car while driving at varying speeds.  I’ve selected a few that I thought you might find interesting.

The hubby’s GPS took us on a couple of interesting shortcuts – of course Princess Nagger and I were a little trepidatious when he exited the freeway in the middle of nowhere and had us follow him on a narrow windy road:

But the strange twisted road took us through some beautiful mountains and brought us back to civilization, with a gas station that literally had it all:

When you’re out in the middle of nowhere, how handy is it to have one location where you are not only able to fill up your gas tank, but eat a hearty meal in the Restaurant, buy some gifts for that special someone in the Gift Shop, try to win more gift money at the Casino, and finish up at the Deli for a snack?  Yeah… we didn’t utilize all those conveniences. 

We did fill up our gas tanks, because my tank was getting precariously low and I wasn’t sure what next short cut the hubby might be leading me on Deliverance-wise.

If I had known the hubby’s GPS would take us on a shortcut that went right past Little Big Horn, I would have suggested we stop there and check it out.  Unfortunately, he was speeding (literally) ahead of me, and I wasn’t able to get his attention to pull over.  So I had to quickly take a shot out my window to see if I could capture the brightly colored Tee Pees:

Next time we’ll be sure to stop.  Remember when we were Chasing the Sun(set) when we were driving West and had the sun in our eyes?  Driving East I obviously didn’t have the option of capturing sunsets through the windshield, so I had to get creative:

Ignore the water spots – the hubby nicely washed my car that morning, but didn’t rinse off the suds soon enough, leaving spots all over, bless his heart.  With the sun setting behind us, it made the clouds in front of us glow in a very pretty manner:

I also attempted to get a shot of the rising moon:

I tried to get some good shots while it was lower in the sky and a glowing reddish-orange, but we were on a bumpy road when I took those shots, so those all turned out blurry.  I was happy to get at least one sort of clear shot as it was (while driving 65 miles per hour).

When Princess Nagger wasn’t studiously creating new creatures on Spore on her laptop, she had her nose buried in a book:

But she happily abandoned her book and laptop every time I’d exclaim for her to look at something I thought was cool.  The fact that she concurred with me on the cool factor made her a much appreciated travel companion and sometimes co-pilot.


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  1. Fabulous pics and thanks for sharing and I especially love the tee pees. Did you stop on the way back? That would’ve been cool. You got some great shots for sure. So glad that your Princess was well entertained & a good travel companion. She should be commended for that far of a trip for sure.

  2. Fun! We’re leaving for our road trip this Sunday and I can’t wait to capture moments like yours. I love the shot of the sunset in the mirror. That’s awesome!

    Sorry I missed RTT yesterday, but I’m crazy busy with all our birthdays and packing. 😛
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  3. Your shots are pretty cool, I like the one from the mirror so much! I bet you have had such a great trip, that must be a really nice experience. That country looks great with the mountains, we got lost on a similar place with my husband once (we hadn’t got GPS), it was really fun:)
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  4. I only hope I can get such interesting pictures on our cross country trek to Michigan this summer. It’s only two weeks away now. It’s creeping up on us quicker than I thought it would.
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