Did you all have a good weekend?  More specifically, did all you mothers have a happy Mother’s Day?  The hubby’s still in training on the whole Mother’s Day aspect (I know, 9 years and counting) – he still doesn’t understand why he should make that day special since I’m not his mother. 

The fact that I’m the mother of his child doesn’t seem to compute about the whole Mother’s Day thing.  We’ll get there.  At least he got me an awesome card and picked up the hint on what I’d like for my Mother’s Day gift and came through with this:

It’s Samsung’s new Smart Camera – and yes, it has an additional little LCD display on the front for taking self portraits.  It even has WiFi mode for sharing pictures fast and easy.  Pretty cool, right?  I’m still figuring out all the cool things it does, and can’t wait to put it through its paces.

While I have my big DSLR, it’s always nice to have a smaller point-and-shoot (that takes better pictures than my phone) for those times that I don’t want to lug the big heavy one along for the ride.  Not only will this fit the bill, but it does so much more – because it’s, you know, smart.  Princess Nagger is excited, because that means I’ll be able to give her my old point-and-shoot so she can upgrade from her kid camera and finally be able to take great quality pictures.

Speaking of smart – or in this case, preface that with ‘not so’… This week marks the notorious ‘up fronts’ that are the networks announcing what the fall show schedule will be, along with what new shows have been ordered and what shows have been unceremoniously canceled. 

It sucks how the networks arbitrarily cancel new series to make room for newer series – it’s like a veritable revolving door anymore, not like it used to be, that’s for sure.  Case in point – both hubby and I were enjoying the FOX show, The Finder – and they left us totally hanging with a cliff hanger that was intended as a season finale but turned into a series finale because FOX decided there weren’t enough viewers and tossed it into the canceled pile.  Another of my new favorites, GCB was axed from ABC.  And, unfortunately, the list goes on.

Why should we even bother to start watching new shows and get invested in them if they’re just going to get axed?  No wonder the numbers suffer – first because the networks are still signed up for the archaic method of Nielsen ratings (with physical boxes in physical residences – they have a long way to go to reach the 21st Century to fully track alternate viewing like DVR’s, iPhones, iPads and all the other i-things and non-i-things people now use for entertainment vs. the old-fashioned TV).  Secondly, because people just don’t want to get invested in new shows because the networks no longer give them a fighting chance.

At least the new Kiefer Sutherland show, Touch, has been renewed.  As has Smash (though they’re holding it until mid-season, which means we’ll potentially have moved on to other things by then), and I was happy to see that Grimm (though it really is grim) and Once Upon A Time have both been renewed.  Small victories are always a good thing.  And now I’m stepping off my mini soap box, because I could go on and on.

Speaking of mindless TV, has anyone been watching Celebrity Apprentice?  I know I’m not the only one who’s been seriously annoyed by Aubrey O’Day, right?  She’s such a ‘me, me, ME’ person Every. Single. Week.  Annoying.  Last week’s episode was centered around the new Chi Touch Screen Hair Dryer:

I need want one of those to accommodate my hella hair.  It’s price prohibitive, though, so I’ll have to dream on.  During the task last week the celebrities (and really, they do use the term ‘celebrity’ loosely, don’t they?) had to come up with a print campaign for the hair dryer.  As usual, Aubrey was in her ‘me mode’ and made a comment about her hair color being all natural.  If this is all ‘natural’, I’m the Queen of England:

Natural?  Yeah, riiiiiiight.  And I suppose all the times she was blonde, she was ‘natural’ then too, right?

Yep, those roots she’s sporting look real natural.  Now where did I put my crown?

Speaking of crazy… I finally gave in and Princess Nagger and I saw The Hunger Games over the weekend.  While I’m not a fan of my little girl growing up fast, she does exhibit more maturity than most 9-year olds and has been showing exemplar behavior during the rough patches of a 4 year old acclimating to our family unit.  So we had a mom-and-daughter date and went to see the matinee.  Honestly?  Now I want to read the book since I didn’t do that before seeing the movie.  And it solidified my decision to let Princess Nagger read the books, since while she’s not ‘old enough’ by numbered age, she’s ‘old enough’ by maturity level to handle the content.

That being said, it will be many years before she’ll be reading the 50 Shades trilogy that I recently ordered based on all the hype about how great they are.  I’m just sayin’.

