Princess Nagger and the Ruptured Eardrum

You know how Princess Nagger and I have been annoyed with Mother Nature for the hot/cold/hot/cold mode she’s been working on for the past few months, along with the colds that have come along for the weather ride?  Well, Princess Nagger is really mad at Mother Nature, especially since the recent bout of cold-mode gave her an ear infection, which then turned into a ruptured eardrum.  Ouch. 

Sunday night poor Princess Nagger was having trouble getting to sleep because of pain in her ear – nothing I gave her seemed to be working.  So as any good mother would do, I dialed up Dr. Googlestein (thank you, Jen, for that), to see what kind of remedies I could impart on her so she (and I) could get some sleep.  Pretty much what I’d already done was not working – the homeopathic ear drops we had from the last time she had an ear infection, and the fact that she seems to be immune to Tylenol products like I am, the poor kid was still in excruciating pain.  And being vocally loud about it.

So since Dr. Googledork wasn’t giving me any alternate answers (aside from the suggestion of putting 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide in her ear to kill the germs – which I did, which didn’t bring the promised relief) I decided to call an expert in the field of ear infections.  Luckily my favorite aunt is on the West Coast, so a midnight call to her wasn’t too late.  If anyone would be an expert on ear infections, it’d be my aunt, who’s had 8 ruptured eardrums in her lifetime.  So take that, Dr. Googletwerp.

She recommended a hot washcloth compress (which the interwebs also mentioned) but in addition to that, a heating pad.  Only I have no idea where my heating pad is, or if it even works any more, so she suggested a sock with rice in it, heated up in the microwave.  Gives the phrase “put a sock in it” a whole new meaning.

Since I figured size matters in this case, I borrowed one of the hubby’s clean socks and filled it with the only rice I have – Jasmine rice.  I have to tell you, the aromatic nature of Jasmine rice is usually heavenly, except when you mix it with Bounty fresh fabric softened socks.  I’m just sayin’.

I brought it up to Princess Nagger’s room with the hot washcloth and encouraged her to lay on it with her ear.  She was finally asleep in less than 10 minutes.  I stayed with her to monitor her, so of course I didn’t get much restful sleep.  But that’s OK.  It’s the sacrifices we make as a mom, right?

When I got up yesterday morning I noticed she was still feverish so I let her sleep while I did my other mom-ly duties by calling in sick for her at her school, then calling the doctor’s office to see if she could be seen.  Luckily he had an opening mid-morning, so that gave Princess Nagger a little extra time to sleep.  I knew without a doubt her eardrum had burst overnight, the icky gooey evidence of it was stuck in her hair.

At least that meant she got to stay home from school yesterday which made her happy (with ‘happy’ being loosely used considering the pain she was in.  And since her awesome was able to see her, we got a doctor’s note so no Truant Officers will need to be called). 

It was also the hubby’s birthday yesterday, and as luck would have it, he took yesterday and today from work.  He got to spend the better part of his birthday morning hanging out with Little Dude while I took Princess Nagger to see the doctor – which made me happy.  Not the doctor part, the part about not having to drag a 4-year old along for the ride.  A visit to the doctor’s office is bad enough when one kid is lethargically sick, but add a hyperactive and boisterous 4-year old to the mix, even less fun.

My Aunt Susie will be happy to know that the doctor agreed with her remedies – especially the rice-sock-hot-washcloth-compress.  So if any of you have a know-it-all favorite aunt, make sure you give them a midnight call when you’re in a bind and need advice.  Just tell them Aunt Susie told you to call at that hour.  That’ll work.

After we got home Princess Nagger pretty much spent the remainder of the day dozing on the couch while having play in the background:

After some rest and a dose of her antibiotics and children’s ibuprofen to combat the aches and fever, she was feeling better.  She was starting to act like her old self when she spotted a funny sticker on one of the bananas in the bunch and followed its instructions:

In case you can’t quite read what it says, it reads: “Place Sticker on Forehead. Smile”.  So she did.  She also got goofy about it:

It’s so nice to have her feeling better and back to her old self again – the weekend long cling-on followed by wailing and gnashing of teeth is now just a faint memory. 

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29 thoughts on “Princess Nagger and the Ruptured Eardrum

  1. Oh no, poor girly! Ty had a terrible time with ear infections and bursting eardrums. He ended up with tubes twice to get rid of them. I use a rice sock for all kinds of aches and pains, it’s amazing!

  2. Bless her heart I had ruptured eardrums when I was young. I went to bed with massive pain like her only I woke up somewhere in the middle of the night cause I was pretty sure someone had stuck a hot poker in my ear. My pillow while covered in the infection also had a ton of blood which made me panic all the more. Although I can say my ear hurt a lot less once it ruptured. My youngest had a ruptured eardrum when he was around 5 and never even complained about having an earache. They found it when we took him to the ER for violent vomiting. Imagine the doctors and my surprise to find the hole in his eardrum. Hoping she gets back to herself real soon.

