I’m doing things a little easier (for me) while still being random on the fly since we’re still traveling this week.  Especially since the lack of sleep is causing my brain to revolt in the creativity mode.  And the frustration of the horrendous internet connection I was counting on before descending into the abyss of no connection at all is disappointing at best.

You’d think that if you have to pay a fee for 24 hours of internet access at the motel you just paid more than you should have for the privilege of staying there that the internet should be free.  I suppose in this case, you get what you pay for.

But I digress.  And this is supposed to be a smiling post, so we’ll shelve the internet fiasco for after I get back.  Meanwhile, here’s what has me smiling this week:

1.  Relatively clear weather that makes driving long distances that much easier and more pleasant to do:

2.  So far we’ve only had to drive through one thunder storm – the light show not only made both Princess Nagger and I smile, but we tried our best to capture the lightning with our cameras, and while neither of us was successful, we still had fun trying:

3.  Seeing that Princess Nagger still has a passion for dinosaurs and was willing to have her picture taken with a cool statue at a rest area.  The rest of those pictures will be coming in another post:

4.  Capturing the Welcome to Wyoming sign since I missed all the other signs as we traveled from state to state.  If there was one I wanted to get, it was Wyoming.  Mission accomplished:

5.  Smiling at the heat outside while the air conditioner did its magic keeping us cool:

6.  Seeing this scenery and having Princess Nagger exclaim “We’re in the Cretaceous period!”  (See number 3 above):

7.  Having the supreme honor of meeting a bloggy friend in real life – I’ve been reading Kelly (aka Pooba) since I started my blog in 2008 – she’s been a magnanimous bloggy friend over the years, and I was so excited to meet her.  Forgive the blur, I was taking my new little point and shoot for a test drive:

She is such a sweetheart – she had us come over to her house for a barbeque – even though it was after 10:00 at night and we’d been on the road for over 12 hours.  I felt bad because I was obviously spaced out from the hours of driving, but it didn’t seem to phase her one little bit.  I can’t wait until we get a chance in the future to hang out in non-spaced-out mode in the future.

8.  Getting a picture of Princess Nagger with Kelly – it made Princess Nagger’s day, especially since Kelly’s sister Lindsey called Princess Nagger famous:

9.  Being goofy – and having photographic evidence of it – always makes me smile:

10. By the time this will post, I’ll have had a chance to spend some time with my best friend near Reno – and get to spend more time with her again today.  That will make me smile in a big way.  You’ll get to share the smiles next week, too:

That’s a wrap for this week – I apologize in advance for being scarce in my visits, but be sure to link up so I can visit whenever I have an internet connection to do so – and I’ll be replying to your comments when I get home (or if I get a chance, from my phone so I can see how comical the auto-correct will make the replies). Meanwhile, link up, hop around and most importantly have fun.

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  1. Great post, and I totally agree, Driving in a bright and clear weather makes me always enjoying the trip, I just listen to some rock and roll and I drive hundreds of kilometers on the highway… And it really feels good, so good:)
    Kathi would like you to read ..Bald sind wir schon im Urlaub!My Profile

  2. I wish we could go on a trip to Wyoming! You’re so lucky. I love that your daughter is into dinosaurs. That’s so cute. I’m jealous you met a bloggy friend. I would love to one day!
    Mrs. Match would like you to read ..TTUT-Announcing the RCLMy Profile

  3. The Cretaceous Period in Wyoming is where former Vice President Dick Cheney is from! Hahaha! I hope that you waved hello as you passed his ranch.

