It’s Tuesday already and of course the days have been blurring together since we’re still on vacation – though we’re winding things down and getting ready to hit the road to head homeward bound day after tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I thought I’d generously share some of the drive images so you can feel like you’ve been traveling along with us – you know, in a random sort of way.

I forget where we were, but before we got to Nevada, we drove through a really long section of salt:

I’ve heard of dust storms and sand storms, but this was the first salt storm we witnessed:

It’s hard to see and it seemed to take forever to get to, since the road we were on seemed endless, but once we got close enough to be enveloped, it was pretty impressive.  Except for the minor detail of having salt whipped around our cars.  We did end up washing our cars at our next stop, since we ended up getting slammed with clouds of salt.  We made it safely to Nevada:

Where the scenery became more interesting:

We had the most amazing and fun visit with my best friend Peggy and her hubby Mike – and extra fun giving her son Josh (aka Joshy-Bug) a hard time, especially since he grew his hair long-ish, and will have to have it shaved when he arrives at the Army Boot-camp he’s heading to in a few weeks. 

I did a terrible job taking pictures while we were there, and the one picture I took of my BFF and myself together didn’t turn out, so we’ll just have to have a redo when we go back to visit sooner rather than later.  I think that’s as good as an excuse as any to visit her sooner, right? 

While we were having a great one-day break from all the driving, we had a special treat by seeing a special cat staying at the same motel we were at.  Have you ever seen a Serval?  I sure didn’t, until we saw this one:

Princess Nagger was thrilled to see such a cool cat up close and personal.  We were a stone’s throw from Reno so it makes sense we’d see something cool like that.

Every time I heard this song come on the radio, I thought of Impulsive Addict since she brought the song to my attention a few weeks ago:

Every time it came on I sent a cheer to IA, cranked it up, and both Princess Nagger and I would sing along enthusiastically.  And wish we were floating on a pontoon boat.  Here’s a crazy person that probably wished the same thing:

You see what that is?  It’s a motor home towing a pickup truck… and in the bed of the pickup truck is a boat.  But not just the boat – it’s the boat on a trailer in the bed of a pickup truck being towed by a motor home.  In other words, crazy:

Speaking of crazy – we did drive two cars so we could fit all the goodies we were taking out West with us (remember Christmas in June) and my car was the ‘girl’ car since I had Princess Nagger as the best co-pilot (except when she’d have her nose buried in her laptop) (darn the advanced electrical plug in my vehicle) but it was nice having her ride shotgun on the long trip:

In a couple of days she’ll resume her co-pilot status as we hit the road homeward bound.  I’ll be back prowling your blogs again next week, and have even more fun to share – meanwhile, please link up (so I can catch up after we get back and find out how random you’ve been while I’ve been gone), hop around and most importantly have fun.

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Keeping the random alive in Keely’s stead – feel free to snag a badge and play along – one for my wino friends:


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I’m also linking up with two stellar ladies, Shawn and Impulsive, the lovely hosts of Talk To Us Tuesday. There are no rules so link away.

Seriously Shawn



  1. Wow, those photos are so cool! Looks like you are having an amazing time!
    People walk cats?? I have never seen a serval cat, must some my little one, she’d love this!
    Daisy would like you to read ..My day so farMy Profile

  2. The landscape out west is so contrasting compared to the east. It would be so interesting to see the salt storm from inside the vehicle only mind ya, but fun all the same. And ooo, wow! What a cool kitty! I’ve never seen anything like that. It almost reminds me of a bobcat, but the spots are more like a leopard. Be safe coming home! Thanks for randoming with us! ^.^

  3. I’m glad you’re having such a good time on your road trip.

    Why do some people insist on having wild animals as domestic pets. I just don’t get it. To each their own I guess.

    A boat on a trailer in the back of a truck being pulled by an RV…. are you sure you’re not in the hills of Kentucky?

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. LOVE those cats. OK, that is totally new to me – the salt storm thing…. totally interesting. I guess I just don’t get out much. My guess on the goofy guy with the boat…. I bet he is traveling cross states and in some states, you can not have a second trailer behind a motor home. I only know this, because the hubs wanted to pull a truck and a boat…. I told him no. I won.
    Nicely Composed would like you to read ..Gone Crazy…. Be back Later….My Profile

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