I want to start off by expressing my condolences to all the families of the victims of last week’s senseless Colorado shooting.  The victims’ legacies will no doubt live on through their friends and families.


We’re still ‘making do’ with the stupid heat and humidity – I’ll be glad when summer is over as long as it takes the heat with it when it goes.

I’m still readjusting to the Eastern time zone after our awesome vacation in the Pacific time zone.  It must be a mental thing, since I’d rather be there than here.  Of course having hubby teaching the night class this term sort of instigates that – when he doesn’t get home until after 11pm, we end up hanging out and staying up until around 2-ish. 

At least we don’t have to worry about setting an alarm in the morning, so we can sleep in.  It does, however, mess with my mojo because I’m a morning person – so sleeping in thwarts my plans of getting things done earlier in the morning.  Or at all.

Speaking of an alarm, I have started setting one, since Princess Nagger starts back to school four weeks from tomorrow.  I want to make sure I don’t end up sleeping through it when it matters, since I have been sleeping through the alarm I’ve been setting. 

I think it’s a subconscious thing what with the extreme heat and all – I don’t look forward to opening the bedroom door where it’s nice and cool and running into a wall of heat out in the hallway.  Like I said, summer can take its exit any time and take this infernal heat with it.

I better not tell Princess Nagger she only has four weeks to go, or she’ll be stressing about it.  I probably should start waking her up earlier in the morning though, it might take the four full weeks for her to not be a bear in the morning when school starts.  I’m sure her teacher would appreciate that.

When I was doing my semi-monthly grocery shopping last week, I found this on a clearance shelf at BJ’s:

Princess Nagger was thrilled and wanted to try it out right away.  She made raspberry ice cream with it, and said it was so good – so much so, she ate it all gone and didn’t share any with me.  She wants to make more, but I forgot to pick up salt and she used mine all up.  So she’ll have to wait until I get back to the store to get salt.  I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the process, so I’ll do that the next go ’round.

Speaking of BJ’s, I actually got called “young lady” from someone who is probably close to me in age (unless she looks young for her age, too).  Totally made my day.  Of course for her it was probably like how people call every one ‘Hon’, but I’ll take it.  Much better than being called “Ma’am” for some reason. 

Hard to believe that one week from tomorrow I’ll be driving up to New York for BlogHer ’12.  I’ve been wanting to go to BlogHer forever – even had tickets purchased and roommates lined up for 2010, but didn’t get to go because my father-in-law was on death’s door. 

Last year I didn’t go since it was in California, and what with the prices of airline tickets (and the supreme hassle at the airports) I decided to wait and see if they were coming back this way again this year.  I was so happy they chose New York again, since it’s only a 4-hour drive for me (less if I speed. Ahem.)  If you’re going to be there, be sure to trip me as I walk past so we can meet.

It’s going to be an interesting experience not only for me, but for the hubby who will be playing single parent for the 5 days I’m gone.  I suspect it will be a real eye-opener for him to truly see how much work goes into managing the house and kids et al. for those 5 days.  Yes, I was giggling when I wrote that last sentence, why do you ask?  I’m grateful that he’s supportive of my blogging though, especially since I’ll be in New York on our Anniversary on August 4th.  I’ll have to think of a way to make it up to him. 

Speaking of Crazy Dudes, I will have the honor and privilege of being interviewed by none other than the Crazy Dudes Matt-Man and Jay-Bird – I mean Jay-Man – at I’m With Stupid on August 12:

Their radio show on Blog Talk Radio is in the Top 5 every week – if you haven’t ever tuned in to them, you really should.  They’re hilarious.  I’m a little nervous about what questions they’ll subject me to, but I plan to send my wits out to be sharpened so I’ll be ready.  As we get closer to the date I’ll be sure to give you all the details so if you’re around on August 12th at noon, you can tune in and listen to me babble.

That’s enough for this week – link up, hop around and most importantly have fun.

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  1. Back when I was in school I had to start setting an alarm about a week or so before school started back up too. But, I’m not a morning person at all.

    Also, some friends of my mother used to call me Jay-Bird when I was a kid.

    Can’t wait ’til you come on the show. It’s gonna be a blast.
    Jay would like you to read ..NCAA’s Unique Punishment for Penn StateMy Profile

  2. Oh you can bet that one question will be…”Exactly HOW much Man-Bashing DOES go on at BlogHER?” Uh-huh…Your ilk are as thick as thieves. Can’t wait to have you on Stacy!! ;)~ Cheers!!