And that’s a wrap for this week – feel free to link up and hop around to all the other awesome randomizers – they’re always so entertaining. Talk To Me Tuesday friends, you’re welcome to link up, too – that way I’ll be sure not to forget to stop by and scope you out. You know what I mean.

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  1. I haven’t heard anything about the 50 Shades trilogy. I’m currently reading the third book in the Hunger Games series. I definitely recommend reading the books. I think they help people relate more to the movie. I’m hooked on Celebrity Apprentice. Me and hubby watch it every Sunday. With that said, I’m soooo glad to see Aubrey gone. Can’t stand her.
    Terra Heck would like you to read ..Random Tuesday Thoughts – Ick, A TickMy Profile

  2. I haven’t seen the movie but I am reading the books and enjoying them thoroughly. The Hunger Games I mean. Ha!!

  3. I have heard so much about 50 shades of gray but had no idea (until last week) what it was about… Then on Sunday I was standing next to a stack of them in costco looking through the coupons. Some guy used the book as a segue to try and pick me up… so funny!
    Hilary would like you to read ..It’s a scorcher in thereMy Profile

  4. I only watched CA one season and I have no clue who that chick with the coolaide red hair is, something tells me I’m not missing much!

    Please tell me Revenge was picked up for another year? I don’t watch much TV but I really like that show!

    My girls and I all read the Hunger Games trilogy and saw the movie, we are huge fans. I just read Fifty Shades of Grey yesterday, the entire book in one day, and I have to say that it left me feeling sad and disturbed, I just don’t get that life style. My girls will not be reading that book any time soon either, not until their my age!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  5. Let me know what you think of 50 shades….I downloaded a sample, but haven’t bought the book yet. The sample was good….not sure why I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    I read the Hunger Games before the movie, and then again after…it’s awesome both ways. Glad you both like the movie.
    Jen Greyson would like you to read ..Tuesday Train ~ May 15My Profile

  6. I have a Canon point ‘n shoot camera, which I love. I wish it had WiFi capability, though. That’s seriously cool! What I was really bad is a cool digital camera with interchangeable lens. I’m thinking Nikon simply because I have an old Nikon SLR which I loved back in the day. Congrats on getting such a marvelous Mother’s Day present.

    Oh, I so hear you about Aubrey O’Day! I’ve never seen anyone THAT stuck on themselves in all my life. She’s obviously lived in Hollyweird too long since she believe that shade of red is natural. I don’t believe I’ve EVER seen anyone with dark red hair like that before. But, you know her roots give her away. What’s with that? Doesn’t she think we can see this? I think she’s in denial, what do you think?

    Thanks for hosting!

    Mother’s Day Weekend Reflections
    Cathy Kennedy would like you to read ..Love the pictures from your trip. That scenery is…My Profile

  7. I still have no interest in the 50 Shades books. They just don’t sound appealing to me, but then I didn’t like the Twilight books either, and 50 shades is based on the them.
    Glad you had a good mother’s day.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Random Thoughts TuesdayMy Profile

  8. You definitely should read the Hunger Games! I liked the movie a lot but the books as always are way better.
    That camera would be cool for taking self portraits as it is always is hard to know if you are lined up right.

    And yes we have had several shows we watched that they cancelled after one season, drives me crazy! I actually linked up this week– though my post isn’t really too random 🙂
    Emmy would like you to read ..2-Year-old Farm Birthday CakeMy Profile

  9. These days, we don’t watch any television series until it’s been on for at least two seasons, and then we either purchase them on DVD (Mad Men) or watch them on Netflix (Dexter). The only things we watch religiously when they’re airing is Chopped, Iron Chef America, The Next Food Network Star and whatever else The Food Network and Cooking Channel ropes me in with.
    Jan’s Sushi Bar would like you to read ..Wasabi Cheesecake With MaguroMy Profile

  10. First aubry annoyed me seriously throughout the whole game and still is. Second liked the book better then the movie though lithe man disagrees. and last I agree I hate getting into a show then have it cancelled why bother
    becca would like you to read ..Dark ShadowsMy Profile

  11. I suppose her dog’s hair color is natural too.

    I have watched a few, partial episodes of this season but there is no one on there that makes me want to watch every week.

  12. I haven’t heard of 50 shades, that being said I am definitely going to check it out. Not much into watching sitcoms for the exact reason you stated. I fall in love or serious like of a series and boom! it gets cancelled.

    You’re right, the networks really need to get a clue and update their ratings process. Their still using the buggy with horses while everyone else is using gas powered motors. Idiots.

