I still haven’t quite gotten used to the powers that be stealing that hour in the day.  I have a hypothesis about the time change and how it seems to be kicking our butts more so than it used to.  Because they made losing that hour longer by a month or more.

Taking away the hour and not giving it back until later doesn’t give us sufficient chance to acclimate properly.  Basically they might as well take the hour and never give it back, then we won’t do this whole waffling thing.  Now I want waffles.

Who says the groundhog knows what he’s talking about when spring has sprung before the first official day of spring?  We’re experiencing May weather in March – I’ve mentioned before that it makes me nervous about what the summer will be like.

I’m hoping Mother Nature fizzles out on her hot flashes before then and doesn’t have the heat come summertime.  Or at least not the stifling heat and humidity that we can have here.  I’d be happy with heat, just keep the stifling stuff and the humidity to yourself, Mother Nature.

Speaking of crazy weather and the hot/cold/hot that we’ve been pretty much having non-stop since fall, Princess Nagger and I are both still trying to get rid of colds and sinus infections we got before the New Year.  I hate sending Princess Nagger to school when she feels terrible and looks like death warmed over.  While a temperature yesterday of 99-degrees doesn’t really count as a fever, you still wonder if it’s not better for her to stay home and get over the yucks.

Only I can’t keep her home – not unless I want to turn into a hypochondriac and take her to the doctor every time she has the sniffles.  At least not for the rest of the school year, that is, because we got a sternly-worded note from school last week warning us that any future absent days would need to be accompanied by a doctor’s note or it would be marked as ‘unexcused’, since Princess Nagger has missed 11 days of school this year.  1/3 of those did have doctor’s notes (from the dentist) but the rest of the time she was home sick, she had a river of snot and a fever.  I’m not one of those mothers that sends her kid to school with a fever to pass it on to the other kids and teachers.

Three of those days the fever hit 103.6 – I was a little panicky, so I called her pediatrician’s office and they told me to give her a form of Tylenol to bring down the fever and help reduce the aches and pains.  They did say, though, that if the fever spiked any higher I’d need to take her to the ER.  Anything over 104 or 105 is ER-worthy.  It didn’t, and she was fine after a few days rest.

So now the school is basically telling me I need to send my kid to school sick – or take her to the doctor to get a doctor’s note even if it’s not ‘doctor-worthy’ just because they need that magical piece of paper.  By my calculations with our deductible and co-pay, it would be a $150 doctor’s note.  So fine, if she ends up with a fever, I’ll still send her to school so she can share the wealth.  I told her that if she’s feeling horrible, ask to see the nurse who can then call me to pick her up. That’ll circumvent the whole doctor’s note deal.

In other news… Some may or may not know that I entered the International Winemaker’s Competition last year and actually won a Silver Medal for one of the wines submitted.  I procrastinated until the last minute, getting the wines to the competition on the very last day.

I decided – at the last minute again – to enter again this year with some of my more recent wines, as well as one that I entered last year that got rave reviews from friends and customers, but didn’t even place in the competition.  I figured it might have a better chance this year, since it’s had time to age.  And wine does taste better as it ages.  Wish me luck!

Since I was a slacker and didn’t take any pictures to jazz up this post, I thought I’d share a past one of Princess Nagger when she was two:

Sporting her ‘glamor’ sunglasses and carrying the phone (and you can’t see it, but she has one of my small clutches hanging from her arm hidden in shadow) chatter-boxing on the phone to no one.  It’s kind of ironic, because she’s lately been asking when will she be allowed to have a cell phone.  I’m holding out for as long as possible.  What age do you think cell phones should be allowed?

That’s about it for this week – feel free to link up and hop around to all the other awesome randomizers – they’re all so entertaining. If you’re visiting from Talk To Us Tuesday, feel free to link up, too – the more the merrier. I can’t remember if I was able to get around to everyone last week on the linky, and if I missed you, I apologize. I’ll be making a concerted effort today in between Hovering Hubby having a random day off and Little Dude demanding attention.  Rebel On!

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  1. Yikes, that sick thing is hard. Personally, I HATE it when parents send their kids to school all fevery or boogery so my kid will catch it. But I’ve never had a time when Jude had a low-grade fever that went on and on like that. Tough call. So sorry.