  3. I’m a total morning person, and I stay up late and then end up not getting enough sleep. I definitely get more done in the morning! You’re lucky your bedroom stays cool at night. Ours is so hot all the time, that when we go downstairs it’s deliciously cool.
    Have fun with your interview-how exciting!
    Mrs. Match would like you to read ..TTUT-Martinis and DIYMy Profile

  4. We seem to be on similar wave lengths. I too am adjusting to time zones and was spoiled in San Diego with incredible weather (for my standards – it was hot for them but a breezy 80 for me!).

    Thanks for hosting and have a great week.
    Meryl would like you to read ..B is for BATMAN!!My Profile

  5. I ditto your sentiments to all those who were affected in the Aurora, CO shooting incident. I was a bit surprised to learn a Knoxville man was among the injuried. Just goes to show, it’s a small world after all.

    I’m totally with you, this summer heat can go anytime. Hello fall time, my arms are open for your arrival! =D

    BlogHer sounds like something fun to do, if I could afford it and I wasn’t so OCD and claustrophic. hee-hee! I hope you have tons of fun at it, though.

    Wowza, congrats on being in the spotlight on I’m With Stupid blog radio! I’ll have to try to remember so I can listen in. Yay for you random chick! ^.^

    Thanks, always for hosting such a terrific Tuesday meme!

  6. I can’t wait for the heat to be over or at least the humidity.
    I really need to get in the habit of getting Allison to bed early and up early since she will be in preschool next month.
    Have a great time at Blogher!
    Heather’s Happenings would like you to read ..It’s A Random Tuesday!My Profile

  7. Mmmmmm…ice cream! I’ve been wanting homemade ice cream for a while–maybe I should just head over to your house!

    I am excited that you are going to BlogHer, but I’m going to live vicariously through you this time. I hope that your husband survives!

    And wow! You’re famous enough to be interviewed on the “radio”? Cool! Don’t forget about us little people on your way to the top!
    Tina would like you to read ..Spiders are Random too!My Profile

  8. Turbo would love that ice cream maker. We made root beer Sunday and he can hardly wait to try it out.

    Have fun at Blog Her. I may go some day, but not yet. I’ll just live vicariously through those who do.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Random TimeMy Profile

  9. I haaaate alarms…But absolutely need one to get me out of bed in the morning. I’m on holidays next week and can’t wait to go a whole week without setting it!!!

    Still hot & hazy here too…and the a/c unit doesn’t keep the upstairs very cool, it’s like walking into a wall of heat the further up the stairs you go.
    Jill would like you to read ..Belleville Weekend Re-capMy Profile

  10. My 8 year old daughter woke up and said “only 28 days until school starts”. Its great that I’m not the only one excited for school starting very soon. 🙂

    Its great to let the hubby take care of the kids for a few days. It truly is the only way they can fully appreciate a Mom’s job. Have fun at BlogHer. I hope to go next year!
    Mom on the Make would like you to read ..American Idol Live Concert 2012My Profile

  11. I love Matt and Jay. I’ve yet to listen to the show though. Have fun with them. To tease them; tell them that I feel slighted that they didn’t ask to talk with me.
    Michele would like you to read ..Last week’s doingsMy Profile

  12. THE HEAT!!!!! STACY MAKE IT STOP! Blog Her…(sigh) one more time when I am just out of reach from the cool kids (and is is only 4 hours away!)
    Andrea would like you to read ..Random rattlingsMy Profile

  13. Oh, how I wish I could be a morning person! And remind the Princess that we only have 2 weeks till school starts here, so she has 2x more time off left than us!
    Stacie would like you to read ..Tipsy Tuesday (#176)My Profile

  14. What happened in Colorado was beyond horrible and I can’t even begin to imagine what those families are still going through.

    Now I know the reason you’ve been playing your turn on Scramble with Friends at 2am. I thought you were practicing for staying up late and partying at Blogher ;0
    Elle would like you to read ..Random Up!My Profile

  15. I had every intention of going to BlogHer this summer, but as always, my plans get side swiped! Boo! I hope to make it for 2013, whether it’s on the east or west coast! And I’m already trying to “prime” my husband for the eventuality of him watching our kids alone, too! LOL!
    Jennifer would like you to read ..Rocks, Socks & Shoes – WWMy Profile

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