Princess Nagger really has the Hunger Games bug.  First, she wants to have a Hunger Games themed birthday party this year, complete with some sort of bow-and-arrow event in the backyard.  She’s also trying to decide if she wants to dress up as Katniss or an actual Mocking Jay for Halloween this year.  All I can say is I’m glad both of those events are 5 or 6 months away, it gives me time to plan. 

Or have her change her mind.

Though I must say I sort of enabled her into going into full-on obsessive mode when I couldn’t resist picking up the Hunger Games Cookbook yesterday.  She’s been taking great delight in picking out what upcoming dinners should be.  She was going around yesterday picking dandelion greens to make a dandelion salad, but abandoned that idea since we had just run out of grape tomatoes.  She decided to make the Pine Needle Tea instead.

She steeped the pine needles in a measuring cup before straining it into a coffee cup – we both thought it was hilarious how the needles were standing up like a little forest:

Pine needles, hot water and fresh lemon juice, steep then strain and add maple syrup to taste.  Voilà:

I was a little hesitant to taste it, but I couldn’t disappoint her eagerness to show off her mad tea making skills.  I was pleasantly surprised that it tasted really good.  Very mild – she drank the rest of it herself and said if I’d like a cup, she’ll make it for me provided I go out and harvest the pine needles myself since they’re quite prickly.  And if any of you are interested in having a cup of tea when you come for a visit, I’ll happily direct you to the pine tree as well.

Anyone have $970,000 lying around you don’t need?  You could buy your very own private island in Ireland if you do:

Not bad, eh?  I think it’d be cool to own an island. 

Apparently the island has a rich history as a home to four generations of one Irish clan, and the original family dwelling is still standing:

Not quite what I had envisioned in my head, but who cares – it’s an island, right?  According to a brochure about the property:

The Island had to fully provide for the Maguire family and as such every piece of it was utilised. After the Second World War the Island was famous for its fruit production. The Orchard provided much needed revenue and today it is still very much in tact.

The only drawback would be that it doesn’t have modern conveniences.  That would have to be amended before I would decide to move there.  I need my modern conveniences. 

Did anyone catch the Kentucky Derby?  I thought the name of the winning horse was hilarious “I’ll Have Another”.  No comment necessary about that one.  I think I need to get one of these hats, though:

Need one.  Just because.

Have any of you been watching Kiefer Sutherland’s new series, Touch?  If you haven’t, you really should.

I’ve always loved Kiefer Sutherland, even though I never did get into watching his previous series, 24.  But this new series?  I love it – I’ve even gotten my hubby hooked on it.  It’s intense and keeps you on the edge of your seat, but almost always ends with a happy ending. 

We all need happy endings, don’t we?

Speaking of happy endings, that’s a wrap for this week – feel free to link up and hop around to all the other awesome randomizers – they’re always so entertaining. Talk To Me Tuesday friends, you’re welcome to link up, too – that way I’ll be sure not to forget to stop by and scope you out. You know what I mean.

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  1. Hi Stacy I love the hat and it’s not because I love watching Kiefer Sutherland’s but it’s kind seems unique and cute for summer outfit. Thanks for sharing this lovely article again. Can I ask you what kind of herb did you put in the tea because it looks like a rosemary.
    TracyAnn0312 would like you to read gun accessoriesMy Profile

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE Touch and Kiefer and 24!!! I had seen a preview of the 1st episode about a month before it aired, and I was so excited waiting for the series to start!

    Good PN on making the tea, she is too funny! Another way she is much like Tara, once she is into something… she is into it. Kind of like her music obsession right now.

    Most likely not going to have time this morning to participate in RTT, but will try and get a post up this evening.

    Have a great day!
    Martha would like you to read ..I ♥ MondaysMy Profile

  3. is there some medicinal purpose for pine needle tea? All I have are spruces!
    I would love to buy an Island!! Maybe we can go halfyz? wait. no toilet? or runnin’ water? No electric!! no. not for me.
    I love hats!!!! LOVE THEM!! My derby hat would be big and loud!!

  4. We could go in on the island. Us and 10 of our closest friends. We could make it into a rustic timeshare.

    I love hats and would wear one of those if I ever went anywhere fancy.

  5. Pine needle tea…hmmm, well that’s an interesting brew! I’d be afraid to drink it because I have alleriges to trees, so this may not be good for me. Dandelion greens I’ve tried before. Kinda reminds me of lettuce. I sorta watched a little of the first episode of Touch, but I couldn’t get into it coz I kept thinking of Jack Bauer. Oh how I miss 24!

    Thanks for hosting the random movement another week!

    Blogger Life & Family Life – Randomness

  6. I have a feeling Hunger Games costumes will be popular this year for Halloween. NOW I know what to do with all that extra money I have, buy my own island. For that amount, you’d think they’d already have modern conveniences. I didn’t watch the Kentucky Derby, but think the name of the winning horse is kinda cool.
    Terra Heck would like you to read ..Random Tuesday Thoughts – State BoundMy Profile

  7. Turbo has been planning his birthday. The problem is it happens to fall on the last day of school this year. Right before Memorial day weekend. Everyone is heading out of town. Including us. He might have to go without a party this year.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Random Thoughts TuesdayMy Profile

  8. Oh, I think a Hunger Games party would be fun, especially with the bow and arrows! Although, that could make other parents upset and worried if it was the real thing. (Pffft!) That pine needle tea is a really great source of vitamin C, and can really help your immune system. 🙂

    No island for me, even if I had the money. I’d rather buy a bunch of land in the middle of nowhere.
    Storm, the Psychotic Housewife would like you to read ..Random Thoughts Tuesday – Zombie ShootingMy Profile

  9. I want an island! And I totally need a derby hat too!!

    I love, love, LOVE me some Keifer! I used to watch 24, but it got too graphic, so I didn’t watch the last couple seasons. But I keep thinking I need to start watching his new show!
    Xazmin would like you to read ..Gettin’ my craft on!!My Profile

  10. Those hats are abslutely beautiful! Even if I didn’t like horse racing I would still go to the Kentucky Derby just so I could wear one of those amazing hats!

    Have a great week and here is a glass of Zin from the Napa Valley..

  11. Hey, Stacy! You wrote another interesting article. I like your writing style. You know what? You have a new loyal reader. 😀

  12. That was really fun. I never watch Kiefer Sutherland’s movie “Touch”, I have to watch it because it sounds interesting and I think this movie is truly great. Excited much to watch! 🙂
    Nicholle Olores would like you to read ..commercial joineryMy Profile

  13. Hey Stacy.
    Every time I see a ‘frilly’ hat I can only think about the Royal wedding last year and Beatrice’s hat. I heard she sold that thing on eBay for charity.

    I called the court house and told them I couldn’t do that June date. They asked me when I could come in and I told them July is fine. Watch me get pegged for the one court case going on during in July.

    later 🙂
    Harriet would like you to read ..Tuesday and ObesityMy Profile

  14. Oooooh…a Hunger Games birthday party would be AWESOME! Now, I’m a little leery of the tea but I’m glad it turned out good! Pine needles? Really? *shivers*

    Do you think we could collect that money from our blogger friends and own it together? We could have bi-yearly blogger socials on “our island”. How cool would that be?? Let’s start collecting the money now! =)

    Thanks for linking up! You’re the BEST EVAH!
    Impulsive Addict would like you to read ..I’m Talking About a Winner Today!My Profile

  15. Oh that cookbook must have some interesting recipes. That is good you were brave and tried the tea. And less than $1 million for an entire island! Wow! But yea the house does leave something for the imagination.
    Emmy would like you to read ..The Comparison TrapMy Profile

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