    Princess Nagger IS famous. Not many people end up with their name on a wine bottle!
    Tina would like you to read ..In The Halls of RandomMy Profile

  4. I love summer storms, especially when I’m inside and they cool off the heat a bit afterwards. LL you had a great time! Thanks for hosting and have a great week.
    Meryl would like you to read ..EXPLAIN YOURSELF!My Profile

  5. Nice! Great way to look at the positives. I always say I am going to get state signs too and I always fail. Like miserably. SO you are doing way better than me! 🙂

  6. I had to grin at the welcome to Wyoming sign. There was also a come to Laramie sign. Nice to see my hometown advertising. And yes, parts of Wyoming are boring to drive through, but some, where you can see the rocks, are pretty.
    Looks like your whirlwind trip is off to a good start.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Random RandomnessMy Profile

  7. I can’t wait to road trip!! And I, too, will be Wyoming bound. Although, that’s the end of my trip. Meeting bloggy friends in real life is the best! I’ve only done it once, but it was so fun. Glad to see the trip is going well!
    Sarah at 32Flavors would like you to read ..RTT: SummertimeMy Profile

  8. so glad your road trip is going so well! it’s so so neat that you got to meet a friend from blogging…and one you’ve known for four years. so happy for you!!
    the photos are beautiful. i’ve always wanted to visit wyoming.
    wishing you many more happy days with the ones you love, stacy!
    maria <3

  9. Stacy!!!!! I was so glad you guys still came over, I felt bad you had been traveling all day! It was SO FUN to meet you and your family in person! Mike and I are way excited to try the new wine!!! We’ve enjoyed all your others 🙂

    Princess Nagger is just like I thought she’d be, beautiful and smart!! Love her personality! I can’t wait to get together again…..Seattle anyone???? 🙂

    Thanks so much for all you do!
    Pooba would like you to read ..Stick a Pin in that Shit!My Profile

  10. YAAAAY! A picture of YOU! We don’t see those very often! You and your friend are gorgeous! And PN is completely adorable–DUH!

    I wonder if she’d still have a fascination of dinosaurs if they still roamed around? I’m personally glad they are extinct. They freak my shiz out.

    I hope you’re having a BLAST and I hope you get to consume some wine very soon! xoxo
    Impulsive Addict would like you to read ..This could be trouble!My Profile

  11. I haven’t visited you before but I shall be back! Your photos are great and I love the sound of your road trip. Hope you and your Princess have a great time x

  12. Finally got linked up! Have been at my sister’s all day. Loved your list!! Glad you got to meet a blogging friend, always so fun. And that was so nice of her to feed you so late at night. You are both beautiful!
    Thanks so much for linking up with me this month 🙂
    Emmy would like you to read ..Ten Things to Smile AboutMy Profile

  13. Looks like all is going well! I always like to photograph the state signs when we travel!

    Can’t wait for the next update!

  14. Aren’t you so glad to be living in this century with all of its conveniences like air conditioning? It’s such a scorcher! They are calling for it to reach 100 degrees…maybe a little over on Friday & Saturday. Not good, not good! Enjoy the rest of your trip & be safe, my friend!

    Tuesday & Wednesday Blog Hop Mash!

  15. That was so fun to read! It looks like you’re having a great road trip, other than the internet issues. PN is just so darn clever. When she named the mountainous view the “Cretaceous Period”, that just tickled me.

    I love that you met up with another blogger. That is so wonderful! I can’t wait to meet you this summer at Blogher! I think we have been following each other since 2008 too. 🙂

    Have a safe trip! Can’t read more about it!
    Run DMT would like you to read ..Rap River Run 2012My Profile

  16. I love that people love road trips, the thought of being cooped up in a small area with both of my girl who fight if they’re sharing air makes me want to get in the fetal potation and rock back and forth! At least you had nice weather, today is the first day I’ve seen the sun on over a week!

    Meeting bloggy friends is the best and something that only another blogger can fully understand.

    Thanks for linking up and enjoy the rest of your trip!

  17. I’m the best friend near Reno – and we had a BLAST seeing eachother again! It had been way too long in between real life visits. We vowed that we will never be apart that long again. Happy trails and fair winds to my best friend and her family. Until we meet again….Love, Peg, Mike & Josh

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