It’s that time of year again – the time of year where you break out the grill and start filling the air with delicious scents.  Do you like to grill?  Do you have an amazing rib recipe you know people will love (paging Jan…)?  If your recipe happens to utilize McCormick Spices and/or Kraft BBQ Sauces, you’re going to want to enter your recipe in the Dibs On My Ribs contest going on now.

Yes, I’m entering my BBQ Rib Recipe of course – and might be asking if you’ll pretty please vote on it when it gets posted on the Dibs On My Ribs site in the next couple of days.  Apparently the recipes will only be available for voting for one week after they’re uploaded, so I better watch like a hawk to see when my recipe actually gets posted.

The National Pork Board is challenging backyard grill-lovers to throw some of their signature ribs on the BBQ with their Dibs on My Ribs pork recipe cook-off.  How fun is that?

The contest revolves around grilled rib recipes using Tyson spare ribs, McCormick seasonings and/or Kraft BBQ sauces to take grilled spare ribs to the next level. 

Now through August 12, grill-masters can log on to the contest page and submit their recipe, as well as vote for their favorite ribs.

Two grand prize winners will be awarded one year’s worth of groceries from Walmart (awarded as twelve $500 Walmart Gift Cards) and the opportunity to attend the Memphis in May and a trip to Memphis, TN in 2013 for the “Memphis in May” BBQ Festival.

Do you have a rib recipe you’re proud of?  Then get busy and enter to win:




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  1. I don’t have any wonder recipe, but Stacy, just give us the link to your recipe and you will have a lot of supporters in no time!

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