We’ve been home from vacation for a week and I’m still trying to get caught up on everything, in real life and in cyberspace.  Seems like being disconnected and gone for a couple of weeks tends to puts you in chicken-with-its-head-cut-off mode.  But don’t worry, I have no intention of squawking at you.

One thing I’m already done with is this hotter-than-the-hinges-of-hell weather Mother Nature has been throwing our way.  Here’s what the next 10 days looks like here (including a Heat Advisory for today putting the high’s past 100 degrees):

That image I grabbed yesterday morning, then last night around 11pm I grabbed this image:

If we don’t end up in the typical ‘pocket’ (where the rand and/or thunderstorms go every where around us and not actually over us) we might get lucky and see the temps drop below 80 for Friday like you see in the second graphic.  But I’m not holding my breath. 

Mother Nature is not one of my favorite people this year.

Yesterday it was steamy (today will be even steamier) and apparently the thermostat in our capitol, Harrisburg, was acting all wonky as noted by our weather monitor:

Princess Nagger thought it was hilarious  – she even had to stick her arm out the back door to see if it really was 19-degrees.  It wasn’t.  More like 91.  What’s even funnier is the graphic icon denotes mixed snow and rain for Wednesday and Friday – and Wednesday’s high of 95 with a low of 118.  Yeah, wonky.  But a source of entertainment.

Moving on… I love when you’re talking to people and mention your blog they look at you like you’ve suddenly grown antennae or a third eye.  It probably doesn’t help that the hubby refers to it as ‘sitting on (my) ass all day’.  Ahem.  Which is why I’m looking forward to taking my fat ass to BlogHer for the first time this year – so I can hang out with like-minded people who get it. 

If any of you awesome readers are planning on going to BlogHer this year, let me know – I’d love to share a glass of wine or coffee with you.  And my buddies (and roommates) Anne from Small Town Mommy and Elle from Blue Monkey Butt would probably like to meet you too.  I might have to ply them with wine first, though, they’re shy like me. We’ll be the Shy Trio.

Speaking of awesome readers, someone amazing out there nominated me for a prestigious award – the 2012 BlogLuxe Awards Smile Awards:

I am so humbled by the nomination – you’ve put me with some bigger than life bloggers and totally made my day.  Voting is happening now until Sunday (July 22nd) – you can only vote once per day, but every vote counts and I would be so honored if you would do that for me.  It’s a huge honor to be nominated, so whoever you are that nominated me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Speaking of voting… I completely forgot that I have an entry in the Dibs On My Ribs contest – if you have a minute, feel free to vote for my Rib Recipe.  It’s one of the ones submitted the week of 6/17/2012 and you have to scroll down really far to find it, but here’s what it looks like on that page:

Vote Here

I finally got around to downloading the bazillion vacation pictures I took while on our road trip – but still have to go through and figure out which ones to share, so please be patient with me.  They’ll be worth the wait. 

Meanwhile, if you ever do decide to go visit Mount Rushmore in your travels, be sure to bring a can opener.  I know, that’s an unusual instrument to bring to a tourist spot, right?  Unless you get parked in by an asshat like I did there:

That’s my car on the right and Asshat’s on the left.  I suppose I should be grateful that they actually had to get out of their vehicle before pulling into that spot to fold my side mirror in so theirs wouldn’t hit it on the way past.  But come on, really?  He couldn’t find an alternate space any where (since the guy to the left of him had also parked a bit close to the line like I did). 

Oh, and I forgot to mention – the hubby and I parked our cars in the furthest available spaces away from the entrance so our dogs wouldn’t get annoyed by annoying people in the parking lot.  Obviously not far enough away from asshats.

How on god’s green earth did he expect me to get in?  My passenger seat was stacked with stuff (since Princess Nagger had opted to sit in the back seat with Rolex since the sun was less annoying than it is in the front seat when she was trying to create creatures in Spore on her laptop) so I had to ungracefully climb over the stuff in the passenger seat to get to the driver seat to back out. I was fuming. 

And so tempted to pull a Carrie Underwood on him (you know, from her Before He Cheats song) and accidentally on purpose have my key gain some paint color on the end of it.  But I didn’t.  I took the high road.  But of course blogged about it and left his license plate plainly visible.

That’s enough for this week – I apologize for not making the rounds last week like I thought I would, I was (and am) still trying to readjust back to the Eastern time vs. Pacific time and trying so very hard not to stay up until 3am and sleep until 11am.  I’m naturally a morning person, so sleeping late isn’t conducive to getting anything done.  Thank you for your patience.

Link up, hop around and most importantly have fun.

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  1. Oh, that heat sounds unbearable! So sorry! I can’t believe I’m missing BlogHer this year. I’m even going to be in New York, but on Long Island at the time! Depressing. And that parking lot dude? I hope you at least wrote him a really nasty note.
    Gretchen would like you to read ..RTT: Summer TV, Shakespeare and ShrimpMy Profile

  2. First of all I FINALLY FOUND IT & I VOTED! WOO HOO! Also my daughter – NightOwlMama will be at Blog Her! Maybe you two can get together. Also, you have better temper than I cuz I would’ve been furious to see my car parked like that! Sheesh!

