Here we are, the Tuesday after Easter.  How many of you have imbibed in way too much sugar making sure your young ones didn’t overdose on the sweet stuff? Princess Nagger was generous with handouts this weekend – maybe too generous.  I’m waiting for the crash after this major sugar buzz dies down.

I was looking back trying to figure out when I started the Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel when our original fearless leader went on hiatus, and realized it has now been over a year since my random buddy Keely of the Un-Mom ditched the randomness since real life was taking over (as it should) like her new job, home life, and the Roller Derby.  After a year and then some of hiatus, it appears she has no intention of taking the reins back, sad as it is, and many of you have insisted I wear the crown permanently.  So I guess I will.  In fact, I made new buttons this weekend – one for my wino friends:


And one for my non-wino friends:


Like the shiny crown?  Thanks, Harriet, for suggesting it.  I wanted to pay tribute to the one who started all the Random on Tuesdays – so I decided to keep her widely recognized fugly button incorporated as we continue to press on and keep Tuesdays as random as possible.

I started participating in Random Tuesday Thoughts (when my blog was still named Stacy’s Random Thoughts) and stumbled across Keely’s hilarious blog while doing a Google search on ‘random’.  I was hooked from the get-go.  It’s a bummer she hasn’t been able to keep it going, but thank you to all you regulars (and irregulars) for keeping the Random alive each week.

Now on to the randomness du joir…

Easter was a success – at least as far as the kidlets are concerned.  They were quite happy the Easter Bunny spoiled them rotten.  In other words, I kinda sorta went a little overboard with the purchases of goodies this year.  Hopefully by next year they’ll forget how much candy and toys they got this year since more than likely it won’t be as – ahem – overboard as this year:

I have a tendency to pick stuff up early then forget what I got after I stash it, then end up buying more because I forgot what I bought before and then find them just in time.  Or not.  Next year I’m going to be more organized, so the loot will be half of what they got this year.  Maybe my New Year Resolution for next year should be No More Blonde Moments.  Riiiiiiight.

Remember Princess Nagger was hoping the Easter Bunny would bring her a Scourge (from the Warrior Cats book series) basket and how I found the black cat plush basket that looked more like a black bear?  I got blue cat eyes to swap them out – and I’m here to tell you, that plush basket is made extremely well – so well that it took me over two hours to swap out the eyes.  But what a difference:

Now it looks like a black cat, right?  Definitely an improvement.  I was so happy with my handiwork that I forgot one minor major detail – making one paw white.  Here’s the brief conversation about that on Easter morning:

Me:  “Isn’t it cool that the Easter Bunny found you a Scourge basket?”

PN:  “It’s not Scourge.”

Me:  “But look – he has blue eyes just like Scourge.”

PN: “But no white paw.  See?  It’s a fake.  It’s a knock-off.”

Me: “….”

PN:  “But it is cool – the Easter Bunny probably couldn’t find an actual Scourge.”

Me:  “That’s true, he probably didn’t get enough requests for a Scourge basket to change up his production lines.”

PN:  “Yeah, the Easter Bunny probably isn’t very familiar with Warrior Cats.  I could teach him.”

Me:  “I’m sure you could.”

First I messed up her Scourge costume by painting the wrong paw white, then I completely forgot to make any paw white with her Easter basket.  At least later she mentioned we could make the basket into an actual Scourge by bleaching out one paw – so we’ll I’ll be doing something soon.  Very soon.

Little Dude had his first official dentist appointment yesterday – no cavities, and he was the model patient the entire time he was in the dentist chair he was so excited to finally get to sit in.

You would have thought he was royalty sitting on a throne he was so regal during his teeth cleaning.  He even had no trouble at all when they took x-rays of his teeth – unlike Princess Nagger who sounds like a banshee in distress every single time.  Maybe she’ll learn from him for her next visit.  Maybe.

That’s it for this week – feel free to link up and hop around to all the other awesome randomizers – they’re always so entertaining.  Thank you all again for keeping the random alive.  I couldn’t do it without you.

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  1. Good Lord, woman, look at that Easter haul! And I thought the Easter Bunny went overboard in OUR house! I think the fact that you found a black cat basket of ANY kind is damned impressive. And you just reminded me that Jude has a dental appointment tomorrow!
    Gretchen would like you to read ..RTT: Easter RecapMy Profile

  2. Yes the Easter bunny was definitely generous at your house!! Grin!!!
    Only a couple peanut butter eggs here and they tasted like crap. Ha!!
    Nice quiet Easter for us.