    And good luck on the wine! I’m dying to try some!
    Gretchen would like you to read ..RTT: Whoop-Ass, Hash and Weird EggsMy Profile

  2. Ah Yes, I know how you feel, I’m not a fan of sending them to school sick. We had the same thing last year when my daughter had a terrible flu that just wouldn’t go away, very frustrating! It seems that ‘bugs’ are hanging around much longer these days. I love the photo of your daughter, she looks adorable 🙂
    Raquel would like you to read ..The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Your HealthMy Profile

  3. Is that your daughter? She looks beautiful especially when she wears the sunglasses. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article to us, it is very informational and can give meaning to anyone.
    Tracyann0312 would like you to read ..סולידריותMy Profile

  4. Okay by me..,.all hail the new Zombie fighter…Stacy!! I am cool on Random Tuesday..go for it girl!!
    as for cell phones…14 would be the age I would consider it. Sigh!!

  5. Good luck with the wine.
    My thoughts on the cell phone thing: when she starts going to places by herself or with a group of other kids a phone becomes a safety issue. That’s when I get it.

  6. Aww.. it sucks when the little ones are sick doesn’t it? I think I get more grays worrying about them all day when they go to school not feeling well. What a cutie pie picture of her! I love looking back at older photos..so cute.
    simplybug would like you to read ..RTT – spring and virus’sMy Profile

  7. Totally agree with the WTF thing going on with the getting of the sick. Every health department in the country tells us not to go to work/school if you are sick yet the school system must operate on some different sort of immunological universe. Unless they are trying to see how many of the poplulation they can fell at one time. An unholy pharmacological testing conspiracy. That must be it.

    Love the pic, she is so cute!
    Dawn would like you to read ..RTT: Cats and Boys and Movies, Oh My!My Profile

  8. That drives me nuts about the school wanting a doctor’s note. They do it here too after so many absences and I get annoyed every time. I did the same thing as you, I sent my kids to school sick and had them go to the nurse when the medicine I gave them started wearing off. I don’t mind admitting that I was a little bit pleased when I heard that Maia might’ve given the assistant principal the flu. Hee Hee. Have a great day!
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  9. Turbo asked about a cell phone. We told him when he can pay for it, he could get one. That means he won’ have one until he’s at least 14 or 15 and making money from some sort of job. Nick is very anti phone so he’s not just going to hand one to Turbo.
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  10. When to give a kid a cell phone is a tricky thing. I like the idea of these emergency cell phones that you can get young kids, which only allow them to call mom or dad or grandparent or 911. That’s really cool! As for a real cell phone giving a child a certain amount of power then you may wish to wait until he/she is old enough to handle the responsibility. It’s so hard for a kid to understand you can’t talk to everyone on the planet. That they HAVE to stay within certain boundaries and that they MUST only talk to kids in their own network. For instance, our son has had his cell phone for almost four years. He has NEVER had a problem with exceeding his talk minutes until last month when two friends told him they were Verizon customers and it turned out they were NOT on Verizon causing him to go over by 300 minutes. He has always been good to not exceed his boundry. We know this wasn’t his fault entirely, so we cut him some slack. We had him to only pay half of the difference. The younger the kid is, the easier it is for these sorts of disaster to happen. Unless you have unlimited talk/texting on your phone plan, then be prepared to pay extra for accidental misuse. It’s bound to happen – trust me!

  11. Okay, first off….I have no idea how I ended up submitting a link…I was just typing a comment and accidentally hit “enter”, and then all of a sudden the screen jumped and I saw my link! No idea how to delete it now! Feel free to, it linked to something outdated.

    Back to what I was saying: We had a freakin’ blizzard last night – and now the sky is sunny and blue!

    Adorable diva picture!

    Good luck in the competition, and as far as cell phones go – I think it depends on the circumstances, when it’s necessary. My 13 year old son still doesn’t have one, because I know there are phones at school, and I know when he is over at a friend’s house, they have a phone, and I don’t see a need for him to have one now. But when he starts a part time job, or some other activity that will have him going from place to place without being able to be in touch with me…he will get one then.
    Xazmin would like you to read ..Tackle it Tuesday – small yet significantMy Profile

  12. The time change sucks. We’re still not in the groove of things just yet. I think we should boycott it. Go ahead and get that organized.

    i’m sorry that you two have been dealing with yucky issues. I hate that the school wants you to send her anyway–even if she doesn’t feel well. You’re handling it the right way.

    When I taught 3rd grade several years ago, there were several students with cell phones. It really surprised me. Now, it doesn’t surprise me to see a 7 year old with a phone.

    LOVE the pic of her! She was so adorable!!