    Have a great week! Chat with you next tuesday!
    Shellie Sakai would like you to read ..The Tuesday Train and tripsMy Profile

  13. Ah, I hear you on cancelled TV series’…how are we supposed to know which ones to invest ourselves in? Years ago, I vowed not to watch any new shows because a whole bunch that I love got dropped after one or two seasons, leaving us with unresolved cliffhangers. But by vowing to not watch anything new, I missed out on Prison Break, Lost, 24…just to name a few! Now I’m watching them all well after their glory days. *sigh* Darn TV!!!
    Jill would like you to read ..Let’s talk about my fat. And other random stuff.My Profile

  14. Yikes! The hair is the least frightening thing about that Aubrey (and I cannot figure out her celebrity credentials). My friend had her copy of Grey covered with a piece of giftwrap so her kids wouldn’t know what she was reading!
    Andrea would like you to read ..Random fogMy Profile

  15. If you find something to tame your hair, please let me know. I’ll drop any amount of money to get my hair under control!

    I haven’t seen the Hunger Games or read the books or read 50 Shades. I’m lame!

    So many good shows got cancelled and so many that should have been cancelled got renewed. What’s with that? I’m so excited the Once Upon a Time got renewed and of course I was over the moon that Castle was renewed, but really, there was never any doubt. 🙂
    I have not watched the Finder. I saw the spin off episode on Bones and hated it with the heat of a thousand suns. I was hoping they would revamp it before it got its own time slot, but don’t know. The British woman who kept mispronouncing words made me want to hit my TV and his “I’m a risk it” made me want to stick a fork in my brain. I’m just sayin.
    Mom in High Heels would like you to read ..RTT: Music, TV, hot guys and the talkMy Profile

  16. I’m a friend of Andrea at Maybe It’s Just Me, and she speaks so highly of this blog that I had to come visit!

    I’ve NEVER forgiven Fox for cancelling Firefly. And Keen Eddie. And Human Target. And pretty much every single show I’ve liked even a little bit.
    Tina would like you to read ..I Think I’m Random TodayMy Profile

  17. Wow! I love that camera! I want an SLR. I’ll get one eventually. The LCD on the front is genius!!!

    I love celebrity apprentice but I had to quit watching it this year. I do NOT like the cast at all. SHUT UP! She said her hair was natural? I guess they’re all programmed to lie. Ugh.

    Thanks for linking up my sweet friend!
    Impulsive Addict would like you to read ..I’m Talking About California GirlsMy Profile

  18. I don’t want much tv anymore, honestly. I literally have only a few things in the DVR. I tried watching Scandal but I watched the first, though meh, and it’s sitting there in the DVR too (along w/a ton of Gabba and Curious George). I haven’t watched Celebrity Apprentice in years (although every year I say I’m going to).

    Um, I forced my way through 50 Shades and wanted to smack all the women running around fanning themselves, whispering, buying book covers so no one would see what they were reading. Repressed much? Sure, it’s erotic, but it’s SOOOOOOOOO POORLY WRITTEN it irked me to no end. It took me 2 weeks to read the first book b/c I kept putting it down b/c the author seemed to slip in and out of subject/verb agreement and she repeated herself so much and I simply couldn’t make myself care enough to want to read further (books 2 and 3). Eh. To each her own. I did like some of the steamy parts but I can get that anywhere, even other erotic fiction, which is usually written better. I think I’m more pissed that it’s gotten so much hype as though she’s an excellent author but it’s filled with run on sentences, or sentence fragments (like The Hunger Games. Oh, that irritated me. How she’d write. And then stop. And then write five more words. Like this. Because it’s dumb. So stop it. Stop. Write a full sentence. Instead of pieces. Like this.) I’m in a silly mood, sorry.

    I haven’t seen The Hunger Games still. I told my 11 yr old she had to read the book first to create her own visual before she was bombarded by images from someone else’s perspective. She didn’t make it through chapter 1, claiming it was boring. OK then, no movie for you! I read the first book but am not particularly interested in reading the others.

    I have a Chi flat iron that I paid too much for (even for eBay) and it’s about 3 years old and I swear it’s not getting as hot as it used to. Ugh.
    Arnebya would like you to read ..Mothers and Daughters: A Review of You Have No IdeaMy Profile

  19. This is really nice .. i really appreciate your blog .. its really good and inspiring ,…

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