We’ve been home from our extended road trip vacation for 6 days, but I’m still getting caught up from being offline for more than 2 weeks and still readjusting to the Eastern time zone vs. the Pacific Time Zone.  The house is a mess and the suitcases are still mostly packed, but the laundry is done.  Small victory.

Since it’s Monday, today’s the perfect day to crank up the tunes and tackle the mess.  Or at least crank up the tunes, the mess can wait.  This week’s theme is “Gone But Not Forgotten” – honoring those artists that have passed away and left beautiful music for us to remember them by (as suggested by our friend Kristen at Gone Bananas).

Let’s start off with someone I’m not really a fan of, but I know that many of my readers are (so it’s all about you) Amy Winehouse lived a wild life which was cut too short as her star was beginning to seriously rise.  Here she is with Our Day Will Come” Amy Winehouse Tribute:

Next up is an artist we lost more recently (and someone who will probably get a lot of coverage today so I’m picking one of my favorite songs that is nice and upbeat), here’s Whitney Houston with “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”:

Next up is someone who has been an icon for ages and earned his title of the King.  He’s someone lot of people love, no matter what generation you’re from – I found a great video that shows his human side (as he jokes and forgets the lyrics). Here’s Elvis Presley with “Heartbreak Hotel”:

Next up is another artist from another generation (and one my dad would sing off-key to All. The. Time.) Here’s a fun video of Johnny Cash singing “Nasty Dan” on Sesame Street:

Next up is an artist whose songs I’ve heard, but wasn’t all that familiar with until exploring the theme for this week.  He was a man of many hats (aside from his obvious cowboy hat) he was not only an American country music singer-songwriter, but a bronze sculptor and rodeo champion as well.

He became a professional rodeo cowboy, competing on the national rodeo circuit, and to help pay his expenses while traveling the country, he began composing songs describing his lifestyle. Within two years, he had written enough songs to make up an album, and soon established a recording company, American Cowboy Songs, with his father. After recording his songs in a friend’s basement, he began selling his albums out of the back of his truck at rodeo events.

His life was cut too short by a rare liver disease – I’m betting if he were still here today his star would be shining even brighter than ever.  Here’s Chris LeDoux with “Some Things Never Change” (Feat. Garth Brooks):

And Finally, because I couldn’t pick one song over the other, here’s Chris LeDoux again with “Hooked On An 8 Second Ride”:

And that’s a wrap. Enjoy your Monday!

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  1. WELCOME HOME LUVY! WOO HOO! HOpe you had a great time I’m going to have to go over some of your Posts to see what’s happening. I could’ve sworn I seen every one, but I’ll go make sure cuz I wanna hear all about it. Well, not to late for me tonight for tomorrow I go for my shots in the morn when my daughter comes to get me. Love my baby! She’s gonna take her Mommy so I feel better. Now we have almost the same people. Different songs, but great minds do think alike. Sorry I don’t know the last one though, but I love the songs. Have a great day. Kick your shoes off & put your feet up girlfriend and chill out!

  2. Never heard of Chris LeDoux. He’s got a good country voice.
    I didn’t know Johnny Cash did a Sesame Street visit. I enjoy Elvis the best. I’ve been reinterpreting a few old songs over at my place – check it out.

  3. Great song choices!! I loved Amy..her voice was amazing. Such a shame
    Good for you on the laundry…here’s too a constructive Monday!

  4. You know I loved Amy Winehouse, even dressed like her for Halloween. Remember that? lol Here’s another great song for an in memorandum tribute. It’s actually kind of eerie since she’s passed.


    Loved the Johnny Cash video! HA! I love Sesame Street.

    I had to listen to Chris Le Doux, because I had never heard of him. What a sad life to lose!
    Run DMT would like you to read ..Comeback KidMy Profile

  5. All good choices except I’m one of those folks who never cared for Amy Winehouse; but then again, I hate Radiohead and most people love them. To each his own! Happy Monday.
    claire would like you to read ..MMMM + Weekend recapMy Profile

  6. Everyone else has commented on your song choices so I am going a different way. I highly recommend entering your contest for the wine alone. I’ve tried that one and it is absolutely delicious!
    Anne would like you to read ..Waffles in the Small TownMy Profile

  7. Oh, Chris had a wonderful voice! They all did and a few died so tragically early, it does break the heart but their voices are so lovely to listen to!
    Good Luck tackling the house 🙂
    Lucy would like you to read ..Looking Back FondlyMy Profile

  8. Chris LeDoux was from Wyoming–a town just 45 miles from my hometown. My mother loved him and got to see one of his last concerts. He even has a song he recorded with Garth Brooks. He was a fabulous singer.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Reunions and Good TimesMy Profile

  9. Hey I found your blog through the Mom Blog Monday Blog Hop! I added you to my reading likst through blogger since im not set up yet through the linky. I see you are going to Blogher, I am too so maybe I will see you there 🙂 Love your blog! I am a wine lover as well!

  10. I’m dancing a day late. Phew! Anyhow, good choices and excellent tribute. Everytime I think of Chris LeDoux and to be honest I had forgotten about his passing, I think of one of my penpals who told me she was married to him. You gotta remember this was in the day before the internet was in wide use and yes, I was I believed her until some things just started to not add up.That’s when I cut ties with her. I figured she was a little unbalanced. lol. Thanks for the memories!
    Cathy Kennedy would like you to read ..This is the best tribute to artists yet for today….My Profile

  11. Great songs!! I’m not really a fan of Amy Winehouse or Whitney Houston, but that’s one of the reasons I love this meme. Everyone can showcase their style.
    Thank you for playing one of my favorite Elvis videos. I didn’t include him because #1- HE ISN’T DEAD!! And #2 for those of you who insist that he is, I thought we were only doing recently passed on musicians… y’all think he died in the 70’s. =)
    Glad you’re home, hope everything gets settled soon.
    Lorie Shewbridge would like you to read ..Wordless Wednesday ~ Disney WeeniesMy Profile

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