    Good luck with your wine! If you ever need a wine tester, let me know. I’ll do it for free! =)

    Thanks for linking up! I’ve been MIA lately. Sorry about that!
    Impulsive Addict would like you to read ..I Have More Addictions Than You.My Profile

  13. We are having the time change this weekend here in the UK. I hope the kids will adjust quickly.
    Gosh, her temperature went up really high, no wonder you were panicky. We don’t have to worry about doctors notes…yet. I think that changes once they go up to middle school though.
    Wine making? Sounds interesting, well done on winning a silver medal last year.
    Daisy would like you to read ..Blame it on The Hunger GamesMy Profile

  14. The school system is such a catch-22. If the OTHER parents would keep their fever ridden kids home when they should have, you wouldn’t have to keep her home when she catches someone else’s yuck. Love the picture and love your wine! You WILL win!

  15. So, I’m feeling like I should run and hide since I am the one in charge of sending out those notes for my schools….sorry she has been under the weather!

  16. When you homeschool, you don’t have this problem. 🙂 Hope she’s better soon,.

    When will we know the results of the wine competition?? Do you ship within the states? We’re going to be in the States for about 2 weeks in April and I’ve LOVE to try some.

    Indy got a phone after we moved this past Nov, but it’s only so I can call him while he’s outside. The playgrounds here are 2 buildings away so I can’t just call down to him anymore. The base is gated and guarded, so I don’t worry about him much, but I do call and check on him frequently. He calls to ask me silly questions, like “[My friend] gave me a piece of candy. Can I eat it?” This drives James Bond crazy. He says he would have eaten the candy, asked his friend for more, eaten that too, disposed of the wrappers and never said a word to his parents.
    Indy desperately wants an iPhone (yeah, right), but mostly so he can play Angry Birds and Where’s My Water? OMG, you were so right about WMW! Addicting! We need more levels!
    Mom in High Heels would like you to read ..RTT: Anniversaries and DWTSMy Profile

  17. $150? How fun would it be to send the bill to the school?
    Hopefully, it will be all over soon.

    You know, back in October they predicted a worse than normal winter around here. duh. I’m not gonna say anything because that would be like wishing an April blizzard or something.

    Enjoy the weather!!!!
    Harriet would like you to read ..Be Happy?My Profile

  18. It does seem like the responsible thing to do in keeping ill children home and not contributing to the viral cesspool that already exists! (But then with just a minor cold I figure it is ok to send them back to the germ pool they caught it from). This weather isn’t even appropriate for airing out the house–too warm! That photo is precious!
    Andrea would like you to read ..Hello…housekeeping!My Profile

  19. that’s so cool you make wine! My mom used to make it. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t good enough to get a medal though!

    I really can’t believe the sickness policies! Poor little princess!!
    Vanessa would like you to read ..Day 20: Someone You LoveMy Profile

  20. I’ve gotten those strongly worded notes from the school before. Always for J-Man. He catches every cold that comes along and it doesn’t help that other people send their kids to school sick. I keep him home and then they get upset. They don’t require a doctor note though. They are going to be really upset when I keep him home for 2 weeks in May for our trip to Disney 😉

    Good luck on the wine competition!! I did break into one bottle you sent and it was soooooo good! Thanks again!

    Thanks for rocking the random!
    Elle would like you to read ..Muddy Clothes, Bad Driving & GCB, We Must be RandomMy Profile

  21. I am SO with you on the crazy weather. It’s 83 here and normal temps are 45-50. I’m scared, scared, scared what is going to happen this summer.

    The Daylight Savings time thing is BS. I swear that if one of the presidential candidates would promise to abolish it, they’d win by a landslide
    Carrie would like you to read ..TTUT: Why I Shouldn’t Text. EverMy Profile

  22. This time change has so kicked my ass! I wake up and before I crawl out of bed I’m calculating how many hours I have until I get to crawl back in it. I don’t think that’s normal!

    Going to the doctor to be informed it’s just a virus sucks and can’t be treated sucks. Having the school tell you to keep your kid home when they’re not technically sick sucks. Sending your kid to school when they’re sick sucks. Co-pays and antibiotics suck! I see a pattern here…Being sick sucks!

    I love looking back at old pictures, she’s a cutie! Time flies huh?

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  23. It’s not easy to have sick children and worry about them being absent in school again. I’m so thankful my children are studying at home. When they get sick nobody ask me for a doctor’s note.

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