I mentioned last week that it’s been hotter than the hinges of you-know-where lately.  Which means our kitchen is right up there on the hellacious meter, so I tend to avoid cooking anything in the oven or on the stove-top as much as possible.  Who wants to cook in heat, thereby making it even hotter?  Not me.

That means I’m always looking for ways to utilize my crock-pot effectively, and we do tend to use the grill a lot more since you can’t make the hot outside hotter.  Well, you can, but it’s more bearable if you have a breeze rustle up some relief every so often. 

The one thing I haven’t quite mastered yet is side dishes – sure I can grill a mean steak or chicken or even fish, but my side-dish accomplishments are limited.  As in, I only know how to cook corn on the cob on the grillSo far. 

But what about potatoes?  Those I still heat up the kitchen by baking them in the oven.  At least I don’t have to stand over the stove waiting for them to cook, they can do that all on their own without my supervision. 

Since cooking the potatoes in the oven makes the kitchen even hotter, I tend to either cook corn on the cob on the grill, or do without side dishes that need cooking, unless they’re included in the crock-pot recipe I’m making.  I know, right?

Thanks to Ore-Ida and their new Grillers, you can have the starchy goodness of potatoes right on your grill:

Ore-Ida Grillers are thick cut potatoes that cook directly on the grill, making them crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.  Just the way I like them.  Wide enough so they won’t fall through the grates of the grill, they only take 15 minutes to go from frozen to grilled.  Super easy cooking these alongside meats and veggies for a complete meal the whole family will love.

They’re currently available in two varieties – Golden Thick Cut for a classic potato flavor, or Seasoned Thick Cut with a blend of black pepper, garlic and herbs.  They can also be customized by brushing with a favorite sauce or adding toppings like sour cream and chives or shredded cheese for a twist on the classic loaded baked potato.  Or you can eat them like giant fries and dip them in ketchup like the kids did.

Don’t those look good?  They are.  Very good – in fact, I bought both versions, the Golden Thick Cut and the Seasoned Thick Cut:

Princess Nagger and I are not Spicy Girls, so we preferred the Golden Thick Cut over the Seasoned – but the hubby and Little Dude gobbled up the Seasoned ones like they were going out of style.  So everyone was very happy.

The new Ore-Ida Grillers are now available at many national grocery stores such as Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Jewel-Osco, ShopRite, Safeway and Stop & Shop.  I have to say, though, that I did not find them at my local Walmart, Target or BJ’s – but did finally find them at my local Giant, so you might have to do a little digging to discover these gems in your neck of the woods.

For more information about Ore-Ida products visit the Ore-Ida web site and connect on Facebook.

Have you seen or tried the new Ore-Ida Grillers yet?  What kind of side dishes do you cook on the grill?



I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Ore-Ida. I received coupons to purchase products to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participatingAll opinions are mine and not influenced by outside sources. See my Disclosure Policy here.

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  1. Alrighta, I gotta try ah dem Ore-Ida taters!

    I enjoy grilling. Baked potatoes are harder to master on the grill, but I still do _er, did, until I saw this post. Then again, when I think about it, I doubt they’ll ever make it across the pond to Manila.

    I’ll peep it out and see if they have them in Toronto while I am here.


  2. I’m going to give these a shot. I struggle with sides too and the guys gotta have their starch. Plus, anything cooked outside, even bacon lately, helps with this heat.

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