  3. I know when traveling you may not always have the luxury of parking way off away from everyone else, but even if you did then you can almost certainly expect to find a moron squeezed up against you. I know DH parks far away from everyone when we’re out shopping around town and he makes a point of pulling into a space at crazy angle in hopes to keeping other people away from our car. But, sometimes very much to our surprise, we’ll come back to find someone next to us. DH always says, “I guess I didn’t park crookit enough.” DS suggested he try crossing his eyes before pulling into the space. lol Thanks for hosting!
    Cathy Kennedy would like you to read ..This is the best tribute to artists yet for today….My Profile

  4. Someone did that to me a few years back during the middle of the Christmas shopping rush while I was quitting smoking. I’m a little ashamed to admit that my key DID make quite a bit of contact with the side of their car. ::blush::

    And consider yourself voted for, in both contests. 🙂
    Jan’s Sushi Bar would like you to read ..The Oven SagaMy Profile

  5. It’s hot and VERY humid here but nothing like that. Stay cool!

    I so would have left a not so nice note on that car, people like that really piss me off!

    It takes time to get back into the swing of things after a vacation. I always need a vacation after a vacation.

    Thanks for linking up with us.

  6. Crazy weather indeed, but I love that they say the rain should start at a specific time. When does the weather do anything at a specific time?

    The people who plan parking lots really believe that cars a thinner than they used to be–there is enough room to fit the car in, but not really to get out.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Random Tuesday–Awards and StuffMy Profile

  7. I also got back from our holidays a couple of days ago, and I just cannot find my place in the everyday life. I have got used to the vacation feeling, and I don’t want to jump on the grey work-life bandwagon again…
    Heidi would like you to read ..Sommerurlaub oder Sommerarbeit?My Profile

  8. Hey, you were gone for two weeks! It will take at least a month for you to get back into the swing. It usually takes me a couple of months, but I’m slow. I don’t even have all the boxes unpacked from when we moved in to this house, and it’s been over ten years!
    Tina would like you to read ..Random CityMy Profile

  9. That is a horrible parking situation. I had that at a doctor’s appointment only I had to try to get Jacoby in with his gigantic car seat. I had to plop him to the base through the opposite side. I was annoyed. Even more so when the other person came out and saw me trying to get him in and then went over to check to make sure I hadn’t scratched their car. Grrr!

    And here’s hoping you get to 80 this week. I am tired of the 90s and 100s myself!
    Kendra would like you to read ..RTT: It’s been awhileMy Profile

  10. Well 19 = 66.2F, and if it’s T and L rain it’s probably “hail” that they are representing with the Frosted drops. 🙂 the low seems to be 73 so with Hail falling, it could turn to 66F.

    Also I would hope that PN was in the back seat!!! 12yrs is the rule of thumb here for kids to sit in the front.

    I think those spaces are really tiny, I find it hard to park my van in a lot of lots lately. They seem to be making the spots for smaller cars so they can sardine everyone in.
    kyooty would like you to read ..Update on the CalendarMy Profile

  11. Looks like those spots are way too small- but yea if there were other spots available they totally should have parked somewhere else- so annoying.
    And yes it is hard to get back into things after vacation. I am trying myself right now
    Emmy would like you to read ..The Technology GenerationMy Profile

  12. I feel your pain…it’s the hottest day of the summer yet here (and it’s been downright sweltering for weeks now!) They are finally calling for some rain/storms tonight though, and that’s to bring us a little relief for the rest of the week!
    Jill would like you to read ..All about my boyfriend. Channing Tatum.My Profile

  13. I’ve quit paying any attention to the weather reports, because they are always so off. And you know you get my votes!

    What is with people parking so close? We always park way out, and it never fails, we’ll get some idiot who decides to park in a little car right next to us. Do they not get that it’s a three door truck, and since they blocked us in, I can’t open the doors to put my kid in her carseat? Gah!
    Storm, the Psychotic Housewife would like you to read ..Random Thoughts Tuesday – The Death Of Another Can OpenerMy Profile

  14. Totally love the asshat parking! We drive a one ton dually pickup (its huge) and so as to not inconvenience people we park way out in BFE. It never fails that when we get back to the truck, we are surrounded by cars! I have no idea why they like parking up next to the truck, maybe thinking ours will get hit first by unknown flying sky junk because we are so big!

    ~sigh~ Some people shouldn’t be allowed outside… 🙂
    Shellie Sakai would like you to read ..The Tuesday Train and a few thoughtsMy Profile

  15. The picture of the parking spot is priceless! How did the asshat’s driver get out? I hate when people park so close. Hoping for some cool weather for us here in Illinois, but only 90s and 100s in our forecast. Remind me why I always say summer is my favourite season? Definitely changing it to autumn or spring now 🙂

  16. I KNOW I’m late getting here but I voted the other day. CONGRATS on that award nom!!! I was leaving you a comment and in mid sentence, my internet went down and I’m just now coming back. Ugh.

    That asshat would have had a nasty note on his car when he returned. You know it was a HE.

    I get to break away from 110* temps by escaping to Michigan for a couple of weeks. I’m giddy!! But it’s to see the inlaws….yay.

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