It’s Monday, and this one came an hour faster than Monday’s past.  Anybody else have trouble with adjusting to that hour getting stripped away each used-to-be-spring-now-it’s-much-earlier time change? 

At least we have Monday’s Music Moves Me to make Monday a little more bearable.  This week’s theme is songs from our favorite female artist.  Since it was Carrie Underwood’s 29th birthday over the weekend, I thought it highly appropriate that I give her the starring lead for this week.  Seems only fair. 

She also revealed the cover art from her upcoming new album, and the shy girl from Checotah, Oklahoma that won many a heart during her time well spent on American Idol has blossomed into one gorgeous Superstar:

OK, she didn’t just blossom into gorgeousness, she’s always been gorgeous.  As far as I’m concerned, she became a Superstar during her stint on American Idol because she was that good each and every week.  She totally deserved to win.  Her career since AI has been phenomenal – she’s grown so much as an artist, but she hasn’t let all her fame go to her head, continuing to show the world what an amazing person and artist she is as she continues to exude grace.

She’s one of the few artists I look forward to – and purchase – each new album as it comes out, but she’s one of the few that also doesn’t just crank out albums to have a bunch out there and hope people love them.  She takes her time with each album, making sure they’re right, and so far she has not disappointed. 

Let’s start off this week with one of her first songs that flew to the top of the charts shortly after her Idol victory (and a song that Princess Nagger loved to sing – and would shush me so she could sing it all by herself in her 4-year old voice), “Jesus Take The Wheel”:

Anyone who’s ever experienced a cheating ex (like me) probably secretly cheered the next song, or at the very minimum thought to themselves “serves him right” to the words of “Before He Cheats”:

Next up is a toe-tapping tune that always has me dancing in my seat (or out of it, depending on where I’m at) each time I hear it, here’s “Cowboy Casanova”:

Next up is yet another lively tune (and another one that Princess Nagger likes to request my silence while she belts it out), “Undo It”:

And finally, her new single is premiering today (with the new video premiering on Vevo, and the single available on iTunes tomorrow – the new album will be available May 1st) give a listen to “Good Girl”:

Here’s a teaser of the upcoming video (I personally can’t wait to see the whole thing):

Who’s your favorite female artist?  Enjoy your Monday!

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


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  1. Ok, so I grew up 30 miles away from her hometown. My brother took her to a toga party in college (I have the picture to prove it) and I have a big girl crush on her. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous! But I know some girls that know her and they say she’s kind of a bitch. Well so am I so I just KNOW we’d be BFF’s if she ever met me IRL. I am listening to her new song now. Thanks for posting it. I haven’t heard it yet! =)

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh Great minds think alike as they say! I have too many to pick just one girl, but you know I got our Carrie. I wanted to put so many more then what I did, but ya gotta stop somewhere right? LOVE LOVE all you choices as usual. I’m pooped see ya in the morn. Have a good one!
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  3. I love the songs of Carrie Underwood, I can relate to all of them because every title can represent me. I was a good girl before but all of it changes in a while. Songs can represent what my life is all about and I love to know all of it. Another favorite artist I love was Celine Dion.
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  4. Carrie has definitely grown and matured musically since her AI days but I’m more of a Kelly Clarkson fan. 😉 Kelly will always be my favorite idol and I think she has underwent the same type of metamorphosis as Carrie. It must be hard to shake those AI ties and be treated like a true artist, but I think both ladies have done extremely well.

    Thanks for sharing these fun Carrie picks! She is a true Country diva. And thanks for the MM shout out too. 🙂
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  5. Yep, she’s awesome and her career will probably be long as young as she is, she’s probably just getting into the thick of things.

  6. I so love Carrie! Especial her song Jesus take the Wheel. Thanks for writing a nice blog post about her. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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