  3. My kids got screwed! The Easter Bunny brought all kinds of books and didn’t hide any eggs.

    Truth be told….the Easter Bunny was drunk.
    Connie Weiss would like you to read ..No JoyMy Profile

  4. Holy cow, the Easter Bunny was way too generous at your house for sure! But, I can relate totally. I use to do the same with our kiddies when they were small. Now that those days are long past me, I sure do miss them a heap.

    Little Dude looks way too calm to be sitting in a dentist chair. I HATED the dentist when I was younger. I still don’t like them much, but can tolerate them better now I’m older.

  5. We spoiled The G Man, too – the Easter Bunny not only came to his house, but to Meema and Papa’s house, too…where G Man decided to share out the jelly beans with the dog and Meema spent half the afternoon picking Easter grass and slobbery jelly beans out of the carpet. *sigh*
    Jan would like you to read ..Sweet and Sour MeatballsMy Profile

  6. Since the sicks have been floating around our house, Easter was not a really exciting day. But the kids loved their baskets and hunting eggs around the house.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Friday ConfessionsMy Profile

  7. I’m impressed that you even went to the extreme of finding a basket remotely close to a cat. Personally, I’d have just found a plush toy to stick in a regular basket and called it a day. Proving I’m much too lazy.

    Glad the little guy had no problems at the dentist. My boys never did.
    Michele would like you to read ..Old photographs and the questions they provokeMy Profile

  8. As always, Princess Nagger has me in stitches! For the record, I LOVED the cat basket! I hope you get dental discounts at your house with all that candy!

    Little Dude looked so handsome in that chair! Hope you had a fun weekend – thanks for hosting! 🙂

  9. I am so glad Sprite can’t see these pictures. Her little basket is nothing in comparison. In fact, I saw a multitude of baskets on Sunday and almost all of them were huge in comparison! One kid even got a dirt bike! For EASTER! 🙂
    Sprite’s Keeper would like you to read ..Jump Rope.My Profile

  10. HOLY SPOILED! It makes the basket goodies I bought for Emma look lame! Lucky kids!

    I LOVE how that basket turned out. It looks much better with the blue eyes–even though it took you 2 FLIPPING HOURS to exchange them! What a dedicated momma you are!

    Aww..the dentist pic is adorable! Emma and I have dentist appointments on Monday. She did pretty good last time. We’ll see how Monday goes.

    Thanks for linking up! I love that you’re keeping this meme alive! xoxo
    Impulsive Addict would like you to read ..I Embarrass Myself For You. You’re Welcome.My Profile

  11. Wow, the easter bunny really spoiled your kiddies didn’t he…look at that loot! I bet they LOVED it.
    Scourge looks fantastic with his bue eyes, what a difference.
    Loving the new button, I’ll make sure to add it next week 🙂
    Daisy would like you to read ..Cake pops anyone?My Profile

  12. the cat came out great! I am so glad you have kept the random alive, as I think Keely’s hiatus started about two weeks after I found her! Then I noticed someone was still rocking the random so I headed over here to find you! Happy Day! Maybe you should play the game I play that the stuff has to actually fit in the basket–think of it as a challenge! A quest!
    Andrea would like you to read ..I is for Itty bits of randomMy Profile

  13. That whole GFC thing is so lame. I hate that they want bloggers to use the circle thing which can compromise privacy. Nobody is even really using it. Lame Lame Lame Lame

    Anyway, I am glad to see that we are moving on with RTT. Long live RTT and Stacy who keeps it alive 🙂
    Harriet would like you to read ..Haven’t heard from Max lately…My Profile

  14. That is funny I remember the white paw on Halloween! 🙂

    You did really good I have no idea what scourge even is? WOW you really did go crazy on the Easter baskets! ButI bet the kids were in heaven!
    I haven’t taken my son to the Dentist yet but I probably need to do that.
    Your son is so cool!

  15. You get an A for effort in my book! Seriously, you ROCK, mama. You thought to find a black cat and change its eyes to blue. That is so cool. You totally get a slide in my book for no white paw.

    I always go over the top with the Easter baskets too, but this year, our Easter Bunny seemed to be a little light. I think he had a talk with the Leprechaun and heard that he went a little overboard with the green and gold goodies in the trap. so, I think the Easter Bunny decided to scale down a bit.

    Yay for no cavities and for your being the reigning RTT host. I like the crown and the glass of wine. It’s something I would do.
    Run DMT would like you to read ..Random Thoughts about Skipping a Beat, 10 Burpees, Some Shoes and a Few 5KsMy Profile

  16. WOW it looks like the Easter Bunny has been taking lessons from Santa..lucky kiddos!

    The basket turned out great, little error with the paw but you recovered nicely and once the paw is bleached she’ll forget all about it.

    Connies comment made me laugh…

    Thanks for linking up with us!

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