Since it’s been a crazy time with crazy weather and crazy colds (resulting in a ruptured eardrum), I haven’t had a chance to get out and take some updated spring shots – or any new shots lately.  So not to show up to the party empty-handed, I thought I’d revisit a post I did almost three years ago to the day. 

We were reminiscing the other day of some of Princess Nagger’s past antics, and this particular one was at the forefront of our minds.  She doesn’t remember it, so I had to pull up the pictures to show her.  I thought I’d do the same for you.

The Fountain:

The Youth:

Very creative if you ask me – she wedged her bubble pipe into the faucet to create a fountain.  She was three years old at the time.  Definitely signs of the brilliance yet to come, don’t you think?


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  1. I can’t decide if she will quickly outgrow toys and require actual tool sets, cookware and othe supplies…or if she will just be all Macguyver’ish and craft what she needs out of toys. I uses this pic leans towards the latter! That pic of her is adorable (but you knew that)
    andrea would like you to read ..C is for Crayola CrayonsMy Profile

  2. My kids drink from the sink all the time and I’ve been looking for something that turned the faucet into a drinking fountain, she is definitely a genius and on her way to becoming the next Madame Curie. Thanks for the tip, I’m off to find a plastic pipe!

  3. Thank you for all your visits and wonderful comments & compliments. Check out my Post today because I have something to say to everyone. I have selected a choice few to speak personally too & you were one of them. If you could pass the word to stop by my blog for my message I’d appreciate it. Your little girl is really imaginative a sign of superior intelligence. I remember what she did with her dinosaurs. Fabulous and she’s beautiful. Maybe the future Miss America and on to Miss Universe and beyond! hehehehe Hey, I wouldn’t be surprised. It could happen. My very best wishes for your Princess Nagger & your Lil’ Dude. I admire you so much pretty lady for what you’ve done for that lil’ boy You and your husband are great parents/people. Have a good one!
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  4. Omigosh, this is GENIUS!!! Such a portent of brilliance to come!

    Glad you linked it up with Way Back When-esday…a wonderful recollection! 🙂

    (Love your play on a phrase, too!)

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