Is it already the next-to-the-last Tuesday of May?  I really need to learn the art of not blinking, because with each blink, time passes by way too fast.  This is also the second-to-the-last Tuesday of Princess Nagger’s school year – today she has the exciting field trip to… wait for it… the local township office.

I know, you’re quite jealous, aren’t you?

While other classes have been busing off to points of interest like the zoo or Hershey Park, Princess Nagger’s class gets the exciting ‘walking field trip’ where they’ll be walking – a couple of miles in the rain – to the local township office.

I see hues of green lighting up all over with your envy.

At least last month they got to go to the actual capital of the state – Harrisburg – so there was that.  It’s sort of like going to the zoo, right?  I had planned on sending my point-and-shoot camera with her so she could take pictures, she was all over that with the following conversation:

Me:  “You can take pictures, and I’ll make a blog post about it, how does that sound?”

PN:  “You mean you’d blog about my field trip?”

Me:  “Sure, why not?”

PN:  “How about this – I’ll take pictures and I’ll write the blog post for you.”

Me:  “Sure, I could live with that – you could be my guest blog poster.”

PN:  “You mean I can do all the typing and everything?  On your laptop?”

Me:  “I don’t see why not, it’s less work for me.”

PN:  “I can’t wait to use your laptop, maybe you could do all the editing after I do all the typing.”

Me:  “Works for me.”

PN:  “And then, I’ll be such a hit that all your blog friends are going to want to have me guest post for them, too.  But I’d have to do it on your laptop, of course.”

Me:  “…..”

Needless to say, I forgot to dig out my old camera to send with her, so she didn’t take pictures.  But I’ll still have to conjure up something for her to guest post about – seems like she’s looking forward to getting the chance to use my laptop for whatever reason.  No worries, it won’t be about today’s field trip to the local township office.  Unless you need help getting to sleep, then I’m all over it.

Spring Fever is rampant – or would that be considered Summer Fever since it’s all about school coming to an end next week?  This is an unusual year in that they’re actually finishing on the last day of May instead of several days into June because we didn’t get snow this year to warrant Snow Days. Of course Princess Nagger was bummed during the winter there were no Snow Days, but I’m pretty sure she’s stoked she doesn’t have to keep going to school once the calendar turns the page to June.

What happened to a school year starting the Tuesday after Labor Day and being done in time for Memorial Day?  Now they start the third week of June and get out the end of May or beginning of June.  No actual 3 months of summer I was used to when I was a kid.  It must be because of all the ‘inservice’ days scattered throughout the year.   I’m betting the poor teachers need a break, hence the ‘inservice’ days.

My awesome bloggy friend Jan posted this on my Facebook wall last week to share with Princess Nagger:

She loved it, as did I.  Now Princess Nagger wants to build her own Stonehenge in the backyard to launch her giant Angry Birds at it.  If she does, I’ll be sure to capture it on video for your amusement.  Thanks for the inspiration, Jan!

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  1. Love the Stonehedge pic!
    I do miss the FL school year – 3rd Monday in August until the week before Memorial Day! At least there were no snow days this year!
    Tara is opting out of her field trip to Dorney Park. I guess the gas prices impacted the usual Great Adventure trip that the kids look forward to from the time they start middle school!
    Have a great week!

  2. I love that the princess wants to do a guest post…. You can so use this to your advantage.. who ever would have thought a blog could turn into a bargaining tool….

    As for her field trip… I had to do the same thing as a little kid… why do they do this????
    Hilary would like you to read ..An Office QuickieMy Profile

  3. We get out May 31st also, but we start in the middle of August. I counted yesterday and there are only 11 weeks of summer break.

    I can’t wait for this school year to be over!
    Connie Weiss would like you to read ..Random Thoughts….My Profile

  4. LOL – you’re more than welcome! Princess Nagger was the first thing I thought of when I saw the pic; I figured she’d get a kick out of it. I can’t wait to see the one she builds in the back yard!
    Jan’s Sushi Bar would like you to read ..General Tso’s ChickenMy Profile

  5. Mommies toys are always so much better and want to be used and stolen by kids. Today is our last Tuesday and our last day! And yea, we start again August 6th! So we get a month of school when it will be so stinkin hot you just want to go to the beach everyday but are in school it is annoying.
    Emmy would like you to read ..Arrogance and School Pick-UpMy Profile

  6. Turbo is done on Friday. And he doesn’t go back this year until after labor day. Of course next summer he doesn’t get out of school until the first week of June, but when you have a town that is dominated by a university the school schedule is sort of held hostage by said university’s schedule.
    Hope PN has fun on her field trip–or as much fun as you can with stuff like that.

  7. I would love to see a guest postfrom PN, maybe she can write one for TTUT! Peanut wrote one for me and was not happy about it which surprised me since she loves to write.

    I agree that summer break is too short. I votfor the lastday of school beingthe last week day of May and the first day of school not coming until AFTER Labor Day! We have 12 school days left, hopefully they’ll fly by!

    Thanks for linking upStac!

  8. Let me see, if I have this right. Blinking is what causing time to vanish just like that? Hmmm, it sorta makes perfect sense. My blink almost erased the last 24 years. Most of it I remember, but there are patches that totally blank. *sigh* Our youngest walks across the stage to receive his hs diploma this weekend. See what I’m talking about? It’s all in the blink, like you so cleverly noted. 🙁

    Too bad you forgot to give PN your camera, but I’ll be looking forward to her guest post. 🙂 Thanks for hosting!

  9. You’re very creative, I like that pic so much! Which software did you use for this collage? I know that many people use photoshop but I don’t want to pay so much for a software only for a hobby.
    Emilia would like you to read ..Meine Heimatstadt in UngarnMy Profile

  10. You need to let PN guest post. I bet she’s got a hidden gift that you didn’t even know she had!

    But seriously? What a boring field trip. Who planned that lameass idea? Hopefully not the teachers. That’s an embarrassment to teachers everywhere. I always planned fun field trips. I had a thing for wanting to be liked. Some things never change either. HA!
    Impulsive Addict would like you to read ..California Girls Part 2My Profile

  11. I think PN could have her own weekly blog about whatever craftiness she is working on! That field trip would be bad enough in decent weather. UGH!
    Andrea would like you to read ..Random allergiesMy Profile

  12. I hope PN does guest post! I’d love to hear from her! Hope she had an amazing and exciting field trip. With that crazy location, I have no doubt she did 🙂
    Amy would like you to read ..Weekend RundownMy Profile

  13. The girls last day is June 5. Instead of snow days, we have hurricane days planned into the school calendar. We didn’t use any this year, but we aren’t ending the school year early. I wonder why no one has caught on. I guess parents what to keep the kids in school a little bit longer.

    I love that Stonehenge image. That’s funny. My girls would love it too. Hmmmm….I wonder if Angry Birds will be featured on an episode of Ancient Aliens now.
    Run DMT would like you to read ..Progressive Picnic: Thai Basil Chicken Lettuce WrapsMy Profile

  14. Well…. I’m not sure I would have wanted to drag kids in the rain a mile to go on that field trip, but hey, whatever :). Hopefully they had fun!
    Nicole would like you to read ..Better PersonMy Profile

  15. Its loud out in our place .. everybody is having a blast . specially at the beach . It reminds me of Keisha’s song .. your blog its pretty awesome ..

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