It’s Tuesday already – literally, as it’s after midnight and I’m just now getting around to writing this.  I miscalculated on how long it would take me to bottle 60 bottles of wine.  From start to finish 6 hours. 

The details can be so time consuming – sanitizing all the equipment, sanitizing 62 bottles, racking then filtering then finally bottling and corking.  But it’s worth it, even though my back is killing me and my arm feels like it’s going to fall off.  I’ll post a picture tomorrow of the sea of bottles after I get them all labeled up.

Let’s see what made me smile this past month (well, OK, they’re all from the beginning of July, but since I haven’t had a chance to share them yet, now is as good a time as any):

1. Being able to make my infamous BBQ Ribs for my brother and his family plus my parents – and getting my brother to cook them on his funky grill/smoker thingy while I admire the view of Puget Sound from his deck:

2. Having my dad’s brain surgery go very well – and see him getting around with only one cane (instead of two) just 3 days after his surgery).  Plus having him and my hubby get along famously (though my paparazzi actions were apparently getting annoying…heh):

3. Watching the kids enjoy my favorite past-time – climbing trees:

4. Enjoying excellent Washington wine with my brother and his wife – fellow wine lovers:

5. Spending quality time with my favorite brother (yeah, he’s my only brother, but I always tell him he’s my favorite) and his twin daughters):

6. Spending (long overdue) quality time with my parents (today’s my mom’s birthday – be sure to say “Happy Birthday, Stacia” in the comments – I’ll pass your wishes along):

7. Finalizing the adoption for Little Dude (yep, it’s a done deal – I’ll be writing all about that journey at some point, now that I no longer have a confidentiality clause to worry about):

8. Having the rare opportunity to get a partial family picture (guess I should have brought a tripod):

9. My brother being goofy always makes me smile – especially when he’s wielding a giant bottle of wine:

10. The sunset over Puget Sound always makes me smile.  I can’t wait to move back there next year to enjoy it on a regular basis:

That’s a wrap for this week.  It’s been a flurry of activity trying to get everything done and get ready to head off to New York tomorrow – the hubby will have his work cut out for him, as I have never gone running off and left him here to deal with the kids solo.  Think I should leave him a list to make life easier for him?  Or should we let him get baptized with fire instead? 

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  1. Thanks for the family pics! And Happy Birthday Stacia!
    Hurry up and move home would ya already? 🙂 Give Little Dude and Princess Nagger a hug from thier Aunt Susie, ok? Love you guys!

  2. Oh, what a wonderful vacation!! Happy Birthday, Stacia, and congratulations on finalizing the adoption of Little Dude! I know you’ve kept him out of the bloggy limelight while all of that was happening; I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more about the little cutie-pie.

    I also feel your wine-bottling pain. It took me a day and a half this weekend to pressure-can half a bushel of green beans. Oi.
    Jan’s Sushi Bar would like you to read ..Citrus-Glazed Pork BellyMy Profile

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom! It’s my mom’s birthday today too! Yea for the finalized adoption! That is so awesome and glad it is all settled. And so so good your dad’s surgery went well. You did have a great month.
    Thank you so much for linking up
    Emmy would like you to read ..Ten Things to Smile About This MonthMy Profile

  4. Your July made me smile too! Stacia not only has her birthday to celebrate, happy birthday Stacia, but a successful surgery for her husband, another Grandchild, and a wonderful daughter! Quite a blessed lady!

    Thanks for sharing Stacy!

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful time with your family 🙂 Fun pictures! That is a huge bottle of wine!! Also, congratulations on the finalization of the adoption – that is so awesome! & Happy birthday Stacia!

    Stopping by from 10 Things to Smile About ♥
    Kenzie would like you to read ..HAPPY Tuesday 😀My Profile

  6. Please please tell me the details of your adoption of little dude. Congrats to you guys!! That’s so exciting. I would love to hear more info as that’s something Match and I are looking into.

    That view from your brother’s deck is incredible. Absolutely stunning.
    Mrs. Match would like you to read ..TTUT-Healing the PainMy Profile

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