I have a dry sense of humor – sometimes it takes a minute to ‘get it’ when I proffer a zinger, but when the light bulb goes on, laughter ensues. Usually.  Sometimes the crickets are chirping, but I can count that as laughter, right? 

My hubby has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor – he’ll proffer a zinger with a dead serious tone and face, often making people wonder if he was joking or serious. Usually he’ll end up laughing and they’ll follow suit.

Of course he does get annoyed when we end up laughing at his expense – when he gets really tired, he acts like he’s drunk, even when he hasn’t had a drop to drink.

Many times when we’ve been at a party or hanging out with friends until the wee hours, we’ve all been practically rolling on the floor with laughter because of him being loopy without benefit of a loopy-making beverage. You know the kind of laughter – the once you start, you can’t catch your breath because you’re laughing so hard kind? Fun times.

Princess Nagger has always been a comedic force to be reckoned with, even when she was younger.  I know I’ve shared these videos before, but they’re well worth a re-visit (and a laugh). 

In the first one, the hubby had left the hose out after watering some plants – Princess Nagger went out to play and discovered the hose.  When the hubby came back up from the Back 40, she was already soaked, offering ‘free showers’ to the neighbors.  I tried to sneak out with my camera, but she spied us both:

For some reason Princess Nagger has always loved being in the rain – though she’s resistant to taking a shower.  Go figure.  She was going between the Summer House and the house when she started dancing in the mixture of sunshine and rain – naturally, since there was water falling, she needed her pool floaty to dance with her.  She started to stop when she saw me with my camera, but not for long, as you can see:

I love spontaneous comedic moments.

Which brings me to this week’s question(s):

What makes you smile or laugh? Do you have a favorite comedic moment to share?

Have a great weekend!


This Spontaneous Comedic Spin Cycle was brought to you part by the lovely Gretchen at Second Blooming, who never fails to entertain me and make me laugh with her wit. Check out the other Comedic Spinners – they’re always good for a laugh.

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  1. OMG, is she cute! I can’t believe that none of the neighbors took her up on the free shower. I would have run out there immediately! And that laugh is so infectious!

    You are linked!
    Gretchen would like you to read ..Full DisclosureMy Profile

  2. Nagger: “Free showers for everyone.”

    Nagger: (more demanding) Take. Shower. Now.

    Hubby: “Nope.”

    LOL Cute, princess. Yeah, what is it with kids not wanting to shower? They prefer the bath, something I’ve rarely time for, unfortunately. Maybe, I am afraid of winding up like Whitney Houston.

    My humor runs the gamut, but I prefer sarcasm. That way I know if one has the mental capacity to stay up with me. Note: Filipinos do not understand sarcasm, thus I have to temper that perennially urge to cut loose on them.

    By the way, I am running a Blog Fest Aug. 10-12 called the Dog Days of Summer. I’d love to see you there.


  3. What makes you smile or laugh? **Princess Nagger. She is just too cute & funny, and she hasn’t changed one iota. Do you have a favorite comedic moment to share? My life. Don’t thing it was a moment though I think we’re talking a lifetime of comedic moments. Like when I was in labor with my first child and my mother was there & she decided she was in labor, and when the pains started coming again she kept telling me how her stomach hurt so bad and I buzzed in the nurse asked her to come close and politely asked to ‘THROW MY MOTHER OUT OF THE LABOR ROOM”! I had enough problems. lol My mom was a bit of a hypochondriac more like the Queen! She had breast cancer & it left her that way & I understand that, but sometimes…. catch my drift! lol Have a good weekend.

  4. I have a more ‘developed’ sense of humor than most people. Your hubby will agree with me that there is little satisfaction that compares with belting out the right comedic retort with a straight face.

    Thanks for stopping by this week while I was at Jury Duty. It wasn’t so bad after all. I am so looking forward to NYC next week! I’m bringing my Princess Nagger 🙂
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  5. Certain childish words just make me laugh, like the word weenie. I have a very immature sense of humor which comes from teaching intermediate school kids for too long!
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  6. Oh goodness, I think I just fell in love with your precious daughter! A girl after my own heart; spontaneous, carefree, and dancing in the rain (which I do every chance I get)!

    My boyfriend definitely earns a lot of my smiles and laughs, especially when he knows I’m depressed 🙂

    Happy Friday!
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  7. Good you have a wit. I’m a one in a lifetimer zinger 🙂 For real, I wish I was witty.

    But my hubs is quite funny. I wish he’d laugh more.

    Your princess is such a cutie! It’s great to have videos like these for wonderful memories.
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  8. I would have totally taken her up on her offer of a free shower. She’s cute. Nice Post.

  9. Spontaneous comedic moments for the win!

    I love when something happens and you know you SHOULDN’T laugh. That uncontrollable urge you have to hold back when you’re dying to burst out into a fit of laughter is priceless! 🙂

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