  3. So glad to hear she’s feeling better. I’ve had ear problems all my life and know the horrible pain she went through. The putting rice in a sock remedy has been beneficial to me during my times of ear pain.

  4. Oh, poor princess… I am glad she is feeling better, and I am glad you have a know it all aunt…

    Happy late b-day to your hubby!

  5. Poor kiddo! Our youngest was plagued with ear infections. He had such a high tolerance for pain that we never knew he was sick until his ear drum burst. Not fun.

  6. Poor kid…I know how much that hurts. Ouch! Glad she is feeling better.
    Having a giveaway on last blog post. Go pop in and get your name in the hat.

  7. Oh, wow, she’s a trooper! (And her mom too, I could never sleep in Sprite’s room, way too much chaos for me to even start relaxing.) Yeah, Dr. Googleton can be a bit of a power player. Sometimes, you have to go human for the perfect remedy. Glad she’s on the mend!

  8. Oh, poor her! I am happy that she is feeling much better now. Problems with ear infections must be very common among children, I remember that I had pain in my ears so many times when I was little, and this very same thing is happening to my kids now. I am so sorry for them, It is such a hard thing to watch them suffer…

  9. OUCH! Poor baby, that had to have hurt. How did she sleep through that? She’s definetly one tough cookie! I hope she’s feeling better soon and that you’re able to redo hubbies birthday.

    Thanks for linkinh with us!

  10. It stinks when the kids aren’t feeling their best. I LOVE pic with the sticker on her forehead. What a cutie! I’m glad she is starting to feel better though!

  11. Having spent most of my childhood with ear problems, I know this isn’t any fun for PN. No fun whatsoever! I’m happy she’s doing better. I didn’t know about the rice in sock trick. I have used a heating pad before, which helps. I had a torn eardrum several years ago. That was the first in many years, too. I put it off and put it off until finally I broke down to see an ear specialists. After a couple of rounds of antibotics I was a happy camper once more and I promise you this, I won’t put it off ever again.

  12. Poor little sweetheart – I’m SO glad she’s feeling better! And thank heaven for Know-It-All Aunts!

  13. So happy PN is on the mend. Turbo would have been goofy like that too if he found a sticker on the bananas. And I so get the relief of not having to take the little along to the doctor. Trying to corral two who are on opposite ends of the energy scale is tough.

  14. Poor, PN! Earaches are not fun at all. I used to get them all the time as a kid. Knock on wood, my kids have’t had any yet, but I’ll be sure to remember that hot rice in a sock trick. That’s pretty darn clever.

    Has it really been a year that you’ve been hosting RTT for Keely? That’s amazing. You are the reigning RTT Queen now and you totally need a new badge or crown. Whatever you feel suits you best. I think it should be your avatar wearing a crown while holding a glass of wine.

  15. Poor Princess N! Poor you. Nothing worse than a kid in pain. Aren’t you lucky to have your secret weapon aunt! Glad to hear that she’s feeling better.

  16. aww poor thing. I used to get really bad ear infections as a little kid, and the pain is unbearable. I’m glad she’s feeling better!

  17. OH NO. Poor sweet baby! I’m glad she’s feeling a little better now. I love her sticker. Emma is obsessed with stickers. She loves to put them on our arms like tattoos.

    I’m sorry I haven’t been visiting much but I really do appreciate you always participating and visiting all of our link ups. They all LOVE you! xoxox

  18. What a freaking nightmare. I bet she was in a lot of pain. As were you too I’m sure. Are you noticing that these doctors are getting younger and younger?

    Hope PN is feeling better. 🙂

  19. O-My Goodness!!! Poor little girl! Glad she is feeling better. I did not know and infection could rupture an eardrum.. I thought it only happened from loud noises or getting hit… OUCH!!! I’ve never heard of Jasmine rice, probably good to keep on hand for just that purpose.
    I love that our kids are the same ages and genders!
    Happy birthday to your Husband! Mine is on Thursday! Hope you have a better rest of the week!

    Aloha! Mrs. Marine
    & the Tiny Troops

  20. Yikes! A ruptured eardrum! Poor PN! That had to be so painful. From the pictures it looks like she is already feeling better. We’ve used the rice in a sock trick before just not the jasmine Bounty scented. I’ll try to stay away from that one.

    Thanks for putting the Random in Tuesday for all this time!

  21. Poor Princess Nagger, she must be miserable! Mother Nature sure hasn’t been in a very good mood lately! In the last two months I’ve had an upper respiratory infection and bronchitis! Thanks so much for stopping by!