For a while I was beginning to think we’d never have an actual spring – what with the summer heat we’ve been experiencing and all.  Be careful what you wish for, right?  The weekend started off with perfect weather, then finished off with a complete wash-out of rain.  Some parts of the Northeast even were expecting snow – that settles it.  Mother Nature is plain crazy.

What better way to spend a cold rainy Monday than enjoy some fun music?  This week’s theme is “One Hit Wonders” (or Grandma’s favorite song – but I have no idea what my grandmother liked listening to, so I’m going with the one-hit wonders).  Let’s start things off with a song that became an anthemic and existential Gen-X piece in 1993 – here’s 4 Non Blondes with “What’s Up”:

This next song from 1992 has been spoofed over and over again and still cracks me up, here’s Right Said Fred with “I’m Too Sexy”:

For years I always thought this song was sung by Stevie Nicks – little did I know (until I was searching for one-hit wonders) that it was actually done by Canadian songstress, Alannah Myles here she is with “Black Velvet”:

Dipping further back into the 80’s, who didn’t belt out this song whenever it came on the radio?  Here’s Tommy Tutone with “867-5309 / Jenny”:

And finally, another 80’s one-hit wonder that has also been spoofed many times over the years, here’s Bow Wow Wow with “I Want Candy”:

Wasn’t that fun?  What’s your favorite one-hit wonder? Enjoy your Monday!

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


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More Monday Hops – hop along, won’t you?

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  1. Loved all your choices. I totally totally loved “Black Velvet” , and I asked my hubby for a little help & he suggested that 8675309, but I chose Oh Mickey LOL instead. Only thing I hope the non-blondes made enough money with that one hit wonder to buy some new clothes. Sheesh! hahaha Hope all is well with you Princess N and of course Lil Dude! hugs
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  3. This week’s theme has been a lot of fun putting together. So far the ones I’ve pulled out of the wood works hasn’t been repeated, but I’m still hopping so I may hit a snag as I boogie across the net. Thanks for sharing yours. I’m too Sexy always makes me think of Grumpy Old Men. Do you remember that scene?
    Love Train Presents: One Hit Wonders!

  4. I ALMOST picked Black Velvet! Too funny. Great choices today. Once I was on Kajagoogoo I started clicking on the similar song links and went back in time; it was a great morning. 🙂
    Claire would like you to read ..MMMM + weekend overviewMy Profile

  5. I used to jam to that song by the 4 non blondes back in the day. As a matter of fact, all these one hit wonders are excellent choices. Like em all. Have a great Monday!

  6. I always love Black Velvet. It was one of my favorites in high school.
    I laughed about Right Said Fred’s I’m Too Sexy in college. Love one hit wonders!
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Something For MeMy Profile

  7. That WAS pretty fun! It’s great to see all the one hit wonders and surprisingly I’ve heard of most of the ones you put down! Hehe ^.^

    Of course who DOESN’T know of I’m Too Sexy, 867-5309, and I Want Candy; it’s like the one hit wonders are the ones that stick with us.

    Have a musical week 🙂

  8. I liked all the songs you picked, my hubby loves 4Non Blonds and I had to listen to the entire song I’m too Sexy because, yes, there were so many parodies, I never really knew what the real words were. =)
    Of course you know I adore Black Velvet because she is singing about my hero – ELVIS!!!
    And who doesn’t remember Jenny/867-5309 – I think all teenage girls wanted that phone number at the time. HaHa! And then we all also wanted candy, didn’t we?
    Great memories and as always a terrific post, my friend.
    Have a terrific week. HUGS!
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