OK, I admit, the title is a bit lame, but I was trying to figure out the most creative way to put it.  Speaking of creativity, Princess Nagger loves anything and everything that allows her to get creative.  Whether it be plain pieces of paper that she’ll draw on imaginatively or formulate into complicated origami works of art, or clay she can create masterful pieces from, she’s all over it. 

Whenever we’d pass something that would incite her creativity in the toy aisles, she would beg and plead for us to stop so she could peruse and pick out something to utilize later that day.  I always drew the line on things that I thought were messy, or could pose a problem.  Gak and Floam were on that ‘problem list’.

Until now, that is.

Princess Nagger was in seventh heaven when this arrived on our doorstep:

Obviously she broke open the blue Floam before I took a picture.  She excitedly dug in and started creating all sorts of fun critters.  This was her (and my) favorite:

It’s even still sitting on a shelf in the living room prominently displayed.

What I really like is that when Nickelodeon purchased these products, they reformulated them to make them less messy and non-toxic, non-staining, and BPA and latex free.  In other words, much better than it used to be, and no longer needs to be on my ‘problem list’.

Gak™ is the incredible squishable, squeezable, squashable, stretchable, bounceable, ploppable, poppable stuff! Smoosh it, Twist it, Bubble It, Mix it… and make wacky Gak sounds!!!

Once kids pick up Gak, they won’t want to put it down. Gak’s awesome “Splat” container lets you make all sorts of wacky sounds when you squish the Gak around. Stretch it all the way across a room. Squeeze it through your fingers. Blow a giant bubble then pop it! Press it into a plastic cup and listen as it makes the loudest frrrrrrrt sounds to make kids laugh hysterically.

You can check out Gak at: www.gak-is-back.com


Floam is the incredible, reusable molding compound that will keep you creating for hours on end. Mold your own creations or transform almost anything into a Floam-covered masterpiece. Roll it, mold it, cover it — that’s the way you Floam it.

After you’re done, squish Floam back into its container and use it again and again or let your creation harden overnight and keep it forever.

Floam was invented and made almost 20 years ago. But that Floam is sooo two decades ago. Our Floam formulation is the best-molding, best-feeling, most friendly, easy-to-clean Floam ever made (and this comes straight from the world’s premier Floam expert — the man who invented it all those years ago).

You can check out Floam at: www.floam.com

Princess Nagger loved making funny noises with the Gak, giggling hysterically.  She spent an exorbitant amount of time blowing bubbles, delighting in each and every one.  But her main focus was molding fun creations with the Floam, and then squishing it back into its handy container to save for later and start creating all over again.

Both Floam and Gak are Princess Nagger approved – but she does offer up a word of caution:  “If you are a girl or have long hair, keep Gak away from it, because it does get stuck in your hair if you don’t”.  So there you go. 

Do like to get creative?





Note: I received complimentary Gak and Floam products through the generosity of Nickelodeon for review as a part of my participation in the Team Mom review program. No monetary compensation was received implied or otherwise.  All opinions are my own (with input from Princess Nagger, naturally), and not influenced by any outside source(s).  See my Disclosure Policy here.


    1. Thank you – and Gak™ is the incredible squishable, squeezable, squashable, stretchable, bounceable, ploppable, poppable stuff! Smoosh it, Twist it, Bubble It, Mix it… and make wacky Gak sounds. 🙂

    1. You are correct, Betty – Gak is more slimy/gooey and Floam is little round pellets that can be molded like clay. Gak is more like goop that you can blow bubbles with but can’t form into any real shapes. 🙂

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