It’s hard to imagine that it’s already Easter weekend.  Well, OK, I guess we don’t have to imagine it, because it’s reality.  Princess Nagger and Little Dude are really excited to hunt down randomly placed Easter Eggs Sunday morning, as well as see what goodies the Easter Bunny will be leaving after he hops through. 

We’ll be decorating Easter eggs tomorrow – which reminds me, I better boil them today so they’re ready for the artistic and not-so-artistic touches tomorrow.  Hopefully I won’t do what I did last year – boil the eggs then totally forget about them.

Princess Nagger reminded me at bedtime last year that we still needed to color the Easter eggs – too late by then since we already needed to wait for her to fall asleep to escort the Easter Bunny through the house hiding eggs and leaving some fun behind. 

I envision the decorated eggs looking like this:

But in reality they’ll be more like this:

At least that’s how they turned out three years ago when Princess Nagger was six.  This year she’ll have more creative license, and we have the addition of Little Dude who will be showing off his 4-year old scribbles to add even more character.

Which brings me to this week’s question:

Do decorate Easter eggs?  Do you wing it, or do you buy the decorating kits?

Have a great weekend – and:


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  1. We actually gave up on decorating eggs, even though we still have little nieces and nephews. We found they never ate the eggs like that so now we are trying something new I saw on Pinterest. I am boiling eggs for devilled eggs for dinner and going to color the hard boiled egg white sections by soaking them in colored water before putting the filling in them. I think it is adorable and a neat idea.

  2. We’ve just decorated our eggs today. I’m definitely not a crafty mom, but luckily came across a very easy recipe a few years ago, pheeewww. The kids love it, I think the eggs look better when they are not so ‘perfect’ looking 😉 Happy Easter to you and your family.
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  3. Happy Easter!! No little ones here to decorated eggs for me…I miss that for sure.
    We will have a “outside gardening” weekend and have a blast hunting weeds. Ha!!

  4. Hi there, I am stopping by from Friendship Friday.

    That gave me a lil’ laugh about how you imagined the eggs would turn out and how they really did. Very cute. Looking forward to seeing the this year’s creations!

    Have a good day.
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  5. I used to decorate eggs when my kids were little, but now leave that up to them to do it for their kids.

    I make Easter cupcakes and stuff instead.
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  6. I’ll decorate sometime but I have not done it as yet.

    I buy eggs or used old shells from other egg hunts and put stuff in them. This year the kids went on egg hunt at church and school so I will only give out baskets.

    Can’t wait to see how your eggs turn out
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  7. I decorated eggs last year but it was a waste of time and a big mess. My daughter was only one at the time. I’m looking forward to doing it with her this year though. I saw a recipe on Pinterest for doing it without the store bought dye so I think we’ll try it out! She’s too young to be disappointed if it doesn’t work 😉
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  8. I’m bad… I have not planned to paint eggs this year… When I have in the past I always buy the kits, which usually turn out disappointing, because the kids cant get that creative just dipping eggs in cups… Also they both complain about the smell of vinegar… I think next year I need to find something with paint and paint brushes for more creative possibilities and Fun!! HAPPY EASTER!

    Aloha! Mrs. Marine
    & the Tiny Troops

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  9. You know we still have to color eggs! I was going to do it tonight but we watched a movie instead. Perhaps tomorrow for sure!! Have a terrific Easter, Stacy!
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  10. I still go for the all-natural way of painting the eggs than buying the kit. I am a sentimental person and it means a lot to me if the eggs are personally painted by my kids. The experience is priceless.

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