Every year I dream of making these amazing and awe-inspiring decorated Easter eggs, and every year something happens (like last year when we didn’t even color the eggs that I’d boiled because we forgot about them) that prohibits the artistic mode and we just don’t find that creative flow.

This year was no different.

Visions of beauty like this danced in my head:

But reality took over:

Notice those ‘No Spill’ egg dyeing doohickeys?  Not so much ‘no spill’ – just so you know.  They spill.  And are a royal pain fishing the eggs back out of them, resulting in multicolored mama fingertips.  I’m just sayin’.

Notice the hubby’s in the background playing Angry Birds on his Kindle Fire (pausing every so often to check on the solitary yellow egg he was working on getting the color just right to make an egg Angry Bird) while Princess Nagger was being goofy and Little Dude wasn’t sure what he was going to do:

While we didn’t get creative or artistic (or creatively artistic), and I neglected to get a final picture of the completely finished eggs, at the end of the day everyone had fun and it was quality time well spent as a family.

That’s what counts.

Do you color Easter eggs as a family (or at all)?


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  1. No didn’t color eggs or even boil them. No kiddos here!! Ha!
    Love the photos…you can tell that everyone was having a good time.

  2. Wee Lass and I colored a dozen eggs, and some of them turned out sort of…well, funny-looking…but we had a great time decorating them. And that is what counts, you are right. Love the time with my daughter 🙂
    Irish Gumbo would like you to read ..Spot Of LightMy Profile

  3. Looks fun though 0 and you saw ours – just fun. Have you tried drawing with a white wax caryon and then colouring? Works so well.
    cat would like you to read ..Easter 2012My Profile

  4. We made the yarn Easter eggs this year, since I wasn’t about to waste a dozen boiled eggs to which the five year old would turn up her nose at when asked if she would like one for a snack. (However, this same five year old professed her love for them at school when they had them there..)
    Sprite’s Keeper would like you to read ..Jump Rope.My Profile

  5. We tried the very simple sounding silk tie dying for some eggs on Easter eve. Not as vibrant as the ones online we saw. You can see our results on yesterday’s random. It sure looks like your artists had fun!

  6. You got more creative than *I* did – I just dumped the darn things in the dye and walked away. Fished them out, dumped more in, walked away. Now, having said that, they were brown eggs which made the final products a lovely, earthy tone.
    Jan would like you to read ..Paleo Iron ChefMy Profile

  7. My Easter egg ambitions are often trumped by reality too. I can’t imagine my 3yo sitting still enough for perfection. I’m lucky we have any dyed eggs at all! Maybe someday huh?
    Justine would like you to read ..Magic and milestonesMy Profile

  8. I skipped the eggs this year because of the mess and the fact that nobody ever eats them afterwards! I hate that… and if I peel them and make egg salad or something they complain because it’s funny colored.
    I would love to make the pretty, perfect eggs someday though!
    Jackie would like you to read ..Wordful Wednesday ~ TodayMy Profile

  9. yep, family time is the most important thing. Pretty eggs are in the eye of the beholder.

  10. Ah, isn’t that often the way with family activities. Never quite turns out like you planned, and is inevitably messier, but it is always quality family time.
    We didn’t dye eggs this year. We went out of town to visit family. I have to admit that I’m not broken-hearted about not dying eggs though.
    Amy would like you to read ..Hello Baby’s Adorable Brio Duck ReviewMy Profile

  11. Decorate the house and yard where you’re holding the party with lots of pastel-colored helium balloons, streamers, and paper cutouts of eggs, rabbits, and carrots.
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  12. We also did that thing with my family, after doing some colorful eggs we hid it and let the children find it since we put it some reward whoever found the hidden eggs! It’s a good time to spend Easter with your love ones.

  13. We don’t even do eggs anymore 🙂 I feel like a bad mama but no one eats them after they are boiled so it is a total waste for our house. I love that your husband, even with a camera in your hand, continued to play Angry Birds. Such a real scene 🙂
    Jessie would like you to read ..Wordful Wednesday – Egg HuntMy Profile

  14. Looks like your family had a “fabulous” time painting Easter eggs 😀 You should do that again next year 😉 But seriously, you’re right, it’s the quality time that matters 🙂
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